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«I Am Supreme (Web Novel) - Chapter 966 - Luo Dajiang, Jiang Luoluo

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Chapter 966: Luo Dajiang, Jiang Luoluo

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A thick, foggy mist coalesced, accompanied by a similarly dense layer of spiritual Qi.

Yun Yang appeared with a smile plastered on his face. “Both brothers have finally arrived. I’ve been waiting for you. Please! Come in quickly.”

As he spoke, the other two men felt their palpitating hearts calm down and eventually began to warm up in front of this smiling face.

Wu Menghuan cupped his fist in his palm. “How dare we trouble Supreme Cloud to welcome us personally? Where are Shi Wuchen and the rest?”

Yun Yang’s grin grew wider. “All of them are in training… They’re probably unconscious from it by now. Not to worry, not to worry. Come in first…”

Unconscious from training? Why did that have such a terrifying ring to it?

Was the Residence of Nine Supremes not a newly founded sect? Yun Yang, Supreme Yun, the founder of the Residence of Nine Supremes, only possessed an ordinary cultivation base. What master could the school be housing, to be able to train Shi Wuchen and the others?

It was mind-boggling! Yet the more they thought about it, the more petrifying it seemed to become.

Wu Menghuan and Luo Dajiang entered the gate of the Residence of Nine Supremes, more than a little lost.

Behind them, their families scanned the various buildings within the compound with curious eyes. Both men had brought along all their family members with determination, including Wu Menghuan’s parents and his two younger sisters, as well as Luo Dajiang’s parents and a red-gowned girl who looked exceptionally defiant.

“Brother Luo, may I ask if this lady is…” Yun Yang was rather puzzled.

“My name is Jiang Luoluo,” said the red-gowned girl with a pout, “That’s Jiang Luoluo with Da taken off Luo Dajiang’s name and flipped over.”

Yun Yang coughed. “O - oh… my apologies.”

Was she explaining her background or her name? It seemed mystifying but also a point worth pondering.

“Luo Dajiang is my fiancé! Our families have agreed that I’m betrothed to him since we were young but now that my parents aren’t here anymore, Luo Dajiang is planning to deny this arrangement and abandon me!”

Jiang Luoluo’s tears pitter-pattered as they fell onto the ground.

“I can’t find anyone to make a ruling for me and I don’t know how to punish this heartless man… I can only follow him all the way… I want to see how this heartless man ends up! Hmph!”

Luo Dajiang looked as if he was about to spit blood. “Luoluo… be reasonable, will you? How did I abandon you? Haven’t you taken enough humiliation during the time you’re trailing me? You’re a disciple of a middle-class Celestial Luck Banner sect - you have a bright future ahead of you. Why make yourself suffer, following someone without a future like me? Would you watch me become others’ whetstone daily? Humiliated and played after being used? Are women supposed to find husbands like me? What could their futures possibly be like?”

Jiang Luoluo’s eyes flashed with dissent as she said, “Whatever you say is useless. My father and mother betrothed me to you. I can accept that you wouldn’t want me when they were still alive; I could ask them to retract their request. But they aren’t even here anymore, where do I go to get them to withdraw the engagement? Can’t you bear a bit of responsibility as a man? I’m not asking you to be great and mighty, but can’t you keep a promise for once?!”

“So what if you’re humiliated? So what if you’re used and played and toyed? This is God’s test for you. You’ll be able to achieve great things in the future! You obviously think that you’re going to be impressive in the future and want to leave me first, Luo Dajiang - you think you’re more superior than me! You think your good wife is unworthy of you, you’re shameless… Sob…”

Luo Dajiang’s face was crimson as he struggled helplessly. “I - I’m not that type of person!”

“Then marry me!”

“Now… I - How do I marry you?! Stop messing around!”

“Messing around? You obviously intend to be heartless! Just be frank!”

“I’m not! How am I heartless… I didn’t do anything…”

“You are! You are, you are, you are!” The young lady’s eyes were glossy with tears as she insisted. “You absolutely are!”

“Leave quickly!” Luo Dajiang looked troubled. “I’m not alone now. When your sect’s members come, I won’t be the only one involved - there are so many brothers here… Do you want me to trouble my brothers as well?”

The girl glared. “As long as you marry me and give me a title, I’ll leave! Deal?”

Yun Yang observed the aggressive young lady in front of him with admiration. She was a tough cookie. In the past, he thought that Ji Lingxi was feisty, an utter boss of herself; there was also Shangguan Lingxiu who exuded valor and mettle. If they were to be compared to Jiang Luoluo here, however, they stood no chance at all. Jiang Luoluo was dauntless, she was full of spunk!

Luo Dajiang could be seen heaving a long sigh. A blink of gentleness flashed across his eyes. He was no fool. How could he have no idea of the young lady’s feelings?

Yet, he knew that the sole outcome from his current situation would be a burden to her, putting her in trouble, and tarnishing her reputation. If he had married her, it would be an irrecoverable disaster to Jiang Luoluo.

The name of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten was still disreputable. The main reason no one dared target Jiang Luoluo was only that the eldest senior brother among the commanding disciples in her sect liked her.

Comparing status and influence, the eldest senior brother paled next to Lang Fantian. He was not like Elder Li Yixin or Protector Wan Qingliu, but he was parallel to Feng Guohai. He was still someone influential and significant. He would not lose his cool nor would he allow anyone to lay a finger on Jiang Luoluo.

If Luo Dajiang and Jiang Luoluo were to get married, the commanding eldest senior brother’s dream would be shattered and that would definitely induce his wrath. Under his rage, Jiang Luoluo’s position in her sect would not be secure, and even her safety could be threatened. It was not something to be taken lightly.

“Are you leaving or not?” Luo Dajiang willed himself to harden up and asked with a cold face.

Jiang Luoluo wailed immediately, crying loudly, “I know what you’re worried about. I understand. Once you marry me, I won’t go back. I’ll stay, I won’t go anywhere. I’ll just become your stay-home wife!”

Luo Dajiang breathed in deeply. He looked stern as he said, “You have a good future ahead of you. You’re a true teaching disciple of a middle-class flag school. What an opportunity that is - how can you not know to appreciate it?”

Yun Yang had heard only half of the story but he could comprehend the whole situation already.

This was obviously a couple in love with each other but torn apart to the current stage of life and death separation due to the Demiurge-Flawed Ten’s reputation as a whetstone.

Luo Dajiang appeared to have submitted to fate without much resistance, apparently not wanting to keep Jiang Luoluo hopeful, thus he chastised her cruelly.

If he did not love her, however, was it not easy to go according to her wish and abandon her afterward? He was resolute after all, not even giving her a title; he was only afraid that his impulsive actions would bring harm to the apple of his eye.

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