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«I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel) - Chapter 499: Who Knows What Will Happen?

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Chapter 499: Who Knows What Will Happen?

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The situation in the meeting room reached its peak.

Wu Zhige and Zhu Daoshen were both looked down upon and they were really annoyed. Right when they were about to explode, a little friend ran in and told them that something bad had happened.

This messed up their moods.

The commander frowned, “Why are you making so much noise?”

This was a restricted area but someone had rushed in without permission. He was just too bold.

“Commander, things are bad. Laoshan City has been attacked and it has suffered heavy losses. Gao Bang, Gang Ben, and Du Lei’s status is unknown and they haven’t given a reply.” The person’s face was filled with panic. A storm-like energy signal had been received over at Laoshan City.

The power cloud covered the entire screen.

This was something that would only happen from an intense battle.


With a loud clang, the commander got up. His expression was one of astonishment and disbelief. Who dared to come to Laoshan City to cause trouble?

Moreover, those three nine-star generals were not weak. The strongest one was at Dao Realm Stage Six and the weakest was Dao Realm Stage Five.

After the You City matter, the Alliance Headquarters started to pay more attention to city defense and gave them huge defensive abilities.

Who knew that such a thing would happen?

“Commander, let Wu Zhige and I head over.” Zhu Daoshen said. He badly needed to prove himself.

Wu Zhige stepped out. What Zhu Daoshen said was exactly what he wanted.

After so many failures, the two of them were extremely annoyed.

They wanted to prove to everyone that as the strongest nine-star generals in the Alliance, they were in fact not useful trash.

The commander looked at the two of them. He thought about it for a moment. Time waited for no one and if he didn’t send someone over now, it was tough to say what would happen at the border.

“Okay, I shall give the two of you one chance. You must succeed. You have to capture the culprit, otherwise, you won’t be able to answer to the Alliance Headquarters.” The commander said solemnly.

He had no choice.

He could only believe them once more.

If they still failed, then even if they wanted to push the blame, it would be up to the people to decide.

“Don’t worry. If we don’t capture him, the two of us won’t return.” Zhu Daoshen said firmly. His eyes were glowing and filled with determination.

No one would be able to handle such humiliation.

And Zhu Daoshen didn’t believe that he had bad luck.

He asked to fight not because he wanted to prove his own ability, but because he wanted others to know that as one of the strongest Alliance nine-star generals, his failures were the result of special reasons and not through his own fault.

But looking at those disgusting faces, they didn’t care what the reason was.

They were just mocking them.

“Even if you fail, you have to return.” The commander said. He didn’t want to say that, but for some reason, he said it anyway. Maybe because at the bottom of his heart, he felt that the two of them would fail.

He couldn’t think that way.

The commander trusted the strongest nine-star generals. With their strength, they definitely wouldn’t fail so many times.

Very quickly, Wu Zhige and Zhu Daoshen stepped into the dimension and rushed towards Laoshan City.

After the two of them left, the meeting room became busy.

“I dare to make a bet that they will fail.”

“Why do I feel that you have something against them?”

“This isn’t about that at all. I am just guessing. They couldn’t even take the kid down and now they are facing someone who suppressed three nine-star generals, one being stage six. Do you think they won’t fail?”

“Scoff. That makes sense.”

The other nine-star generals were talking in the meeting hall. They weren’t the strongest nine-star generals but no one dared to comment on them. One had to say that they were really rude.

The commander didn’t say anything, he just looked into the distance and prayed to himself.

The two of you better fight for yourselves.

If they still failed, then even if the commander wanted, he couldn’t save them.

Laoshan City.

There was total silence, no sounds at all… like this city was totally empty.

But looking closely, one could tell that Laoshan City was badly damaged. It was covered in ruins, and at the same time, many people laid there unconcious.

What kind of terrible scenes occured that led to such a state?

Someone was speaking up ahead.

“I gave you a chance but you didn’t take it. Why are your names so arrogant? I wanted to make all of you handicapped, but one has to say that your names have saved you.”

Lin Fan sat on a rock and he looked like an elder. There were three elders n front of him. The three of them were bruised and they all looked really bad. They looked at Lin Fan with calm expressions.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to be angry.

But the wounds on their faces taught them a lesson.

For the three Alliance nine-star generals, they couldn’t understand what Lin Fan was saying.

