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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 2030: Establishment of the Divine Essence Pavilion

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Chapter 2030: Establishment of the Divine Essence Pavilion

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The cultivators of the Four Nine Immortal Palace became acquainted with many other powerful beings after touring through Yue Tong City.

Afterward, everyone gathered together, including the cultivators above the rank of Return to Void Stage from Yue Tong City.

The Battling Buddha, Michael, Yun Mengying, and other beings who caused the three Immortal Kings’ hearts to palpitate in fear also sat to the sides with solemn expressions.

The immortals from the Divine Source Continent were well aware that An Lin was definitely about to announce something of immense importance.

“You all have a rough understanding of the power distribution in the Tai Chu Continent now, and I imagine that you’re all extremely curious about the battlefield outside Yue Tong City, am I correct?” An Lin casually looked around the room.

Curiosity gleamed in the immortals’ eyes as they nodded.

They weren’t fools, and they could somewhat guess why those white-winged creatures had exhibited such hatred toward them at that time. The humans of this world were definitely enemies with those white-winged creatures, and those white-winged creatures had most likely mistaken them for humans of this world.

“The enemies that we face are incredibly powerful, so I definitely have to explain these matters to you thoroughly,” An Lin said. “As for whether you stay or leave, you can decide after listening to my explanations.”

“What do you mean, Sect Leader? Your enemies are our enemies!” The proud Wang Chen immediately expressed his feelings.

“That’s right! We’re also members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect! No matter who the enemy is, we’ll definitely fight against them and obliterate all the obstacles in our path. We’ll create the glory of the Four Nine Immortal Sect together!” There was a hint of zeal in He Shen’s calm expression as he spoke without hesitation.

The remaining immortals all expressed their desire to advance and retreat with the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

They would be retarded not to ride on this coattail!

The Four Nine Immortal Sect was clearly a formidable sect, thus they were all hell-bent on becoming a member of this power. If they were still hesitant and shirked in the face of enemies, then even they themselves would feel ashamed of their actions.

An Lin felt extremely content upon hearing their firm and unwavering answers.

He started to explain the current situation to the cultivators. “The pure white-skinned, golden-eyed, and white-winged beings that you saw before were members of the Heavenly Human Tribe…”

An Lin gave a detailed explanation of the enemies, including the forces which were allied with them.

He talked about the Heavenly Gates, the existence of Divine Heaven Stage Heavenly Gods, the existence of Heavenly Dao Powers, the hole in the Heavenly Dao, as well as the existence of the Heaven Mending Sect and the Heaven Crushing Sect.

When the cultivators heard that their opponent was the “heaven”, they instantly started to feel extremely uneasy. When learning that paramount Heavenly Gods were even more powerful than An Lin, they couldn’t help but wince in anxiety.

The power of the paramount Heavenly Dao? A power that can destroy the Heavenly Dao?

Exterminating humans and purging the entire continent?

One after another, several harrowing phrases popped up through the meeting and shocked the allies from the Divine Source Continent immensely.

They had initially thought that the enemies were evenly-matched with An Lin. After all, An Lin’s domineering display a while ago had left the Heavenly Temperature God’s reinforcement too afraid to act. With the enemy forces being similar in strength to the Four Nine Immortal Sect, the immortals from the Four Nine Immortal Palace would still be able to have a great influence on the war, thereby making great contributions and reaping rich rewards.

However, much to their disbelief, the enemy had five paramount Heavenly Gods, a large number of ordinary Heavenly Gods, as well as countless Heavenly Human soldiers and innumerable allied forces…

With the addition of their Four Nine Immortal Palace, they could perhaps only cause a tiny ripple in this raging war. Becoming a main force in this war was nothing but a wishful dream for them. After all, this was a war between the superpowers of the Tai Chu Continent, and a war that had God of Creation Stage divine beings at its core!

Ouyang Tai and the others really wanted to loudly proclaim their love for peace at this moment. They had merely come to the Tai Chu Continent to sightsee, and they genuinely didn’t want to become involved in a war. Meanwhile, many of the cultivators wanted to slap themselves in the face. Why had they proclaimed their willingness to fight so staunchly? They were f*cking seeking death!

