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«I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1218 - The Last Arrangement

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Chapter 1218 The Last Arrangement

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“The city below Line 0?” Jiang Chen deliberated as he rubbed his chin. “My plan is to empty the whole city, and then let it deconstruct in peace. What’s your opinion?”

Jiang Chen then looked at Han Junhua, waiting for the advice of the chief of staff.

“My opinion?” Han Junhua thought for a moment before she responded, “Are you not going to start the clone program? From an efficiency perspective, the proper use of clones can help accelerate the reconstruction of civilization.”

“But efficiency doesn’t mean everything.” Jiang Chen shrugged and leaned back in the chair. “NAC doesn’t need to be saved by clone. We can use our own way to rebuild this land instead of becoming the second Pan-Asia Cooperation. ”

“So what about AI?” Han Junhua then asked, “How are you going to deal with it.”

There was a short period of quietness before he said.

“First, move it out from the underground city. Its server is on the fifth floor of Eden Technology. You can send a few experts who understand this to deal with the issue. I have other uses for that AI, so I will bring it back to Wanghai.”

“As you wish.” After a slight bow, Han Junhua did not say anything more on this issue as she understood Jiang Chen’s intention. “I still have something to deal with, so I will not bother you any longer.”

“Mhmm.” Jiang Chen smiled and nodded, then he added, “Summon Zhou Guoping.”

Zhuo Guoping did not have him wait too long. After he heard that the general has summoned him, he immediately rushed from the wall to here.

When he knocked on the door, Jiang Chen was sitting at the table and drinking tea.

Seeing the familiar bald head, Jiang Chen showed a delightful smile. He put down his teacup and said.


Zhou Guoping was quite reserved in front of Jiang Chen, without any of his usual fierceness. He smiled with shyness.

“I heard General is looking for me, so I came immediately.”

“Don’t be nervous, it’s good news,” When he saw Zhou Guoping’s stern expression, he casually pointed to the chair next to him, “Sit down.”

Zhou Guoping cautiously sat down across from him. Jiang Chen smiled, paused for a moment, then began.

“Now that Pingan Street is at peace, you deserve a lot of credit for it. I will now point out two directions for you. You can choose whichever one you prefer.”

“I will follow the command of the general,” Zhou Guoping bowed his head and said respectfully.

“Do you really want to follow my command?” Jiang Chen joked. “I’ll send you to be Chu Nan’s guard then, are you going to go?”

Zhou Guoping was so scared that cold sweat began to ooze out. He looked at Jiang Chen with a bitter expression, clearly traumatized.

“Okay,” Jiang Chen waved his hand, “I don’t want to deal with your grudges. I’ll now point out two paths for promotion. You make your decision.”

“Please.” Zhou Guoping bowed his head.

“The first path. Shangjing is now part of NAC and is considered the northern region of NAC from now on. Further north is the moor, and I’m not interested in expanding my territory to the Siberian wilderness where nothing grows. If you wish, you can stay in Shangjing and continue to do the work you are doing now.”

This was the retirement path Jiang Chen prepared for him.

As long as he would not do anything too outrageous, he could live a relaxing life as a mercenary head for the rest of his life.

With the budget allocated to him, his role would be to collect intelligence and keep an eye on the bandits and raiders. In addition, he would occasionally do some dirty work to protect the interest of NAC in the underground world.

There would be no danger, but it would also be the last advancement!

After seeing the hesitation on Zhou Guoping’s face, Jiang Chen smiled and continued.

“As for the second path, it’s not an easy one. You’ll have to go east, cross the Pacific Ocean, disembark in California, unite the local Asian forces, and lay down the foundation for NAC’s expansion to the west coast of North America. You don’t need me to teach you what to do next. But I have to remind you that it will not be a peaceful journey. NAC only has an outpost there, and the local survivors are not easily bullied.”

“I choose the second path,” Zhou Guoping immediately made his decision.

Jiang Chen raised an eyebrow and laughed. “Oh? You have already made up your mind? Most likely, you’ll have to stay there. The situation there is far more chaotic when compared to here. Several major forces are all in the midst of all sorts of conflicts, compounded by the fact that the survivors there are not that much worse off compared to NAC.”

“I have made up my mind,” Zhou Guoping immediately stood up, his head high and back straight. He then clenched his right fist and placed it in front of his chest while raising his voice, “In my lifetime, I swear to expand NAC’s territory for the General!”

It was a no brainer? He did not want to retire this early!

The existence of Chu Nan always made him feel a sense of crisis, so he must continue to climb higher.

Jiang Chen must admit that NAC’s military ritual did not fit Zhou Guoping very well. It felt like a bandit was being enlisted into a group of properly trained soldiers. While they all wore the same uniform, it just looked awkward.

“Okay.” Jiang Chen also got up from his chair and walked over to Zhou Guoping, patting him on the shoulder. “Since you have chosen the hardest road, I must treat you with equal respect. When everything is over, I will let you lead a survivor settlement on the West Coast.”

If he really led an area, then even the best area would turn into a bandit hole under his ruling. However, Jiang Chen didn’t mind. It would just be a survivor settlement on another continent. He could have the freedom as long as he does commit awful crimes under NAC’s flag.

NAC’s reputation must be protected.

When Zhuo Guoping heard Jiang Chen’s promise, he was overjoyed and immediately expressed his loyalty.

He was waiting for this very promise. He served the NAC for many years and the people that entered NAC around the same time as him were either serving as the head of a division, the executive of a settlement or held the position of governor in colony.

And he was still serving a role outside of the ranks of NAC.

Now Jiang Chen gave him the promise that he’ll be able to lead a settlement when everything ends, he was of course overjoyed.

North America? So what? It is farther, and the conditions are harsher, but these difficulties are nothing compared to the taste of power!

When Zhou Guoping swore his allegiance, Jiang Chen smiled and did not take his words to heart.

“That’s enough, you can say all of this when you come back,” Jiang Chen interrupted Zhou Guoping’s flattering words, “Bring your people and prepare in Wanghai. You’ll depart at the end of October. I’ll order the logistics department to allocate 100,000 credits to you. You can decide on weapons and people. Everything will be up to you.”


“Wait, don’t rush to leave yet,” Jiang Chen stopped Zhou Guoping as he was about to leave, “Remember to find someone you trust to go with you and get him to report to me.”

Zhou Guoping stood straight up, face flushed with joy.

“Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

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