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«I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1518 Going To The Dome

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Chapter 1518 Going To The Dome

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If the entire worlds and zones got merged together, then would these bombs be enough to take down the newly merged world?

I hoped not! But for a second there I knew the enemy depended on such a possibility.

“There is still a world of jumpers left with bombs… I shall take care of it once the merge happens…” I knew I left out one world with deadly bombs, one that could bring trouble here.

If these bombs worked in limited range and effect, then the devastation brought over by them wouldn’t be that deadly or devastating.

But if they were like world nukes, and the enemy just used too many of these bombs to make sure even if someone looked and defused a lot, few would escape the search and detonate to do the job, then it was going to be quite bad.

Tsk! If they wanted to do it this way, then why bother with bringing up new forces here?

For a moment there I got puzzled, and didn’t even get to guess a good theory thanks to my lack of knowledge.

“I got to research those damn bombs!” I instantly sent a message over to Lily, asking her about the current location of these bombs.

[Hold on! We got few here]

[Where? Tell me at once!]

[Oh… I saw it! Thanks!] I moved my chariot high, so high in the sky to see a grand view of the entire world down below.

And there I spotted a building similar to a great dome on the ground. It wasn’t that far away from me, just less than ten kilometres away.

[Tread with these in caution! Few who tried to inspect them got electrified and lost consciousness for months and never woke up till now!]

[Thanks! I will be careful!] I meant every single word I said. In such a desperate and delicate moment, trying to bring harm to myself would be the most undesirable end and fate I’d ever ask for!

Taking me down would be the best situation the enemy wouldn’t even dare to dream about! I was the cornerstone of my forces, the backbone of everyone here.

Without me, no one would get a chance at all to even survive! Not even talking about winning this damn quest!

“I think we took lots of time here,” as I went towards that building, I thought about my Earth. The words of Silverlining left an impression on me.

I left that planet and whole things were getting heated up. The Hescos were relentless and hard to predict or control.

I knew the system promised me of a time correction thing, but what if that wasn’t enough? What if the system couldn’t do it properly? Damn! Just thinking about returning back and finding everything I painstakingly fought to build was gone made me feel enraged!

I was sure, even if I lost everything, with everything I gained from this adventure here, I’d be able to start over from scratch. And yet it still sucked when I ever thought about such a possibility.

I prayed that nothing bad would happen to the time difference the system promised. Or else I’d hold the system and its lousy and carefree higher ups all responsible. And if they didn’t take up for what they did, I’d not flinch to start a big war later on with those bastards.

“Time to check on these bombs…” once I arrived there, I found a team of my warriors standing out there as guards. The moment they spotted me coming, they instantly stood upright and saluted me in greetings.

I simply waved back to them with my glaive, not caring about them. I went inside the building, feeling a little curious about why it was built in such a way.

And when I got inside, I finally got the answer to that question.

The inside was a vast space, one that could cover up ten football stadiums and even more. In there, I saw a group of ten giant balls, all were huge enough to reach to the ceiling.

They weren’t in the same size, and that made the general appearance of these similar to a colossal semi-circular structure.

“It seems they brought these here before they started to build this thing over them,” this was the only explanation that made sense.

I ignored anything related to this building, and focused on these giant balls.

Each ball was in a red colour, with a smooth surface that seemed to get extremely polished. I flew on top of these and examined them closely without finding anything of value.

There was a hole, no buttons, no doors or lids, there was nothing but smooth and natural looking orbs, as if they got formed of the most precious ore or gem.

But I was sure this wasn’t true. They were manufactured things, done by a long gone civilisation.

“Tsk! Those friends spent tons of time trying to study and unveil the mysteries behind these balls, but they found nothing… Can I find anything in the little time I got?”

I knew this was unlikely. And so I dropped the idea of trying to understand how these things worked or trying to know their secrets, and started to focus on how to defuse them.

To know this, I got to know how to detonate them first. For a moment there, I thought about using brute force. Any bomb would detonate if they hit something solid, right?

But after banging at their surface with my glaive, and after making sure no matter what happened here, the outside world wouldn’t get affected by using my shields, I didn’t find anything useful.

“Shall I use energy then?” The second logical idea I got was to use energy to try and see how they’d react to it. In this universe, everything runs on energy, right?

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