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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 2031: Heavenly Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress

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Chapter 2031: Heavenly Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Land of Eternal Light.

Inside the Heaven Crushing Glazed Palace.

The Ancient Dragon Empress wore an extremely complicated expression as she held the voice transmission talisman in her slender and jade-like hand.

She had learned of another explosive news.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect had just established a Divine Essence Pavilion. Its members consisted of three Dao Integration Stage cultivators and one hundred and eight Return to Void Stage cultivators. She had heard that this was the most powerful group of cultivators from the Divine Source Continent. If news of this spread, it would definitely make headlines and create a stir through the entire Tai Chu Continent.

Moreover, she was the first person to hear about this matter.

This wasn’t to say An Lin was especially friendly with her. Rather, that b*stard was actually asking her to act as a teacher again!

“Can’t you find someone else?” The Ancient Dragon Empress was on the verge of tears. “Aren’t the Battling Buddha, Yun Mengying, and Michael all by your side?”

“They’re only heavenly disciple candidates. They’re nowhere near as powerful as you, the Fourth Heavenly Disciple, no?

“Moreover, in terms of teaching, I’m only satisfied with you. I mean, look at all the brilliant students that you’ve taught! You’re the gold medal teacher of our Heaven Crushing Sect!”

The Ancient Dragon Empress shuddered when she heard An Lin’s gentle yet slightly obsequious voice.

“Don’t mention those students…” the Ancient Dragon Empress pleaded as she resisted the urge to vomit blood.

She recalled the horrifying experiences of going to the Four Nine Immortal Sect to teach those students. The first time she had been severely wounded, she had to recuperate at the Four Nine Immortal Sect. The second time she had been severely wounded, she had to recuperate at the Land of Eternal Light. The third time she had been severely wounded, she had to lie in a sickbed at the Four Nine Immortal Sect…

F*ck! Thinking about it carefully, it appeared as if she would always be faced with a bloody calamity whenever she taught members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect!

“Why can’t I mention those students? You’ve taught such an outstanding bunch of students! To mention just a few, Tina, Xu Xiaolan, and the six Vermilion Bird Sages are all capable of becoming heavenly disciple candidates. Moreover, Bai Ling, Rabbit Maiden, and Xu Xiaolan are even capable of becoming legitimate Heavenly Disciples! Having taught such an impressive group of students, shouldn’t you be feeling super proud and super smug about yourself? These students are all living proof of your honor, and a sign of you reaching the pinnacle of your dragon life!” An Lin cheerfully praised the Ancient Dragon Empress.

The pinnacle of my dragon life?

Living proof of my honor?

I taught a bunch of brilliant disciples who beat their own teacher to death… You call this the living proof of my honor?

The Ancient Dragon Empress winced as she thought back to the scenes of her being pummeled. She couldn’t bear to recall those times, and she suddenly felt especially speechless.

To hell with this bloody pinnacle of my dragon life! I seriously don’t want to have anything to do with it!

However… it was an undeniable fact that members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect all had frighteningly high heaven crushing aptitudes. With just the power of one sect, they were almost toe-to-toe with the Heaven Crushing Sect. This was definitely extremely helpful to their heaven crushing plan, thus the Ancient Dragon Empress couldn’t truly turn down An Lin’s request to teach new students.

“Sigh… Fine, I’ll teach those students. Where are you? I’ll head over right now.” After hesitating for a moment, the Ancient Dragon Empress eventually agreed to An Lin’s request. She was already mentally prepared to receive a beating.

“Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress is the best! We’ll be waiting for you at Yue Tong City!” An Lin said happily.

The Ancient Dragon Empress heaved a light sigh as she ended the voice transmission talisman. Her mind was floating with a mixture of complicated emotions.

She had become instinctively sickened by the term “teacher”. Whenever the word “teacher” was mentioned, she would be reminded of her time as a teacher at the Four Nine Immortal Sect. Once she recalled that period of time, she would then recall the tragic memories of being beaten up when conducting tests to examine her students’ Heaven Crushing True Intent…

“Don’t tell me… that my biggest contribution as a Heavenly Disciple… is acting as a teacher?” the female murmured to herself. “Thinking about this from another angle, it’s not entirely a bad thing seeing that I’ve taught so many outstanding talents. If in the rare chance one of my students genuinely shatters heavens and becomes the Heavenly Dao, then that will bring me unfathomable honor and glory!

