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«I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 918 Will You Punish Me With Ropes?

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Chapter 918 Will You Punish Me With Ropes?

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Her eyes were fixed over my lower half, making me feel a little uncomfortable actually.

But she acted for a few moments as the old Hilary. Even her eyes glared in the same challenging way as if this was some sort of a contest she had to never lose at.

“It’s good to have you back,” I smiled and she pouted her lips, acting as childish as she used to be.

“Let me stay with you,” she crossed the small distance between us. Surrounded my neck with her arms, “I might behave bad and do something stupid for you to punish me and tie me down with ropes. You punish whoever does something wrong, right?”

Hearing her words and feeling her breaths from such close distance made my body faintly tremble.

She wore things that Angelica used to wear. Feeling her soft skin exposed from her short and tight clothes made me yearn for more.

“Ahem, those who commit mistakes are demoted,” I cleared my throat and tried to break free, but she kept following my steps as if she was my shadow, “don’t forget what happened for Alex and Leo.”

“Lucky couple indeed,” she whispered, moving her fingers to touch my face and neck, “don’t you envy them? They got all the time in the world to live in such peace with the ones they loved.”

“Such peace won’t come without me standing as the pillar for this kingdom,” I slowly pushed her arms, as I felt she was trying to convey something here to me, something I didn’t like.

“But getting some rest, having more fun isn’t bad, right? Kings shall all have time for themselves, my mighty king.”

I was surer now of my earlier hunch. “No thanks, I prefer to live the life I’m living right now.”

“It’s a tedious life, stressful to the bones… Can’t you take a few days off? Few weeks to stay with me? I promise, you won’t get bored.”

“No, thanks,” I stood firm, and didn’t let her hands over my body, touching my parts, to affect my mind.

“Such a cold hearted king… I don’t like how you are mistreating me,” she said in such a complaining tone, yet she never broke my body free from her clutches.

“You have to get this clear in your mind,” I glared at her sweet looking eyes, shoving away all the enchantment coming from hers, “if you dared to do a single mistake, your fate won’t be like this couple. Got me?”

“Damn fierce,” she gazed up at me for a long minute before breaking into such sweet laughter, “I like harsh men, do you know that?”

“I’m not joking.”

“Yes, sir!” she broke away at last, gave me such a military salute, and acted in such a childish and funny way.

But even with all her attempts, not a single time a smile escaped my tightly shut lips.

“Pretty mean,” she kept trying, and I didn’t do anything except for turning my back to her. “You are acting wary of me, right?”

As a little girl that solved a little quiz, she jumped again and chuckled, “but you don’t need to. I’m Hilary, the same old beloving wife of yours.”

“We never got married.”

“But in my eyes you are always my man, the one who inherited my powers and kept showing me ways I never imagined to exist.”

Yes, these were the words of my Hilary, but this wasn’t my Hilary. I had to keep reminding myself of this fact. She was… A mixture between humans and demons, with whatever demons even mean.

“Sigh, it seems you are more stubborn than I took you for,” she placed both hands in front of her, and kept twisting her body right and left, “anyway, that means you won’t let me off this easily, this soon, right?”

Even when she acted in such a childish way, her eyes gave me a tempting feeling again.

“Are demons all like you?” and I couldn’t help but heave a long tired sigh.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… Like this…” I pointed at her entire body and attitude, referring to everything about her.

“You mean my clothes?” she pointed to herself while putting on such an innocent expression.

This little demoness… She knew what I meant and acted as if she didn’t!

“I mean… Lustful as you?”

“Oh, thanks for such a compliment,” and unlike what I expected, she laughed in weird joy, “this is an honour to get such words from the man I loved.”

She painted a sudden kiss over my lips, hugged me deeply while screaming in joy before heading back to her dorms, “I’m going to rest… For now. You know… You are always welcomed in my room, all the time…”

And as she said her last piece, she placed her finger in her mouth, moving it over her two bulging hills at her chest, placing her finger deeply inside her clothes.

And as she did that, she made sure to sway her body a few times before descending the stairs.

“Thinking this will always work? Humph! Let’s see how long this pathetic show will last,” I knew she did all this just to cover up for my attempt to know more about her race.

She might have escaped from me this time. But this won’t happen again. We still had lots of time together. And as she guessed it, I won’t let her off here for a long time.

I did something I never did before. I opened my chariot’s interface, looked for her current location, and sealed her room off.

He wouldn’t be able to get out no matter how hard she tried. And this was a simple test to see if I could start cultivating later on without worrying over her actions.

She tested my resolve about going on this path. Was she sent here to stop me? Or was this just her race’s nature?

I didn’t believe such a race that kept toying with the entire cosmos was a lazy and lustful race only.

They… must be a terrifying race. And I got to raise my guard all the time when she was around.

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