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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 1733: Insta-killing Two At Once

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Chapter 1733: Insta-killing Two At Once

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An Lin was completely awestruck.

The Spirit Maiden had said that she wanted to kill them, and she really did want to kill them.

She really was an honest person!

However, An Lin was not reassured by this as the Spirit Maiden had also told him that she wanted to kill him as well.

He looked at all of the Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures enduring ghastly torture, and he felt like he was getting a sneak peek into his own future.

The Sword Essence Emperor had countless holes all over its body from the soul power swords, and its spirit body was on the brink of collapse. The Chaotic Demon Ball was being torn apart by countless dark soul dragons, and its body became smaller and smaller. The Bright Soul Snake and the Dark Soul Emperor had been completely flattened by Xuan Wu shells and were being crushed by boundless terrifying crushing force.

“Stop! I don’t want to take part in this trial anymore!” The Dark Soul Emperor howled.

“Me too! I don’t want the Spirit Patriarch’s inheritance anymore! I just want to go home!” The Bright Soul Snake sobbed.

The Spirit Maiden’s crazed voice sounded again, “Hahaha… You want to leave? Keep dreaming! I’ve sealed the trial gates, and you won’t be able to get out even if you ram into the gates for ten thousand years!

“I said I was going to kill all of you, so all of you have to die!”

The Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake were both in despair upon hearing this insane and determined voice.

Thump thump thump!

The massive Xuan Wu shells crashed down upon them with devastating force over and over again, rocking the earth with each and every strike.

The Dark Soul Emperor’s jellyfish body had been completely flattened. It wanted to struggle into a standing position, but before it could do so, the Xuan Wu shell crashed down again.


The Dark Soul Emperor let loose another wail of anguish and was flattened again.

“You’re going too far!” The Dark Soul Emperor roared with rage, and an extremely bloodthirsty divine dao light erupted from the crimson maces attached to its feelers, which it swung through the air toward the Xuan Wu shells like crimson shooting stars.

The Xuan Wu shells also crashed down at this moment.

Boom boom boom…

The maces struck the Xuan Wu shells, upon which a series of earth-shattering booms erupted, but the Xuan Wu shells remained completely unscathed and continued to fall at a terrifying speed.

“Noooo!” The Dark Soul Emperor howled in despair upon seeing this.


The earth tremored violently.

The Dark Soul Emperor was flattened once again.

“Hahaha… Die die die!” The Spirit Maiden chortled with glee.

Boom boom boom…

The Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake were flattened over and over again.

They wanted to run onto the largest Xuan Wu shell in the distance, where it appeared that no Xuan Wu shells were falling, but they were completely unable to move and were flattened before they could stand up.

They were like immobilized puppets being ravaged by the Spirit Maiden over and over again. There was no escape and no hope, only endless torment.

A final, merciless boom erupted.

The Dark Soul Emperor’s bloodcurdling cries rang out, and its body was finally unable to hold on as its consciousness was shattered!

Heaven and earth rumbled, and an indescribable sense of grief instantly welled up in the hearts of all living beings.

The fall of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure was mourned by the entire heaven and earth!

The Bright Soul Snake stared blankly at the deceased Dark Soul Emperor, and the color completely drained from its face. “Dead… The Dark Soul Emperor is dead…”

It had been crushed to death amid boundless despair and powerlessness!

This was the Spirit Patriarch Palace trial?

The Bright Soul Snake had completely sh*t itself. If felt like it could see its own future.

The Spirit Maiden really did dare to kill them, and she really did want to kill them. This was reality, and they had no choice but to accept it!

“N… no! Spare me, Spirit Maiden! Spare me, Spirit Patriarch!” The Bright Soul Snake begged for its life.

“Hahaha, die die die!” the Spirit Maiden continued like an insane, broken record.

The Xuan Wu shells continued to crash down. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tears welled up in the Bright Soul Snake’s eyes. “I am the hope of the Void Spirit Tribe! I don’t want the inheritances anymore, please just let me go. The Spirit Patriarch was also a member of the Void Spirit Tribe, and the Void Spirit Tribe still needs me to protect it and take it to greater heights. If you let me go, I promise that I will dedicate my life to protecting the Void Spirit Tribe!”

The Bright Soul Snake only wanted to survive now.

“Hahaha, die die die!” the Spirit Maiden continued as if she hadn’t heard anything.

Boom boom boom…

After one final devastating blow, the Bright Soul Snake also couldn’t hold on any longer, and it let loose a bloodcurdling cry as its body was crushed.

Another Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure had been crushed to death!


The fall of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure was mourned by the entire heaven and earth!

All of the living beings undertaking the trials and the living beings outside were struck by a sense of grief.

An Lin’s eyes widened as he stared at the image. “Dead… Another one dead…”

He was starting to panic now. This Spirit Maiden was as insane as she was cruel!

The Bright Soul Snake was right. All of them were part of the Void Spirit Tribe, so why be so intent on killing it?

However, the Spirit Maiden had killed it mercilessly and she appeared to have derived much satisfaction from doing so as well.

It was quite clear that the Spirit Maiden didn’t care about how many Void Spirit Tribe Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures died. All she cared about was killing everyone who trespassed upon the Spirit Patriarch Palace!

No, even non-trespassers like An Lin had to die!

If you don’t die, then I lose!

If I lose, then I’ll give you the inheritance!

That was her simple and brutal logic.

The Sword Essence Emperor and the Chaotic Demon Ball in the White Tiger and Azure Dragon trials had been scared sh*tless.

Dead? The Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake were actually dead?

It was over! This Spirit Patriarch Palace really did kill all trespassers!

Boundless terror welled up in their hearts as they recalled what the Spirit Maiden had said.

The Sword Essence Emperor was already riddled with wounds after being ravaged by countless golden soul swords, and the Chaotic Demon Ball was a tiny fraction of its original size after being torn at by the dark soul dragons. They knew that the place where the Holy Beasts were located in the extremely far distance was safe, but they couldn’t get there!

They turned back to the gate behind them. That gate was most definitely near indestructible as the Spirit Maiden had told them that they wouldn’t be able to break through it even in ten thousand years. There was no hope.

They couldn’t win, and they couldn’t withdraw. They were well and truly screwed!

“Arrrrgh! Spare me, Spirit Maiden!” the Chaotic Demon Ball begged for its life.

“Hehe, didn’t you say you loved a bit of a thrill? I’m just trying to satisfy you.” The Spirit Maiden chuckled with a cruel expression.

“I’m sorry! I was just spouting nonsense! Please let me go!” Tears of remorse flowed from the Chaotic Demon Ball’s eyes.

“Nope. I want to kill all of you, and none of you can escape!” The Spirit Maiden chortled with glee.

The Chaotic Demon Ball’s heart was filled with despair.

Its body pulsed in brightness, releasing bursts of terrifying soul power to combat the dark soul dragons. These attacks were very powerful, but it was quickly running out of energy, while there was no end to the dark soul dragons!

For some reason, An Lin was feeling a little sympathetic toward the Chaotic Demon Ball and was internally cheering it on. It was also at this moment that his consciousness suddenly stirred and began to awaken!

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