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«I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1519 Finally Seeing Through The Bombs

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Chapter 1519 Finally Seeing Through The Bombs

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I took a few bones out, absorbed them, circulated their energy inside my body, touched one of these balls, and tried to push the energy inside it.

“Not working?! This is the first time for anything to waste my energy!!” I was shocked by such a result. No matter when or where, my energy always was warmly welcomed by anything.

“Let me try out something new…” I stopped looking at these balls and started to suddenly dance!

I wanted to see what these bombs would look like inside the mirror world of mine. Inside that mirror world, I could go through time, see things in the past, and even get in contact with another world that I never knew existed before activating this weird ability.

And the next moment, the mirror world appeared, with the same colossal mirror that got the real world on its other side. I looked around, and all I could see was the normal sight of any world and zone I went to.

I could see the ground, see things deep within, and notice how things around kept fading slowly before recondensing again.

It was just familiar, a scene that I grew used to. However I found something weird when I focused more. The bombs, the place where these bombs were, it was all empty!

It seemed like there were no bombs in the first place! I looked again, tried to go deep down the ground or fly in the air, but found nothing.

“Real told me I can get anything from here out… Can this be done the other way?” I didn’t stop at such failures and weird things happening, and thought about something else.

What if I took these bombs inside with me, taking them in my chariot before entering this world. Would that change anything?

I didn’t know if this was going to work or not. However I got to try. After all, the time ability I got was quite unique. And perhaps I’d be able to see things that these fiends couldn’t.

So I cancelled my ability, started to move one ball into my chariot. It was huge enough to fill in almost half of my chariot and extend for ten metres high.

I started my dance, and the moment I went inside the mirror world, something finally started to change over this ball.

“It has writings and drawings over its surface… Fascinating!” The moment I went inside that world, I noticed that the red ball that kept looking cold and dead no matter how I tried, started to change.

Its surface started to change, just like a ball that got covered with ice and that ice started to melt by warmth and heat. However, it didn’t melt and release any liquid or gas, it simply started to change its outer surface, showing things that weren’t even there before.

It appeared as if someone carved something on it. There was some sort of writing over its surface, with many small drawings that I tried to focus on instead of the weird language.

I knew I could read this language if I got someone who could decipher and link things together. But I have no such person, nor time to do anything like that.

So I got to find something from these weird drawings, trying to understand what it meant.

“It’s telling a story… A story of a race and these balls…”

I saw a weird looking race, one that looked like humans but with a lizard tail and a huge head. Few even had two and even three heads. And they were gathered up around a small circular thing, which I thought was the ball at first.

But later on I got to realise something terrifying… “This… These aren’t balls… It’s a compressed miniature version of the stars in the cosmos… Damn! What the hell went wrong in these dudes’ minds to create something terrifying like this!”

At first I took these circular drawings to be these balls. But later on I noticed that the early drawings showed a starry sky, like a star map. Then the circles that these folks surrounded were all shining with rays.

It was like a star, not these cold and dead balls here. And in the later drawings, these stars seemed to lose their rays, seemingly getting reversed and started to shine inside these balls, not getting released outside.

I also noticed the size of these circles started to shrink, and in the end, these folks surrounded tiny circles like dots, which didn’t release anything visible to me.

The drawings were already small to begin with. And trying to see many details took me a long time. I didn’t care about spending any time inside my mirror world, after all time here ran differently than outside.

So I used my HawkEye skill, and started to read through the mini-drawings at this ball. The more I read, the more I got shocked.

“They must have used advanced tech to be able to draw such great details in such tiny shapes,” I was impressed by such drawings. And at the end, I got to understand much about these balls.

They weren’t just bombs, they were the deadliest of bombs. They stored all the energy of any star inside, shrunk in size, and got exposed to many weird treatments and tech from that race to end up in such a state.

That meant they weren’t just ticking bombs, they were The Bombs! The ones able to detonate and take away everything in their path.

I saw in the last drawings what would happen if one of these bombs got detonated. It wasn’t like what I thought before. They wouldn’t just sweep the land and kill anything in their path.

They would detonate and take away the entire planet in a whole, forming a black hole behind or something as terrifying as this.

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