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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1770 The Slowly Unfolding Revenge Plan

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Chapter 1770 The Slowly Unfolding Revenge Plan

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You’re right. It really has nothing to do with you. Someone as arrogant as him should be left to Prison Number 7’s Hassad to be dealt with.”

Ivan picked up his hat and lit another cigarette.

“Let’s go. Follow me to check. I’m a little curious about how badly he was beaten.”

“I’m also a little curious.”

The two of them packed up briefly and walked towards Prison Number 7.

Ten minutes later, the door was pushed open and Ivan walked in with his men.

However, he was surprised to find that the people in Prison Number 7 were all gathered together. They were not moving separately as usual.

The two of them were a little surprised and walked towards the crowd.

When they were about twenty meters away, they were unexpectedly greeted by the sight of Hassad standing off to the side.

Ivan was very surprised; he knew Hassad’s strength and status well. In Prison Number 7, Hassad was the top dog, so why would he be standing with others like this?

“Mr Hassad, Ivan is here!”

Hassad turned at the sound of voices and saw Ivan standing nearby!

Immediately, a ferocious look appeared on his face!

If it wasn’t for him, his relationship with this Huaxia man wouldn’t be so poor!

He would not have been embarrassed in front of everyone!

In contrast to Hassad’s anger, Ivan’s expression was one of confusion as he stood rooted to the spot, his expression exaggerated.

He saw Lin Yi lying on a beach chair with a relaxed expression with a woman feeding him fruits beside him!

Most importantly, he was not injured at all!

“What the hell is going on?!” Ivan went over and said.

“Why is he still here in one piece?!”

Hassad didn’t answer. Instead, he stormed towards Ivan and slapped him hard across the face.

Ivan was stunned, but he was afraid of Hassad’s identity and status, so he did not dare to fight back.

“Mr. Hassad, what the hell is going on?”

“You have the nerve to say that?!” said Hassad angrily.

“You actually want me to help you with someone you can’t handle yourself? Are you trying to kill me?”

“How is that possible? We’ve been friends for many years. Why would I want to harm you?!”

“I’ve never met many men as powerful as he is in my life. There’s no one here who can stand up to him!” said Hassad excitedly.

“If he wants to, he’d kill everyone here!”

Ivan and his men were stunned. No one had expected this Huaxia man to be so skilled!

Even Hassad was no match for him!

“Your temper is really good. He harmed you so badly, but you can still talk to him calmly. If it were me, 1 wouldn’t be like this.”


Hassad swore and kicked Ivan again!

“Beat him up and avenge Mr. Lin!”

“No, don’t…”

Ivan’s face was pale as he retreated.

However, the people from Prison Number 7 rushed towards him like crazy. They punched and kicked him using all their strength!

Even though Ivan was an official, these people showed no mercy, and no one came to stop them!

Because everyone outside knew who the inmates of Prison Number 7!

Knowing how terrifying Hassad was, no one dared to stop him.

“Stop, stop fighting…”

Amidst the flurry of punches and kicks, Ivan held his head and begged for mercy.

By the time everyone stopped, he was already bruised and swollen, and his appearance was hard to see.

At the same time, Lin Yi walked over and looked down at him.

“Didn’t you want to find someone to take revenge on me? Why are you in such a sorry state?”

“I-I didn’t want to take revenge on you. Please tell them to stop hitting me. I’ll let you out now.”

“Didn’t you say that I’m a murderer? It must be against the rules to let me out so casually, right?”

“The murderer has turned himself in. You’re innocent. I’ve wronged you. I’m here to bring you out,” Ivan said with a trembling voice.

“Please don’t hit me again. 1 won’t do it again.”

“If you knew this would happen, why did you do it in the first place?”

With that, Lin Yi walked towards the door.

When he arrived at the entrance of the office building, he found Alice and her legal team, who had been waiting there for a long time.

Seeing Lin Yi, Alice walked over immediately and gave him a big hug. Then, she looked at him for a long time.

“Mr. Lin, you’re finally out. They didn’t do anything to you, right?”

“They couldn’t even if they wanted to.”

Lin Yi smiled at Alice. “It’s all thanks to your help. Without you, I would have had to spend a lot of effort.”

“It’s what I should do. Mr. Lin, don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

“Let’s go. This is not the place to talk.”


The two of them walked out of the building and saw Xiao Bing and Shao Jianfeng jogging towards them.

“Brother Lin, you’re out!”

The two of them originally wanted to inquire about the situation here and then figure out what to do.

However, they didn’t expect Lin Yi to come out before they could find out anything.

Both of them were pleasantly surprised.

“Are you surprised?” Lin Yi said casually, “It’s impossible for them to trap me.”

Xiao Bing was overjoyed.

“I’m glad you’re out of there. It’s a good thing we didn’t act on impulse, or we’d have ruined your plan.”

“Alright, this is not the place to talk. Let’s go back first.”

Lin Yi wanted to deal with the problem regarding the goods, but it was already past five in the afternoon, so he could only continue tomorrow.

That night, everyone gathered together again. Lin Yi arranged a meal to thank Alice and the others.

After dinner, Lin Yi returned to his room and stood by the window in a daze.

The series of events unfolding before him seemed odd to Lin Yi.

The source of all the conflicts was the Panem Canal Authority.

Yet, upon closer examination, their actions didn’t seem particularly problematic. They weren’t intentionally making things difficult; in fact, they were quite cooperative in handling various tasks.

Although some of their methods were overly aggressive, a significant part of the reason seemed to be rooted in racial discrimination. They did not seem to want to have a direct confrontation with him.

Lin Yi couldn’t shake the feeling that behind the scenes, some unseen force was subtly pulling the strings.

Huaxia, Yanjing, the Wang family’s villa.

Wang Tingshan, who had just finished his breakfast, received a call from Chen Guanjie.

“How’s the situation over there?”

“Lin Yi killed 28 people. The police targeted Lin Yi, but they didn’t do anything to him. Microsoft came with a top-notch legal team and easily resolved the crisis,” Chen Guanjie said.

“My guess is that he’s going to deal with the shipment tomorrow, so I’ve put the word out. Those deranged bastards will probably be in Panem soon. The show is finally about to begin…”

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