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«I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (Web Novel) - Chapter 830 - Code: Retribution

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Chapter 830: Code: Retribution

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Translator: _Min_  Editor: Caron_

The action code was Retribution.

The mission was very simple - control Country F’s Presidential Palace, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of National Defense, and other critical facilities; and arrest war criminal Aquino IV, Defense Minister Marshal Stark, and Moritz, the military adviser from Europe.

A three-thousand-strong reinforced airborne brigade mobilized by Moro and Celestial’s two thousand-person brigade and a drone attack group of 8,000 Hummingbirds would carry out the airborne operations on City M, the capital of Country F.

Only 24 hours to carry out the mission.

At 3 a.m. on July 23, a Dolphin-10 ballistic missile was launched from a submarine missile silo deployed in the western Pacific Ocean and detonated in the airspace of central Luzon. The EMP hit more than half of Luzon Island. City M suffered a total power outage and traffic was completely paralyzed.

Subsequently, Aurora-20s flew into the airspace and engaged in a fierce battle with 10 F22s and 5 F35s that took off. They completely seized air supremacy over City M.

Sea Lions Special Forces then landed on Luzon, infiltrating and destroying the Patriots 3 and other air defense systems, paving the way for the airborne troops.

When everything was ready, the paratroops of the two brigades set off from Port D Airport and arrived on Luzon Island at 5:00 a.m. to begin the large-scale airborne operation known as “Retribution.”

30 Il-76 transport aircrafts carried out the mission.

A long time ago, Jiang Chen ordered this large transport aircraft from Russia with a unit price of 20 million US Dollar from Natasha for the rapid deployment of combat units. Although there were better aircrafts available from the apocalypse, they were still in the draft mode for the time being. At present, Future Military didn’t have enough capacity to achieve large-scale production.

In order to reduce civilian casualties, Jiang Chen specifically set the start of operations at night.

At 12 noon was the United Nations’ deadline for the warring parties. As long as the dismantling of Country F’s command system and arrests of the President of Country F and half the members of Congress were carried out before 12 noon, it would be enough to force them to immediately sign a surrender agreement and end the war.

To defeat Country F nation and achieve a ceasefire!

Through the roar of the engine, the cold wind gusted outside the steel cabin.

With their backs against the cold cabin, two rows of armored soldiers sat neatly on the Il-76 transport plane.

The dark kinetic skeleton armed the soldiers to the teeth, and the ink glass on the digital helmet cast a murderousness vibe.

The fuselage violently shook, and the nose bent upwards slightly. The signal light in the cabin lit up, the safeties were all removed, and the nylon buckles behind them were released.

They were above City M.

The commander walked to the center of the cabin, steadied himself, and did the final mobilization.

“…They detonated a nuclear bomb in their own city. Now we have to go capture the person who pressed the button. Land, confirm, lock, fire. Don’t shoot the civilians! Push toward the mission target, It’s that simple! Now check the equipment and prepare to go!”

He was met by a uniform roar from the troops.

There was no need for mobilization at all, and they were all exasperated.

Country F had to pay the price for the 431 soldiers who died in the nuclear explosion. A blood debt must be paid by blood! Every soldier’s eyes glowed with hatred.

The signal light turned from red to green, and the door of the cabin slowly opened.

Above the clouds, two fighters whistled by.

Air currents rolled into the cabin, and through the layers of white clouds, anti-aircraft guns with tracer bullets could clearly be seen following the Aurora-20s ravaging the airspace. Not far away, Moro’s 31st airborne brigade had already begun to parachute, and parachute bags filled the sky.

Land in the capital of Country F and end the war within 24 hours!

“Now! Jump! Quick!”

After the commander’s roar, the soldiers in kinetic skeletons jumped out of the cabin.

Unlike the paratroopers of Moro, the soldiers dropped to around 200 meters. The slow descent device mounted on the backs of the kinetic skeletons activated, and blue lights burst out. The paratroopers of Celestial Trade cut off the parachutes behind them and struck the cement or high-rise buildings directly under the buffer of the short-range rocket ejectors.

The city was about to wake up. Under the high-rise buildings, the citizens of City M screamed and fled. Traffic became jammed when the EMP landed. When the paratroopers began to parachute, the entire city became a mess. Even the policemen dropped their guns and batons as they joined the citizens in fleeing to subway stations.

Occasionally, one or two patriots picked up pistols and were soon locked on by the drones that landed first.

Any person with a weapon was considered a combatant!

The Moro paratroopers landed first and immediately began fighting with Country F’s 11th Brigade and anti-terrorist forces. Explosions of flames filled the streets of City M, and the destroyed armored vehicles were abandoned by the roadside.

After landing, Celestial Trade soldiers opened their holographic maps on their digital helmets. The Artificial Intelligence set by the quantum computer established the nearest assembly point and the attack routes were marked on the holographic maps. Everyone entered a combative state in the shortest amount of time.

Country F’s soldiers who rushed to the urban areas for support became the reactive ones.

No one would’ve thought Celestial Trade would come up with such a radical and risky strategy to directly drop two brigades on City M instead of concentrating on eliminating the guerrillas on MLL Island.

In the war, Celestial Trade used the Reptile drone for the first time as an infantry fire support platform. The short-range rockets and small caliber grenades were used to unleash fire on Country F’s soldiers.

The two sides started to exchange fire at shopping malls, bus stations, roads, office buildings, and other locations to compete for control of the city’s major traffic arteries.

The battle was extremely tragic.

Because fighting took place in the city and in the capital, Country F couldn’t use artillery to support their front-line troops. It could only deploy armored battalions that were stationed nearby and sent tanks and armored vehicles to wipe out Moro’s airborne troops.

However, air superiority was in the hands of Celestial.

With the hail of bullets falling from the sky, Country F’s ground units were like chickens facing a hawk, and they could only flee in fear.

As soon as anything was marked on the map, there would soon be a bomb or hail of bullets that smashed vehicles into scrap metal.

In order to avoid being targeted by Aurora-20s, a Country F armored vehicle backed into Country F National Bank. However, an air-to-ground missile still hit the target. The exploding flames shredded the entire bank door into pieces.

In order to end the battle as soon as possible, Celestial Trade could no longer avoid civilian casualties.

Since they joined the war as mercenaries, Moro would be the eventual scapegoat.

What’s more, Country F’s government didn’t care.

In addition to dropping in a brigade force, Celestial parachuted 1,000 drone hives to City M and released a total of 8,000 Hummingbird drones. They programmed 16 groups of drones to clean up the ground units in Country F.

These groups of drones were like locusts, destroying everything in their path.

Overlooking the earth from space, all of City M looked like it was ravaged by fire. Smoke from the war burned from the suburbs to the city center, burned into the square in front of the presidential palace, and burned into the underground bunkers of high officials such as Aquino IV…

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