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«I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1458 - A Surprise Attack On Port of Barranquilla

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Chapter 1458: A Surprise Attack On Port of Barranquilla

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In the evening of February 17th.

Just half an hour after Celestial Trade announced its intervention in the Colombian Civil War, the first to arrive on the battlefield was a strategic EMP intercontinental missile. The dazzling electric spark only flickered in the air for a moment, and the brightly lit city plunged into darkness.

Barranquilla was the center of the attack. It was the capital of North Colombia and a radius of hundreds of miles was in the strike radius of the EMP missile. There were countless control systems of power stations and substations burnt down; residential houses, hospitals, police stations, and other public facilities were all paralyzed.

The NATO military based near Barranquilla was also struck by the EMP missile

However, unlike civilian facilities, the strike’s damage on military facilities was not ideal.

There was no panic. After a short two-hour power failure, the NATO military base in Barranquilla quickly restored power. The engineers repaired the damaged electronic equipment based on procedure, eliminated the broken circuits, and replaced the damaged part.

If the previous strategic EMP strike damaged 90% of NATO Coalition Force’s electronic equipment, this time, only around 13-15% of the equipment was damaged.

Celestial Trade had long anticipated the outcome, and Jiang Chen did not think NATO would be foolish enough to fall for the same trick twice.

The miraculous effect that occurred in the Colombian Civil War last time was because NATO were caught off guard as they had never experienced this weapon. This time, the NATO Coalition Force used old-fashioned communication radio and other retired equipment, and the damaging effect of EMP on analog circuits was far inferior to its effect on digital circuits. On the other hand, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon provided solutions to the top military command of the UA with equipment such as “Faraday Spray”, which also served some purpose.

However, the NATO Coalition Force soon discovered that their speed of remedying the situation would never catch up to the speed Celestial Trade developed new weapons…

Just an hour after the EMP strike, the radar at the Barranquilla Military Base had returned to normal. Senior officers gathered in the command room around a map to discuss the battle plan.

In less than a day, they had successfully took control of Highland 744 and advanced 50 kilometers closer to the strategic town of Bucaramanga in South Colombia. If they could take control of Bucaramanga, the entire northern end of the Andes would return under their control, and the supply line between South Colombia and Venezuela would be pinched.

But at this moment, countless black dots suddenly appeared on the radar screen.

“Enemy flying units approaching! Quantity, two hundred and twenty. Suspected to be ground attack missiles!” In front of the computer, an observer wearing a headset immediately reported to the commander behind him.

With his eagle-like eyes narrowed, the commander from the UA stared at the red dots on the big screen approaching the military base, then he ordered in a deep voice, “Launch the SLAMRAAM missiles to intercept!”


At the gate of the military base, the NATO soldier on guard raised his head and looked at the faintly shining bright spots not far away.

“What is that?”

“An aircraft?” Another soldier responded.

“Where did so many aircrafts come from?”

After a rough count, he made out around one hundred black dots. They were likely the dark technologies of Celestial Trade.

However, what confused him was that since they chose to “sneak attack” at night, the tail flames of the engine seemed too obvious. Or could it be that they didn’t plan to hide from the beginning? But it would be too arrogant to look down on NATO Coalition Force’s air defense system.

Even if it was the Aurora-20, if it dared to fly directly above their base, it would be shredded to pieces by the surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft guns.

The surface-to-air missiles seemed to have confirmed the NATO soldier’s speculation. They launched from the center of the military base one after another and galloped towards the bright spots. Not surprisingly, the missiles hit the target one after another.

Balls of flame exploded in the air, and the black smoke blended into the dark night. The soldier gazed at the explosion in the distance, lowered his rifle, picked up his binoculars from his chest, and looked towards the explosion.

Then he exclaimed, “Sh*t… it’s so magnificent.”

But at this moment, that soldier’s expression suddenly changed dramatically.

The soldier next to him did not notice that his comrade’s expression just changed. He looked at the smoke in the distance and asked casually.

“Taken down?”

The soldier slowly put down the binoculars and just stared into the night. Anxiousness and confusion flashed in his eyes as he muttered to himself.

“I’m afraid no…”

In the center of the military base, missile launch vehicles were parked on the ground, and all the missiles had been launched. The engineer on the side dragged out the missile rack from the warehouse and began to reload the missile launcher.

Inside the missile launch vehicle, the squad captain Blevins, who pressed the launch button, grinned at the colliding red dots on the radar. Then he pumped fists with the soldier next to him.

“That was a home run!”

“Beautiful-SH*T! HOW COULD IT BE!” Before he could finish his sentence, he put his face in front of the radar as he stared at the row of red dots accelerating in distance, he said to himself in complete disbelief, “This is impossible!”

This is impossible!

No aircraft can survive a SLAMRAAM missile hit! Not even the Aurora-20!

The SLAMRAAM air defense system developed by Raytheon was known as the “Guardian of the Land”. If the missile missed the target, it was believable. However, Blevins couldn’t believe that with the missiles directly landing on the targets, the two hundred flying objects were still intact.

“Relock the target! QUICK!” Blevins immediately slapped the soldier next to him, but there was no time for them to launch another round of missiles.

Not far from the missile launch vehicle, NS-90s slammed into the empty ground.

The engineers who were reloading the missile hurriedly leaped to the side, and the nearby NATO soldiers also rushed behind cover. Blevins buried his head under the steering wheel, then only raised his head to peek out the window after a while.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the expected explosion did not happen.

Just when everyone wondered if Celestial Trade “missiles” malfunctioned, they saw the black “iron coffins” start to move, as if they had come to life. The steel plate armors retracted and exploded the mechanical skeleton that was shielded under the armor.

A red glow lit up in the center of the spindle-shaped head, and then two cuboid automatic rifles popped out from the outstretched arms. Without warning, they started to spray out deadly flames at the soldiers behind the bunker.


Blevins cursed under his breath, then leaped out of the missile launcher with all his force. Almost simultaneously, an explosion engulfed him and the missile rack next to him in orange-red flames.




Soldiers fell one after another in the symphony of screams and explosions. The bullets only left dazzling sparks on the NS-90, and the war machine that moved in the crossfire was just like the T-800 in “Terminator”.

The difference was that the former was more like a robot than the latter. But similarly, both came from the future…

And they were born in NATO’s own hands.

The bloody massacre had just started, and this encounter had already gone beyond the scope of war.

Even though the M4A1 bullet was strengthened as a countermeasure to Celestial Trade’s kinetic skeleton, it couldn’t even make a dent in the NS-90.

The NS-90 in its most optimal state was indeed worthy of the name “Battlefield Janitor”. Relying on the battlefield data provided by the Skyeye X1 military satellite, each war robot was like a grim reaper on the battlefield. Whenever the orange flame appeared, a blood splash quickly followed.

In this kind of “zero distance” combat, even if the NATO Coalition Force deployed the M1A2 main battle tanks, and the tanks were equipped with depleted uranium penetrators that could pose a threat to NS-90’s titanium alloy armor, the threat depended on the penetrators hitting the NS-90s.

The daunting bullet marks were left in every corner of the military base. Explosions and flames flickered one after another in the military base, and they even didn’t stop when dawn arrived…

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