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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 2188: Strange, How Very Strange!

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Chapter 2188: Strange, How Very Strange!

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At this moment, the Heavenly Light Goddess felt a strong urge to curse the Heavenly Sea God.

Is the only thing in the Heavenly Sea God’s mind how to screw over his allies?

At any rate, I was standing alongside you and battling against An Lin just then. Yet you’re going to suddenly turn hostile on me just like that? Where’s your demeanor as a Supreme Heavenly God?!

The Heavenly Light Goddess had already cursed the Heavenly Sea God hundreds upon thousands of times in her mind. However, she still heaped a friendly and composed smile on her face as she said, “We have a common enemy. If we engage in an internal battle now, I’m afraid that we’ll become a joke in the eyes of our enemy.”

However, the Heavenly Sea God was unconvinced by this, and he said, “We’ll become a genuine joke if we don’t seize this opportunity to force you into activating your True Form of Dao.”

Heavenly Light Goddess: “…”

The Heavenly Heaven God found the Heavenly Sea God’s words to be extremely reasonable.

The two of them had already been forced into activating their True Forms of Dao, so how could destroying Yue Tong City be enough to quench their rage? That would be an utter joke! That would turn their sacrifice into an utterly useless one!

Moreover, once the Heavenly Light Goddess successfully completed her transformation, it would be useless even if they forced her into activating her True Form of Dao. After all, without a True Form of Dao themselves, it was very likely that they would end up being killed by her.

In other words, now was their best chance to force the Heavenly Light Goddess into using her ultimate trump card.

The Heavenly Life Goddess remained silent. However, her choice to secretly accumulate power had already exposed her thoughts. Peculiar fluctuations started to surge through the sky, restricting the space within a radius of several tens of thousands of kilometers. At the same time, numerous vast and profound seas materialized in the surroundings, completely encircling the Heavenly Light Goddess.

At this moment, the thoughts of the three Supreme Heavenly Gods were united.

The Heavenly Light Goddess sighed upon seeing this sudden change of events.

What was destined to come had finally come. She had initially planned on escaping after forcing An Lin to sacrifice the last fifth of his life and having the three other Supreme Heavenly Gods be suppressed by him. However, it was a shame that this plan hadn’t come to fruition.

What could she do now?

Apart from the opening stages, she realized that everything after that had been a complete disaster for her!

Just then, she had almost been forced into activating her True Form of Dao when battling against the two Supreme Heavenly Gods. It was only the arrival of An Lin that had saved her from doing so. Now, however, there was even an additional Heavenly Life Goddess targeting her. Thus, how could she escape from their grasp?

Did she really have to activate her True Form of Dao here?

No… She definitely couldn’t waste it here!

An unyielding and hopeful radiance erupted from the Heavenly Light Goddess’ eyes.

“Paramount Heavenly God Technique—Two Realm Radiance!”

A burst of purple-gold light illuminated heaven and earth as it fled into the distance with an incredible speed and might.

It was also at this moment that the formidable attacks of the three Supreme Heavenly Gods rained down upon her.

The collision of energy between Supreme Heavenly Gods stunned the entire continent once again!

The Heaven Crushing United Army that was standing ready for battle in Yue Tong City was stunned by this sudden change of events.

They were already prepared to sacrifice their lives and become martyrs, yet the Supreme Heavenly Gods had suddenly started to fight among themselves again? Were internal battles that fun and addictive?

Was it so fun that they could even ignore an enemy city that lacked the protection of a supreme being and that was in its weakest state?

Anyhow, the members of the Heaven Crushing United Army couldn’t wrap their minds around this.

However, this didn’t take away from their delight. In fact, it was best if the Supreme Heavenly Gods continued with their internal battles. It would be even better if the four Supreme Heavenly Gods ended up killing each other. If that happened, then they wouldn’t need to battle anymore!

The battle between the Supreme Heavenly Gods continued.

Fortunately, the shockwaves of this battle didn’t affect Yue Tong City anymore. This was because the burst of purple-gold Two Realm Radiance was currently fleeing toward the east. Thus, the devastating attacks of the three Supreme Heavenly Gods were also skewed toward the east.

