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«I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel) - Chapter 498: Don’t You Have Any Idea?

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Chapter 498: Don’t You Have Any Idea?

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Xu Yuanming and Guyuan met once more.

Guixian Island was led astray by White Lotus Saint Purity Mountain.

Xu Yuanming didn’t want to work with the Alliance Headquarters and he didn’t believe that they were trustworthy people.

But he had no choice.

Not only him, but even Guixian Island was being dragged down and there was no way out.

Thus, he could only take it step by step.

At that moment, the two of them appeared on a mountain peak. Snow white clouds slowly drifted in the sky. They couldn’t let other people find out about their meeting, otherwise, there would be big trouble.

“Brother Xu, the situation is really bad. Evil Alliance’s top sects are in conflict and it is affecting our plan.”

Guyuan played close attention to this matter. He and Xu Yuanming were the masterminds, waiting and looking at the changes. But they realized that the change would affect future matters.

Xu Yuanming thought about it and said, “Brother Guyuan, I feel like this isn’t right. We are walking on the edge of danger, and if we aren’t careful, we might lose everything. Why don’t we just stop?”

“What nonsense are you saying? We have already taken such a step, so it is too late to want to hold back.” Guyuan objected. He knew what Xu Yuanming was worried about but there was no need to worry about that.

Xu Yuanming sighed and didn’t say much. He was really close to Guyuan and people said that when people reached their level, it would be hard to have true friends. But Xu Yuanming really treated Guyuan as one. Even if he was despicable, he knew that Guyuan wouldn’t harm him.

Guyuan said, “I received news that their conflict was because Evil Spirit Old Ancestor brought Demon Refining Old Ancestor to find some person. The old ancestor was killed. At the same time, Heaven Covering Old Demon was a part of it.”

“This might be a chance for us. If we direct their hatred towards Celestial Alliance and Buddha Alliance, they will become enemies.”

Xu Yuanming frowned when he heard Guyuan say all of this. He felt like they were causing problems beside a deep abyss and it was really easy for things to go wrong.

But unfortunately, there was nothing they could do.

They had already begun and there was no way back.

At Martial Path Mountain, Lin Fan didn’t do much every day.

“Young Master Lin, what kind of people do you even bring back? Especially those few kids, they are so annoying.” Zhu Shen grumbled.

Since Zhang Rong Ming found out that Zhu Shen was a border defense expert who had turned into a pig after sacrificing himself, he had full respect for him. Every day, he would just follow Zhu Shen around.

He called him Zhu Shen many times and it even made Zhu Shen feel like he was really a pig.

Lin Fan looked at him, “Why don’t you feel good? Having someone following you is better than not having anyone at all. Other people are so jealous of you. Look at Zhang Tianshan.”

The moment he said this, someone walked over.

“Master Zhu, so you were here.” Zhang Rong Ming ran over hurriedly. He then saw Lin Fan, “Brother Lin.”

“Eh.” Lin Fan smiled, “You have come out for a period of time. Have you thought about returning to Giant Sword Sect to take a look? With your current cultivation, you would be quite strong there.”

When Zhang Rong Ming left Giant Sword Sect, he was just initial Grandmaster, and now he was about to reach God Essence Realm. It would take years for ordinary people, maybe even decades but he was able to cross several steps in a few months.

“Brother Lin, I don’t want to go back. I am very happy now and I have found my life goal. If I don’t chase the Alliance away, I won’t come back.” Zhang Rong Ming said.

He hated the Alliance. When he was in Laoshan City, he knew many people and many seniors took care of him but they all died at the hands of the Alliance. He swore that if he didn’t take revenge for them, he wasn’t a human.

Lin Fan saw the determination in his eyes and didn’t say anything else.

Zhu Shen was helpless that Zhang Rong Ming kept following him around but didn’t say anything more about it.

“Young Master Lin, what should we do next?” Zhu Shen asked.

Martial Path Mountain’s existence wasn’t a secret anymore.

There were strong sects that knew about Martial Path Mountain. Although nothing happened recently, they were unsure whether or not there would be dangers in the future.

Lin Fan thought about it, “What else can we do? Naturally, we will expand the range. With my current cultivation, I don’t have to fear those people. But before that, I have to make a trip out.”

He was still a little unhappy with the Alliance.

Especially their strongest nine-star generals. They tried to kill him when he was weak, so now that he was at stage four and could fight those at stage seven, he wanted to fight them and tell them that the person they offended was here to kill them.