“Heavenly Dao Teacher? Heavenly Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress?”

A smile suddenly spread across the Ancient Dragon Empress’ face. There was a bright glimmer in her eyes, and she felt that this title sounded fairly nice.

The knot in her mind finally untangled, and she started to fly toward Yue Tong City.

With Chen Chen and Cyril—two powerful Heavenly Disciples—guarding the Land of Eternal Light, their base would be in safe hands for the moment.

Yue Tong City.

Drill ground.

Hundreds of immortals stood on the drill ground as they silently awaited their teacher.


A pitch-black spatial fissure appeared in the sky.

Immediately afterward, a tall and beautiful female stepped out from it.

She had a pair of beautiful dragon horns, a pair of inky-black eyes, supple and red lips, and extremely sharp facial features. As her slender legs carried her forward, her shapely body, which was covered in a tight-fitting dragon robe, swayed in a lithe and graceful manner.

The eyes of the immortals lit up, and some of the male cultivators could barely contain the glimmer of excitement in their eyes.

An Lin had announced that he would invite a teacher over to teach them the Heaven Crushing Techniques. However, they had never imagined that their teacher would actually be such a beautiful and mature-appearing female. Just her aura alone was enough to make them fiddle with excitement.

“Listen up! Ancient Dragon Empress is your teacher, and I hope you can all study hard and try your best to learn the Heaven Crushing True Intent,” An Lin said from the side.

The immortals all expressed their understanding in unison. With such a beautiful teacher teaching them, they definitely had to give it their all. Even without An Lin’s words, they would still give their best effort!

The Ancient Dragon Empress was slightly dazed when she saw the hundred or so Return to Void Stage cultivators and three Dao Integration Stage cultivators. So many students… The overall combat capability of the Four Nine Immortal Sect has truly experienced all kinds of explosive improvements recently. It has soared to a level that even I’m unable to understand… Could it be that this truly is a sect blessed by destiny?

The heaven crushing practice began.

The immortals from the Divine Source Continent had initially thought that this would be the beginning of a dream-like study life. In stark contrast to their imaginations, however, this was actually the beginning of a terrifying nightmare…

The Ancient Dragon Empress was already prepared to receive a beating from these students once they graduated from her lessons. Anyhow, her teaching courses at the Four Nine Immortal Sect always concluded with her being violently belted by her students. So, with that being the case, how could she eliminate her negative emotions? The solution was extremely simple. That was, she would pummel these students before they mastered the Heaven Crushing True Intent!

That’s right, she would heartily beat the students before they graduated from her lessons! By dealing beatings to compensate for her own in advance, wouldn’t her mood become much better?

She was such a clever dragon!

Just like that, wails of anguish started to ring from the drill ground.

“Before learning the Heaven Crushing Techniques, one must first experience the power of the Heaven Crushing Techniques. Stand still and obediently accept my beating!”


“It doesn’t hurt. Even if it hurts, you must endure through it!”

“Ahhhh…! Spare me, Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress!”

“Ouyang Tai, don’t run! If you run, I’ll multiply your Heaven Crushing Combo Meal!”

“Waah… I’m about to die… Bloody murder!”

Bursts of explosions and cries of agony reverberated around the drill ground.

It was extremely lively.

The educational atmosphere was quite exceptional.

There was a feeling of satisfaction in An Lin’s mind as he gazed at the group of diligent students.

He was lying on a deck chair by the side of the drill ground, and he felt that all was peaceful and calm as he basked in the sun, drank juice, and watched the immortals being relentlessly beaten.

The Ancient Dragon Empress is really throwing her heart and soul into teaching these students. Asking her to teach the members of the Four Nine Immortal Palace was indeed a very correct decision. Would you look at her! She’s sweating from exertion, and even her pale and slender fists have become bright red from beating the students. How diligent, how hard-working, and how professional! There’s even a smile on her face, and it’s clear that she loves this job very dearly. After class ends, I definitely have to treat this enthusiastic and caring teacher.

As An Lin observed the lesson, he quickly discovered a student of great potential.

This was an extremely petite female. Under the baptism of the Ancient Dragon Empress’ violent iron fists, she didn’t cry nor shout. Instead, there was a look of firm resolution in her eyes as she bit her delicate lips tightly. In fact, there was even a hint of hunger and zeal in her eyes, and it was as if she were about to attain some sort of enlightenment from the iron fists…

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