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«I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1355 - Libel and Slander

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Chapter 1355: Libel and Slander

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Perhaps the stellar performance by the athlete at the 14th spot destroyed their confidence.

Jiang Chen accidentally became the only player in the qualifying round to score more than 640. The result surprised everyone. However, the most surprising aspect was not the score, but the name attached to the score - Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen, whenever this name was mentioned, two names also appeared out of reflexive in the minds of most people in the world.

Future Group and Celestial Trade.

No matter which name, either was enough to push him to the throne of the richest man in the world. There were even rumors that his personal wealth had surpassed the Rothschild family - the financial ruler of the old-world. He possessed enough wealth to challenge the entire Wall Street, and his assets were capable of purchasing half of the Earth…

However, a well-known powerful capitalist appeared in the stadium as an athlete, and he made a miracle that shocked the rest of the world. The sudden shift in identity shocked many.

It was fine being the richest man in the world, but he also possessed unhuman athletic ability…

You have everything going for you, how is everyone else going to compare?!

Matthew Emmons, the player that stood next to Jiang Chen, ranked ninth with a score of 613. This veteran who was originally viewed as a favorite to compete for the gold medal unexpectedly missed the final, which was a pity.

At Matthew’s age, this could be the last time he stood in the Olympic arena. However, he did not even make it to the finals. The ninth place in the qualifying round was the end of his career, which was quite a regrettable situation

With mixed emotions in his mind, he left the stadium. After he tossed his cap on the table in the lounge, he took a bottle of water from his coach and drank in silence.

When he saw the replay on the screen, and the score of 640, his heart jerked fiercely.

Matthew smashed the bottle on the ground and he suddenly stood up.

“I want to report, he definitely doped!”

Surprised eyes gathered on Matthew.

Shooting coach Dickett was taken aback for a moment. Then, put his hands on Matthew’s shoulder and looked at him with a serious expression.

“Who doped?”

“Jiang Chen! Xin Athlete Jiang Chen!” Matthew stared at the screen with menace as he shouted in anger, “How can a layman who can’t even hold the rifle properly achieve a score of 640? Just because he has money he can buy the entire Olympic Committee to ignore his doping? I bet he must have taken banned drugs. If it is not banned drugs, then he must have used some other high-tech stuff!”

When Matthew said this, Dickett also realized something.

Yes, how can an amateur athlete score an incredible 640?

The possibility of doping was unlikely, but some kind of assisted aiming chip or similar things were definitely a possibility.

The more he thought about the incredible technology of Future Group, the more he was convinced!

And more importantly, once the accusation stands, Jiang Chen would definitely be inspected by the Olympic Committee. Then, the ninth-place Matthew could enter the finals!

Dickett’s eyes brightened. He had completely lost hope before, but now, he saw new hope.

“I will immediately report to the WADA!” Dickett looked into Matthew’s eyes, as he said righteously, “Athletes who use despicable means to win the game must be punished!”

On the other side of the stadium, Jiang Chen was inside the lounge as he took a big swig from the functional drink specially provided by Future Biology from Qian Xia.

“You are the most talented athlete I have ever seen! With a little bit of training, you have the hope of challenging the world record.”

Wang Tao was desperately trying to persuade Jiang Chen with strong excitement, so Jiang Chen had to put down his drink and wave his hand.

“I’ll pass. You know I’m just here for fun. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a gold medal. If not, that’s okay. As for training, I have no interest in devoting my limited life to sports.”

Wang Tao shook his head in regret as Jiang Chen was completely unmoved.

In fact, he knew that the achievements and benefits that the gold medal provided were limited to this “genius”. It was just a pity that such a talent would go to waste. If it were someone else, Wang Tao would never let such a talent go from his national team.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Wang Tao paused for a second, looked at the door, and said.

“Please come in.”

After the door was pushed open, a middle-aged man in a suit with a hooked nose, followed by three others, walked into the Xin Athlete Lounge. After he scanned the room, his sight stopped on Jiang Chen and he walked to him.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang Chen. We are observers of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee. My name is Griffin, and this is my assistant Hughes. We have received reports from other athletes and suspect that you may be have taken banned substances or taken supplementary drugs containing banned substances during the competition, we will investigate you on the principle of fairness and justice. In order to avoid affecting your final results, we hope you can cooperate with our work.”

When Griffin said this, he did not lower his voice. Everyone in the lounge heard what he said, glanced at each other, and started to chatter in quiet voices.

“Doping? President Jiang is not that kind of person, right…”

“But if there is no doping, how can you explain his score?”

“Could it be…”

“This is slander!” Wang Tao stood up angrily. Just as he wanted to argue with that person, Jiang Chen grabbed him and gently pulled him back.

“I heard this right?” Jiang Chen looked at Mr. Griffin in front of him as he almost couldn’t contain his laughter. “You can dope in an air rifle competition? Sorry for my honesty, but this is the first time I have heard about this.”

Griffin’s expression was a little awkward.

Doping in shooting competitions was not without precedent, but no one had ever won a championship by doping.

After all, different from sports that tested physical fitness, shooting competitions required athletes to be highly concentrated. Calmness was the bigger factor in winning. Instead of doping, tranquilizers would probably work better.

It was really a poor method to accuse a shooting athlete with doping.

Jiang Chen let out a sigh as he saw Griffin and his assistant exchanged awkward looks. He then said earnestly.

“If you really don’t want to play fair, I can teach you.”

“You just want Matthew to qualify, right?”

“It’s easy. Can’t you just get him onto the stadium and have a rematch alone?”

“Nonsense!” The assistant named Hughes flushed, but he insisted on putting on a righteous expression, which made him more comical, “When did I say it was Matthew who reported you? The Olympic Committee will protect the privacy of every whistleblower. Maliciously guessing the identity of the whistleblower is liable for defamation!”

“Do I even need to guess?” Jiang Chen laughed, “Who doesn’t know that the International Olympic Committee is run by the UA.”

“Mr. Jiang, I also hope that you can cooperate with our test. If you have no issues, we will give you a fair answer. I don’t think you want to be disqualified for the finals because you refuse a test, right?” Griffin said.

“Of course,” Jiang Chen readily agreed, as he extended his arm into a please gesture, “Please.”

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