What was wrong with their names?

Was there a problem with Gao Bang, Gang Ben, and Du Lei?

Maybe this native was just a lunatic.

“Lin Fan, do you know the consequence of doing that?” Gang Ben’s face was thin and his body looked really weak. But one mustn’t be cheated by his looks as he was a Dao Realm Stage Six nine-star general.

It was just a matter of time before he would become one of the strongest nine-star generals.

If he was lucky he would be able to reach Dao Realm Stage Seven.

Then, he would really become one of them. But looking at the current situation, Gang Ben suffered from the heaviest blow in his life. He was forced to kneel and he couldn’t fight back at all.

Lin Fan smiled, “Consequence? You shouldn’t ask me about that. You should ask yourselves. Do you know the consequence of occupying this place?”


General Gang Ben was furious.

He knew Lin Fan’s background but based on the infomation from the Alliance Headquarters, he was only Dao Realm Stage Three. How did he have so much strength? That was just impossible.

Were the Alliance Headquarters investigators all useless?

They were even able to mess up such simple things?

General Gang Ben wanted to say something but Du Lei stopped him.

Du Lei said calmly, “You have done what you must. What is your goal for not killing us? Maybe in a short while the headquarters will send the strongest nine-star generals over. Although you are strong, you don’t have much confidence against them, right?”

“Is that so?” Lin Fan smiled, “Would it still be those few? Wu Zhige or Zhu Daoshen? They have chased me so many times, but look at the outcome… have they succeeded?”

As expected, Lin Fan’s words made them speechless.

They all knew about what happened with Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige.

They had failed several times and the news had spread all around the Alliance Headquarters.

Even the three of them said before that Wu Zhige and Zhu Daoshen were finished. They had no ability to be called the strongest generals anymore.

They should have been the ones to take over that title.

Of course, they knew that in terms of strength they were indeed weaker than the two of them.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Laoshan City smiled and asked. He seemed to have thought about something, “Oh right, I forgot to tell you all. First was You City, now is Laoshan City. Do you want to guess which is next?”

Gang Ben and the others didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so arrogant.

But he had no choice.

They were weaker than him. Laoshan City had many Alliance members and more nine-star generals than the three of them. But the rest were too weak and all of them couldn’t even take one hit.

As for those eight-star generals, forget it.

They were only left with death.

“Young Master Lin, you have improved so quickly. The Alliance Headquarters was too careless and didn’t care about you, but you should also know that after this, they won’t let you off so easily.”

“But they are willing to become friends with you. As long as you tell us what you want, we will promise you and we can even work together.”

Gang Ben said.

The Alliance Headquarters always had such a thought.

If they could take Lin Fan down, then naturally, Lin Wanyi wouldn’t say much. He might even work with them because of Lin Fan.

Although the chance of recruiting Lin Fan was low, Gang Ben still wanted to try.

Lin Fan smiled, “Simple, the Alliance leaves our territory.”

“Young Master Lin, you obviously have no sincerity for negotiation.” Gang Ben said. He knew that this was useless. It was impossible for the Alliance Headquarters to retreat out of Rich Land.

How could they give up such a place that they had fought so hard for?

That was impossible.

“It is good that you know, so stop asking dumb questions. To the Alliance, your crisis has just begun. Anyway, I am free nowadays, so I shall take it out on the Alliance Headquarters.”

Lin Fan didn’t attack the four alliances because he was afraid that if he hit them too hard, they would weaken. When that happened, the Alliance Headquarters would benefit.

This was why he wanted to work on the Alliance Headquarters first.

They had developed for so long and dug out so many mountain ranges. So, it was necessary to deal a blow to them.

Suddenly, the dimension shook and two shocking auras spread forth.

Very familiar!

“So it is them. It seems like enemies really meet a lot.” Lin Fan lifted his head and really didn’t expect that he would meet them once more.

On the contrary, Gang Ben and the others were really excited.

They are here. They are finally here.

They knew that something happened in Laoshan City, so the Alliance Headquarters had to do something about it. They had to send their strongest nine-star generals over.

“Who is so arrogant?” Wu Zhige hollered in rage. His voice was like a bell that reverberated throughout the area.

They had rushed out eagerly from the Alliance Headquarters to prove themselves.

Thus, they didn’t want the enemy to flee, so they moved through the dimension at full speed.

They were finally there.

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