The Heaven Crushing United Army anxiously watched the battle.

They didn’t know when this battle would draw to a close.

However, they knew that the result of this battle would definitely affect the future direction of the entire Tai Chu Continent. Moreover, it was destined to deeply astound every being of the Tai Chu Continent.

Inside the Divine Mirror World.

An Lin was enveloped in darkness.

He slowly regained consciousness, only to feel a heart-wrenching pain coursing through his body.

This was pain from his severe wounds, as well as the after-effects of exhausting his energy. If he wanted to fully recover, it was most likely that he would need to rest and recuperate for a significant amount of time.

However, An Lin didn’t care about this. He opened his eyes with great difficulty.

The most important thing right now was to make heads or tails of the current situation.

Indeed, he still couldn’t rest now. He had to recover as soon as possible and then return. Otherwise, Yue Tong City would be plunged into great danger.

However, when An Lin finally opened his eyes, what he saw caused him to falter and become confused…

Hot wind swept over him like blades.

What entered his vision was a vast expanse of yellow sand.

He sat up, only to realize that he was also sitting on burning sand. What lay before him was mound after mound of dazzling yellow sand.

The blazing sun in the sky mercilessly beat down on the earth. The air was dry, the winds were violent, the earth was scorching sand, and no plant or life was anywhere to be seen. Everything revealed the extreme harshness of this environment.

“I’ve… arrived in a desert?!”

An Lin was slightly dumbfounded. He recalled that he had been pulled into this world by Tina.

As the Goddess of Creation of this world, it was already strange that Tina hadn’t placed him in an immortal realm that was brimming with vital energy. But she hadn’t even given him a room?

She had directly tossed him into a dry and desolate desert?

“Little Na!

“Little Na!

“Where are you!”

An Lin shouted.

His voice reverberated around the desert, yet it was quickly drowned out by the violent howls of the sandstorms.

He could have used his abilities to make his voice travel even further. However, doing so would negatively affect his recovery, so he eventually decided against it.

“Giant An Lin, I’m here,” a crisp voice said from the distance.

An unimaginably beautiful fairy ran over from the distance.

Her eyes were bright green and lively, her delicate nose was jade-like and straight, her ears were long and pointy, her lips were pink and dainty, and her wings were thin and glowing with a holy and pure golden light… Everything about her was all so familiar.

The human form of Tina was far too beautiful!

However, why was such a beautiful and refined fairy holding two incredibly ugly, obese, and strange rodents in her hands?

“You’re…” An Lin’s eyes widened in confusion and astonishment as he gazed at Tina. She wore an innocent and adorable smile as she held a strange rodent in each hand.

This confused him even more than the fact that Tina hadn’t given him a room.

The sight of this was far too strange!

“Oh, you’re talking about this?” Tina said as she held up the strange rodents in her hands. The strange rodents squeaked violently as a green liquid flowed from their a*s-like mouths.

Tina smiled and continued, “I only caught them after hunting for a long time! They’re called Furious Sand Marmots, and their meat is extremely delicious! It’s way more delicious than Sand Snakes, Booming Poison Centipedes, and whatnot!”

The fairy wore a proud expression as she excitedly praised the deliciousness of these rodents. In fact, she was almost drooling in eagerness.

An Lin’s mouth gaped open, and his mind went completely blank.

A Goddess of Creation is eating rodents?

What the f*ck is going on?!

Say, even Return to Void Stage cultivators can survive without eating, right?

Yet Tina is going to eat such ugly and strange Furious Sand Marmots?

Perhaps these strange rodents really are delicious? Does Tina want me to try some of the local specialties of the Divine Mirror World?

An Lin thought that this must be the case as he watched the excited Tina start to roast the rodents.

After a while, Tina finally finished cooking.

“Here, Giant An Lin, have a taste.”

Tina handed one of the large and fat rodents to An Lin.

An Lin eagerly took a bite after accepting the ugly rodent.

A strangely sour and bitter taste, as well as a mushy and viscous feeling, filled his mouth.


“Pei, pei, pei!

“What in the world is this taste?!”

An Lin spat the meat out in disgust!

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