This war had already exceeded the realms of ordinary battles. This was defiance of the heavens’ will! This was a war against the heavens! This was a war where dozens of Return to Void Stage supreme beings could die in the blink of an eye!

Didn’t the Four Nine Immortal Sect display its brilliance during the extraordinary battle in the south of the Kingdom of the Nine States recently? They had slaughtered hundreds of beings who were equivalent in rank to Exalted Immortals, over thirty beings who were equivalent in rank to Immortal Kings, and one being of the Divine Heaven Stage. Listening to such impressive exploits made one feel as if they were in a dream.

However, just like their enemies, they and their allies could also be slaughtered mercilessly.

Even when casting their eyes over the entire Tai Chu Continent, the Four Nine Immortal Palace could still be regarded as a first-rate power.

However, it was entirely possible that they could be completely wiped out in the next battle…

An Lin discussed the enemies for a full two hours before turning his attention to the immortals before him. “I trust that you’re all very familiar with the enemies now. There are at least several dozen more enemies who are as powerful as the Heavenly God who pushed you guys to the brink of death. Moreover, there are still five enemies who are even more powerful than that Heavenly God. Are you guys still willing to fight alongside me?”

The group of immortals all wore spectacular expressions at this moment.

Some tried to force smiles onto their faces, yet they realized they couldn’t bring themselves to smile at all.

They had initially planned on unleashing their overwhelming powers upon arriving in this world. Once they arrived, however, they were immediately swept up in a war that was destined to rock the entire world?

“I can’t speak for the others, but I’m willing to follow Sect Leader An Lin,” He Shen said solemnly.

A soft murmur swept through the room.

They hadn’t expected He Shen to make a decision so quickly. One had to realize, this was an incredibly brutal war, and even powerful beings such as Immortal Kings could be killed at any moment. However, he still chose to stand with An Lin…

The first individual to reach the Dao Integration Stage in the Divine Source Continent was surprisingly resolute in his decision.

“I’m also willing to follow An Lin.” Yang Lingqian was the second person to state their decision.

She had planned to say this all along, and she was merely afraid that it would’ve been improper for her to state her position first.

Yan Ji lightly stroked her slender chin as she spoke in a lazy and mellow voice, “I’m already a member of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, and I’ll be a member of the Four Nine Immortal Sect for the rest of my life… Sect Leader An Lin, please don’t leave Yan Ji behind. I’m definitely going to follow you.”

Xu Xiaolan blinked her bright eyes upon hearing this, yet she didn’t make any comments.

“I also want to battle against more powerful beings. The Four Nine Immortal Sect is the best place for me to go,” Wang Chen said calmly. There was a look of determination and sincerity on his face.

The declarations from the three Immortal Kings were extremely influential in swaying the others’ decisions.

The overwhelming majority of Exalted Immortals all expressed their desire to follow An Lin.

Out of the one hundred and seventeen Exalted Immortals, only nine decided to head back to the Divine Source Continent. After learning of the enemy’s strength, the remaining one hundred and eight still chose to participate in the battle.

They weren’t stupid, nor were they blind followers.

Rather, the Heavenly Human Tribe’s clear desire to exterminate the human tribe made them understand that they already had no path of retreat. Their only option was to battle to the death.

Cowering from the enemy would merely prolong their life by a few days.

Only by battling would they be able to create a glimmer of hope.

As for the nine Exalted Immortals who didn’t want to participate in the war, it was highly likely that they were handing the difficult task of battling to An Lin and the others while sitting back and waiting for the benefits themselves. An Lin chuckled lightly and didn’t put them in a difficult position.

“In a while, I’ll ask the Heaven Crushing Sect’s Heavenly Disciple to teach you all the Heaven Crushing True Intent.

“Before that, however, I hereby announce that the one hundred and eight Return to Void Stage cultivators, as well as the three Dao Integration Stage cultivators, as official members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s Divine Essence Pavilion!”

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