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«I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1522 Grave News!

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Chapter 1522 Grave News!

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“This mission is just perfect for my taste,” Sara laughed out of the blue, “let me take part in it!”

“Me too!” Legend also chimed in.

“Good,” I turned to Lily, “select ten and send them with enough force to each of the enemy territories. Also each general and race leader here is assigned with the task of making search teams for these bombs. Look, here is what these bombs look like.”

I took one bomb out, suspended it in the air, over my chariot. And with this simple action of mine, I felt the shocked gazes of Lily and others who dug out these bombs before and failed to store them inside their inventory.

As for others, they looked in curiosity towards this bomb, examining every piece of it.


“Don’t ask!” I interrupted Lily before adding, “let’s start moving then. Your main mission is to pressure the enemy too hard, take down as many forces as possible, and never give them a chance to breathe. Don’t defend, just keep attacking.”

“Sure,” everyone nodded while few said in a loud tone. I watched while they returned back through portals to their worlds and armies, while Lily stopped by my side.

“Can you tell me now how you did it?”

She wasn’t alone, Toramos was also there alongside a few generals of his and other races that the two selected carefully to join here.

“Let’s say I have a way to deal with them,” I vaguely answered, “but it’s not the right time to speak about this right now. We got less than one hour to handle everything. Make sure every single world and race has enough forces to do the task needed. Inform everyone about what’s going to happen. And don’t forget to move all the bombs here.”

“Are you going to detonate them?”

“Sure, if I got time,” I planned to do so first before anything else. The task of going out there and acting the role of a hero had to wait until the entire merge would be done and my forces would relay back intel about the new situation out there.

I hoped that my staff saved bookmarks would still work after the merge and wouldn’t get messed up thanks to such a thing.

“Ok,” Lily rolled her eyes while she led Toramos and others to handle the remaining tasks before the start of the merge.

I didn’t know for how long this merge would last. Would it take a long time like what happened back on Earth? Come at stages and such? Or would it be a one full swoop operation, one that would merge everything in a short span of time?

I felt that such a merge would happen in a flash, not taking that long at all. If so, then the enemy would risk giving me and my forces enough time to prepare.

So I had to assume that the merge wouldn’t take longer than an hour to happen. During which, I hoped the portals would still be working as usual, and so I could help in defusing more bombs.

It’d be quite risky to move while leaving behind such a gathering of bombs in one place. Not to mention this place was supposedly the heart and base of the ongoing war.

“They are indeed quite fast,” just in a few minutes, the portals started to flash, releasing lots of bombs from the worlds beyond.

“Time to work fast then,” I took a long time before so I’d wait to see if this method would work or end up detonating everything. But now I got experienced in what I was going to do, and simply just had to leave one bone behind before moving on to a new bomb.

I kept doing this for close to half an hour, defusing hundreds of bombs until I was forced to stop.

[Attention! The merge of all worlds is about to begin. A universe wide announcement is going to be done]

[Attention: A universe wide merge is going to happen. The number of worlds merging here is ninety-three. Be prepared, and don’t panic. Fight to your heart’s content, and make sure to win this in the end by the name of our universe. After all, the entire universe is watching what you are doing right now]

“What the heck? From where did all these worlds come from?!!” I calculated things before, and there were just thirty worlds here.

From where did the new sixty-three worlds come from?

[The enemy paid the price and managed to bring forty worlds that belonged to their elites fighting here. So we decided to balance things out, and decided to merge the twenty-three worlds in your apocalypse and add them up in the mix]

“This… Are you f*cking telling me this right now?!!!” I was instantly shocked and confused by this. I knew that one of the system higher ups was speaking to me right now. But I couldn’t tell why he did all this and kept this hidden from me.

And… Did that mean my apocalypse was gone? Ended? Or what? And what about my Earth? What was going to happen to it?

I got tons of questions, sh*tload of many things to worry about. And I got no time for me to think or even comprehend what was truly going on here.

[We have to improvise at the last second when we were informed by this]

“Informed? By whom? Come on! Don’t give me this bullsh*t as a reason!”

[Sorry, but you got to work with all this mess. We tried to balance things out. After all, the forty worlds the enemy selected were all considered lost worlds to us]

“Lost worlds? Don’t tell me all of them are filled with dark realm monsters?!!!” I felt a cold shiver down my spine when such a thought flashed in my mind.

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