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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 1732: Kill Them

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Chapter 1732: Kill Them

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The show was about to start, and An Lin’s expression was filled with anticipation.

Speaking of which, this Spirit Maiden sure was discriminative in her treatment of trial-takers.

When welcoming him, she was a gorgeous and enticing woman in a blue dress, but when welcoming these intruders, she had become a hideous and sinister monster…

Wait, there seemed to be something wrong.

An Lin focused his gaze to discover that the four Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures in the image all wore expressions of scorching desire on their faces.

All of them were staring blankly at the sinister monster with unadulterated yearning and lust on their faces.

“Oh… So beautiful!” The Dark Soul Emperor was transfixed.

“Look at how insane and sinister she looks! It’s so sexy!” The Bright Soul Snake twisted its body frantically, as if it was trying to express its love.

“Such pure and wonderful soul power! Who are you?” The Sword Essence Emperor’s indifferent facade was also cracking as it stared at the hideous monster before it.

“I am the Spirit Maiden, the artifact spirit of this Spirit Patriarch Palace, and I’m here to kill you!” the blue monster spoke in an enraged voice.

The Chaotic Demon Ball became even more excited. “Oh, how blunt and straightforward! I love you!”

“Hahaha… Come! Ravage me all you want! If I don’t die today, I’m going to plunder the Spirit Patriarch’s entire inheritance!” The Sword Essence Emperor also began to laugh heartily.

An Lin’s mouth gaped open as he stared at the Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures in the image.

What was going on?

The Void Spirit Tribe Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures seemed to be ecstatic about the Spirit Maiden’s intentions to kill them?

“Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to kill all of you.” A sinister smile appeared on the Spirit Maiden’s face.

“By the way, have you seen a human who was wearing a white robe?” the Chaotic Demon Ball asked.

The Spirit Maiden nodded. “I have. He is undertaking the Vermilion Bird trial.”

“Thanks.” The Chaotic Demon Ball laughed.

An Lin: “???”

How could she sell him out so easily?

Oh, right.

The Spirit Maiden couldn’t lie.

An Lin heaved a resigned sigh.

“So he’s undertaking the Vermilion Bird trial. Let’s go to the Vermilion Bird trial as well to hunt him down,” the Sword Essence Emperor suggested.

All of the other super mighty figures expressed their agreement to this suggestion.

They absolutely detested An Lin for making a fool out of them. Now that they had a chance to exact their revenge, they certainly weren’t going to miss out. If they could cooperate well, they might even be able to bring down a super mighty figure at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage!

However, right at this moment, the Spirit Maiden shook her head with a firm expression. “No, I won’t allow you to do that. You’re all trespassing on this place, and I’m really pissed off. I want all of you to die as quickly as possible, so please choose other trials!”

All of the Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures drew sharp intakes of breath.

How blunt and straightforward!

“Nice! I love women with a bit of attitude!” The Chaotic Demon Ball remained undeterred.

“There are still three trials left; Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Xuan Wu. Do we go in together one by one or split up?” the Sword Essence Emperor asked.

“Spirit Maiden, may I ask how we could go about obtaining this inheritance?” the Bright Soul Snake asked in a respectful manner.

“There are a total of four inheritances located in the four different trials. As long as you can survive until the end, you will be able to obtain the inheritance. If two or more living beings enter the same trial at the same time, then I will increase the difficulty accordingly,” the Spirit Maiden explained.

The four Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures looked at each other.

How were they going to split three inheritances between the four of them?

“How do we split this?” The Dark Soul Emperor was stumped.

“We have to split up. These trials are most likely very difficult, and we might not have the energy to go through three trials in succession,” the Sword Essence Emperor suggested.

“How about you and I take one trial each while the Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake take on one trial together?” the Chaotic Demon Ball proposed.

“Sounds good to me.” The Sword Essence Emperor nodded.

Thus, the two Dao Integration Intermediate Stage super mighty figures, the Sword Essence Emperor and the Chaotic Demon Ball turned toward the two Dao Integration Initial Stage super mighty figures, the Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake, as if they were asking for their opinions.

The Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake trembled uncontrollably.

“The Chaotic Demon Ball’s suggestion is fantastic!” The Dark Soul Emperor nodded.

“I concur,” the Bright Soul Snake chimed in with a resigned expression.

It wanted to fight, but the space here was too small and not ideal for escape. If it wanted to use its poison to combat the Chaotic Demon Ball or the Sword Essence Emperor, it would be slain before it had a chance to poison them to death.

The Sword Essence Emperor chose the White Tiger trial.

The Chaotic Demon Ball chose the Azure Dragon trial.

Thus, the Dark Soul Emperor and the Bright Soul Snake chose the remaining Xuan Wu trial.

All four of the Void Spirit Tribe super mighty figures entered their respective trials.

An Lin had his eyes peeled as he stared at the image being broadcasted in the Vermilion Bird trial space. He wanted to see what types of trials these were in order to help him for when he participated in those trials.

Within the cavernous, round space, the Spirit Maiden’s crazed, sinister expression suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a cold smile. “I told you that I would kill all of you, and that is exactly what I will do!”

The Sword Essence Emperor specialized in using swords and the White Tiger trial was related to a metal-type inheritance, so it was quite pleased with its choice.

“Come! Hahaha… Show me the might of the White Tiger trial… Wait… Arrrrgh!!!” The Sword Essence Emperor suddenly howled with anguish.

Countless golden soul power swords suddenly appeared before it.

These soul power swords rained down upon it like a torrential storm.

“Die! Die! Die!!!” The Spirit Maiden roared with an insane expression as she poured forth extremely terrifying soul power into the Spirit Patriarch Palace in a frenzy.

The Sword Essence Emperor swung its sword frantically through the air and instantly blocked over ten thousand swords.

But in the process, it was stabbed twenty thousand times!

“Arrrrgh!” The Sword Essence Emperor roared with horror and rage as all of his swords rose into the air to frantically resist against the storm of swords.

However, the storm of golden swords was imbued with a hint of a power that transcended beyond the divine dao. This was a God of Creation Stage power and the Sword Essence Emperor was completely unable to defend itself.

What the f*ck?! Was this really a trial?

This was murder!

The Sword Essence Emperor finally realized that the Spirit Maiden wasn’t kidding or trying to frighten them. She really did want to kill them!

Meanwhile, within the Azure Dragon trial.

The Chaotic Demon Ball was not faring much better.

Countless dark demonic dragons swarmed toward the Chaotic Demon Ball before tearing into its body in a frenzy, trying to kill it as quickly as possible!

Within the Xuan Wu trial.

Terrifying gravitational force crashed down, as if it was trying to flatten everything.

One terrifying soul power Xuan Wu shell after another crashed down upon the Bright Soul Snake and the Dark Soul Emperor, mashing and flattening them into the ground like two-dimensional images.

All of the traps were triggered in a split second.

The four Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were completely dumbstruck.

Boom boom boom!

Boom boom boom boom!

“Die! Die! Die!!!


“That’s what you get for trespassing the Spirit Patriarch Palace!

“Do you think the Spirit Patriarch Palace is a place that you can come and go as you please? You broke into this place, so you’ll have to stay here forever!”

The Spirit Maiden’s insane laughter reverberated throughout the trial spaces, striking horror into the hearts of all of the Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures. Even An Lin was beginning to tremble with fear.

What a terrifying woman!

This Spirit Maiden…

Was she a demon?!

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