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«I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1017 - Rescue Mission

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Chapter 1017 Rescue Mission

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“A monster—”

His throat, being locked by a steel hand, screeched in fear. Petrov reflexively pressed the trigger and the automatic rifle around his waist fired against the power armor. However, the bullets only left a series of crisp sounds. Only a layer of paint on the surface was scraped off.

Through the holographic mirror, Jiang Chen looked at him coldly. He used slightly more force on his right hand and then heard the cervical vertebrae crack. Petrov rolled his eyes and relaxed his muscles. He couldn’t be more dead.

The dust had dispersed, and more than a dozen armed men hid behind the bunker and began to fire back.

Jiang Chen released his minigun without hesitation and began to cleanse the battlefield bombarded with tungsten rods. The firepower turned the concrete and wood into fragments and the return fire of the special forces instantly disappeared.

As for the two snipers in the distance, Ayesha had long finished them before the tungsten rods arrived.

While maintaining firepower suppression, Jiang Chen scanned the mess and nodded in satisfaction.

With the dual insurance of quantum computer trajectory measurements and terminal guidance, the pseudo-space-based weapon displayed great accuracy and good killing power.

The reason why it was a pseudo-space-based weapon was that it draws on the design of the God’s Cane, but it was not fixed by satellites at a certain point on the orbit. Instead, it was carried by a transport ship and could be dumped directly over the target. Because there was no launch track to give the initial speed, the probability of a direct hit was not high and could only be used as a means of suppression.

At the beginning of the design, the weapon was originally prepared for the orbital airborne force. The target area would be bombarded with tungsten rods before landing to ensure the safety of the landing site. However, Jiang Chen did not expect that the airdrop cabin from the apocalypse would have its own suppression effect. Instead of carrying a few tungsten rods on the transport ship, it was better to have two more airdrop cabins.

However, for the time being, the tungsten rods were not useless. Any fixed bunker placed in front of it was just as thin as a piece of paper. And this kind of weapon thrown directly from the synchronous track had a miraculous effect on decreasing enemy morale. The weapon was never intended to kill many people, but it could destroy the faith of those who witnessed the tungsten hell-rain.

The firepower of the power armor was too strong for the special forces to fight back. Seeing the lack of effectiveness of rifle bullets, a special force soldier took out the AT4 rocket launcher, quickly opened the safety and pressed the trigger. However, this steel giant not only had a thick armor but was also agile and maneuverable. This unguided rocket was easily dodged.

From the storage dimension, Jiang Chen took out a heat sensor grenade and threw it straight to the target heat source. The grenade spurted a trail of flame in midair before flying straight behind the enemy bunker. With a bang, the soldier carrying AT4 was blown into pieces.

“Wesley! FU*K!”

Giles, with bloodshot eyes, watched his comrade explode. He could not do anything against the steel giant.

They already replaced their rifles with special armor-piercing ammunition specially prepared for Celestial Trade soldiers, but against the steel armor, it was useless. The situation was completely out of their grasp. Giles gritted his teeth, made up his mind, and gestured to his comrades.


These special forces came quickly and left quickly. The back row first dashed to the back of the house. The front row also left the bunker in batches and retreated from the street.

Jiang Chen fired a few more clips at the direction of their escape symbolically. He didn’t pursue further and decisively headed to the agreed evacuation point.

From the satellite image, the 43rd Motorized Brigade of Ukraine was close to him. With the mess here, as long as the commander was competent, he would inevitably send people to investigate the situation. Both of Celestial Trade’s Orbital Airborne Brigades were deployed in eastern Ukraine. Only two waves of tungsten rods were the available attack methods. Celestial Trade Forces on the ground and the militant’s base were nearly 80 kilometers apart, which didn’t help the situation.

Though Jiang Chen would be interested in trying to solo an entire brigade, unless he replaced his power armor with a Gundam, he didn’t have the confidence to try.

It was confirmed on the satellite map that the ten special force soldiers had indeed withdrawn from the town. Jiang Chen ran into a semi-collapsed house and threw the power armor into the storage dimension. Putting on the K2 kinetic skeleton, he went to the outskirt of the town.

Behind a haystack of a farm, a military green “battalion commander” T98 armored vehicle was parked there. Its other name would be the Russian version of the Hummer. Although not as well known as the Hummer, it performed better in terms of protection. Jiang Chen burrowed the car from the Russian military base and the engine was also modified. He used this vehicle to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Jiang Chen closed the door after he got into the backseat.

Ayesha skillfully started the engine, stepped on the gas, and headed into the forest.

Leaning in the backseat, Jiang Chen let out a long sigh of relief and leaned his rifle against the door. When he turned around, his sight aligned with Natasha’s.

Natasha was not in the best state. Not only was there a hint of blood by her mouth, but her left arm was fixed in place by a splint.

They made eye contact and her expression became awkward. She didn’t know how to face Jiang Chen so she lowered her head.


However, the word “sorry” had yet to come out completely before Jiang Chen picked her up and put her on his lap.

“Let go! What are you doing—” Natasha was like a frightened golden-haired Persian cat, uneased.

Although she struggled hard to escape, manpower could never outpower the kinetic skeleton, not to mention that she still suffered a small injury. Jiang Chen controlled her with just one hand.

Careful not to touch her left arm, Jiang Chen did not waste any time. With his spare hand, he slapped her *ss.

The loud sound was extremely noticeable in the vehicle.

“…” Ayesha’s cheeks turned red, as she pretended nothing happened.

After a cry, Natasha with her eyes widened, stopped struggling.

“Do you dare to do this next time?” Jiang Chen said wickedly to Natasha.

“Bastard…you, you actually hit me.” The blushing Natasha glimpsed at the back of Ayesha’s head and then tried hard to turn her neck. She growled at Jiang Chen with embarrassment and anger. “Let me go!”

Jiang Chen raised his hand again and landed his palm against the curved and soft butt.


Natasha couldn’t help but again cry out loud. Ayesha was turning even redder and her eyes flickered to the rearview mirror from time to time. Perhaps it was an illusion but Jiang Chen saw envy?

“Bastard! I want to kill - AH!”

“You are a per - HEY!”

“NOOO… I’m sorry, don’t - ah~”

The original imposing curse was interrupted by the loud slaps.

Humiliating and shameful tears formed in Natasha’s eyes. The sting on her butt seriously hurt her self-esteem. At this moment, she had lost her usual calmness. However, the most annoying thing was that… she began to feel aroused…

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