“Where are you going?” Zhu Shen asked curiously.

Lin Fan smiled, “Of course, I am heading to the Alliance. If I don’t teach them a lesson, they will think that I am someone who they can bully.”

Zhu Shen was stunned, “Young Master Lin, Evil Alliance was the one who found trouble with us, not the Alliance Headquarters. So, why are you looking for them?”

He didn’t know what to say.

Young Master Lin was just overbearing.

Right away, he wanted to head to the Alliance. If this was a long time ago, one couldn’t imagine that at all.

Although he was worried about Young Master Lin, with his current strength, naturally, he didn’t need to worry about all of them.

“Who else can I look for? The four alliances are at war and although I caused that, the Alliance Headquarters will definitely push the war further to an irrecoverable stage.”

“Logically speaking, I should head to Evil Alliance to weaken them. But that would make things too simple for Alliance Headquarters.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to see that happen.

The Alliance Headquarters didn’t suffer any losses now and were even expanding their territory.

Only the four alliances were killing one another.

“It is better to be safe.” Zhu Shen said.

“Eh, don’t worry. With my current strength, they shouldn’t be able to do anything to me.” Lin Fan was confident in his own strength. He didn’t think that the strongest nine-star generals could do much to him, and at most, they would be on the same level.

But he thought about his father and how he was able to fight four of them alone and kill two. He felt that his father was much stronger than him. So, he had to work hard to continue improving.

Zhu Shen looked at Lin Fan and didn’t say anything more.

Alliance Headquarters.

Since Zhu Daoshen faked that he wanted to retire, the commander didn’t say anything and didn’t let him do anything. This made Zhu Daoshen anxious.

No matter what, he was one of the strongest. The many losses made him feel ashamed.

So, he wanted to prove to himself that he wasn’t trash and he wasn’t a nine-star general who couldn’t succeed in anything.

But regretfully, maybe because the people in the headquarters were afraid, there were many things that they didn’t dare let him do.

Even if he asked, they would say that someone had already been sent to complete it.

They didn’t lack manpower.

Not only was Zhu Daoshen helpless, but Wu Zhige was too.

During the meeting, the Alliance commander said, “I have gotten news that some Evil Alliance members went to find trouble with Lin Fan and he forced them back. This shouldn’t be huge news but what they said was that one of them was Heaven Covering Old Demon and his cultivation was at Dao Realm Stage Seven. Do you know what that means?”

Right as the commander said this, the meeting hall was in an uproar.

“What? That kid actually improved to such a level.” The person that spoke was Wu Zhige and he was astonished. It was obvious that he didn’t believe that it was true. The Lin Fan that was chased by them like a dog and only knew how to run…

“Impossible… That is impossible!”

“How could he improve so much in such a short time? It must be fake.”

Wu Zhige felt that all of this was fake.

How could it be true?

If this was true, then how terrifying was he?

Zhu Daoshen was silent and then said, “Commander, please let me kill the kid.”

Since he knew that Evil Alliance fought with Lin Fan, then they definitely knew about the location.

“Right, I want to go too.” Wu Zhige said.

When they said this, the people in the room all looked at them with a weird gaze.

It made them really unhappy.

“What kind of gaze is that?” Zhu Daoshen was annoyed.

Wu Zhige frowned and felt that these people were so rude. They were the strongest nine-star generals, so who were they to judge them?

At that moment, in the meeting hall, some people muttered.

“They really aren’t afraid of failing. They have messed up so many times.”

“Haiz, the more they want to prove themselves, the more they will fail.”

Although the voices were soft, they still heard it.

Wu Zhige raged. He stared and hollered, “Who said that? You better step forward.”

Zhu Daoshen’s expression was really ugly.

He hated it when people rubbed salt on his wounds.

Too much, that was just too much…

That was right.

The two of them did fail many times but that was for a reason. If so many accidents hadn’t occured, they definitely wouldn’t have failed.

Moreover, these normal nine-star generals were actually questioning them.

It made them furious.

It felt like they were getting slapped in the face.

“Okay, all of you be quiet.” The commander raised his hand, “General Wu, the situation is unclear and the headquarters still needs you here. Let’s hand this thing to someone else.”

“Commander, do you think that we will fail?” Wu Zhige raised his head and asked solemnly.

The commander didn’t know how to answer his question.

Although he was calm, the glow from his eyes told him that he was spouting nonsense.

But he knew that he couldn’t say that.

Suddenly, someone barged in.

“Not good…”

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