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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1613 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (1)

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Chapter 1613 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (1)

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The inside of Zhen Huang Palace was completely different from the outside.

If the labyrinth outside was a dilapidated battlefield, then this place was a well-preserved ancient great hall.

It was magnificent, clean, and tidy. There wasn’t even a speck of dust that could be kicked up by a single step like in the Hall of Unforgivable Crimes. It was as if someone came often to clean it and there were still water stains on the ground.

“Pa da!”

Gu Qinger, whose face was swollen like a pig’s head, stepped into a puddle.

There was no dust here, but the environment was very humid. One would inevitably step on the puddles on the ground and get splashed.

“Eldest Senior Brother, come quickly. There’s water here!”

Gu Qinger seemed very excited. In front of his Senior Brother, he was still a child who had not grown up. He immediately covered half of his swollen face and beckoned Gu Qingyi.

“Do you still remember when we peed in the sword pool when we were young? Then, Supreme Master took off our clothes and hung us up to spank us… Uh, ok, I’ll shut up, I’ll shut up.”

“Don’t be angry anymore! I just cut your robe. At most, I’ll sew it up for you later. My needlework is very good.”

“It’s not like I haven’t cut it before…”

Gu Qinger’s voice became softer and softer. In the end, he hurriedly ran behind Brother Chen to hide and avoid his Senior Brother’s death glare.

Brother Chen Shu turned and frowned, his face grave.

“Brother Chen, what’s on your mind?”

Gu Qinger wanted to put his arm around Brother Chen’s shoulder. He wanted to show his Eldest Senior Brother how close they were, so he would not hit him again. But he did not dare to do so.

Brother Chen’s sword body too sharp. If you touch it, you would bleed instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the puddle of water on the ground. He could not understand why there was water in Zhen Huang Palace. Was it really due to the environment?

He had an extreme post traumatic stress disorder when it came to ‘water’, but he couldn’t remember the cause. In any case, he was very nervous and would immediately associate it with Yu Lingdi.

Yu Lingdi wasn’t dead yet, that was for sure.

The Imperial City Trial had just begun. Not long after he entered the Yunlun Mountain Range, Xu Xiaoshou saw the resurrected Yu Lingdi. It seemed that his cultivation level had improved.

The Cutting Path of this Water-type Upanishad was terrifying, even more so than the higher void!

However, after that, regardless of whether it was the Lone Cliff or others, Rao Yaoyao brought many Chiefs over. Yu Lingdi seemed to have lost contact and never appeared again.

If it were said that he had hidden in Zhen Huang Palace…

Xu Xiaoshou readily believed about 90% of this rumor.

He was a different type of pessimist. He considered everything from the worst-case scenario so that whatever happened next would be a good thing.

“Eliminate the distraction, eliminate the distraction…”

“Especially distraction at the same level, the Holy Emperor level…”

The portrait clone in the Yuan Mansion held onto the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale while Xu Xiaoshou’s thoughts ran repeatedly through his head.

Back in the White Cave, when he encountered the Sovereign Dao Realm Yu Lingdi, it was already able to disrupt his will. This even caused him to forget to look at the Information Bar.

In the past, he was young and ignorant and thought that all at the Sovereign Dao Realm had such powerful abilities.

Now when he thought about it, Yu Lingdi definitely possessed a Holy Emperor supreme treasure that could guide a person’s will. It was probably on the same level as the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale.

He did not know if he had obtained it by chance or because he had a good father who had passed away…

However, when Xu Xiaoshou saw water in an unknown environment, his vigilance was immediately raised to the highest level.

He even thought about it and felt that it wasn’t safe, so he silently summoned the Holy Emperor Dragon scale to protect himself.

“It’s nothing.” Xu Xiaoshou replied casually. “I’m wondering why there’s so much water in this huge Zhen Huang Palace. The labyrinth in the First Hall of Sins isn’t as humid.”

After he said that, he paced about and looked around. He seemed to have accidentally stepped on something.

He did not squat down, nor did he pick up the object.

Tree seed!

Little Junior Sister was here!

Going by the tree seeds he picked up from time to time, the information was very obvious. It was also the same ‘Zhen Huang Palace, Jiang Buyi’.


Where was he?

Xu Xiaoshou’s Perception swept over the area, but he couldn’t find his little Junior Sister’s aura, let alone Jiang Buyi’s.

He was extremely afraid of death. He felt that there was someone watching him in the great hall at all times. Even though there was no notification on the Information Bar, he did not dare to expose his connection with the tree seed.

If someone saw it, this would be a weakness.

As the saying goes, ‘The speaker is not serious, but the listener is serious’.Xu Xiaoshou’s concern about water caused Gu Qinger to laugh at him, but it made Gu Qingyi frown.

“Brother Chen.”


“I also feel that there’s something wrong with the water. There shouldn’t be water in Zhen Huang Palace. However, there was water the last time I came here. I didn’t think much about it before, but now that you brought it up, I feel… ”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyelids twitched.

You also feel that something is wrong?

If even you feel that something is wrong, then maybe I’m not being overly suspicious. There’s really something wrong with the water.

“I’ve seen Yu Lingdi before!” Gu Qingyi’s words were shocking.

“Yu Lingdi?” Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and thought for a moment. He quickly recalled who this name referred to in the Central Region, as compared to the Spiritual Cultivator from the Southern Region.

“Are you talking about the Spiritual Division Chief in the Holy Divine Palace, Yu Lingdi? He’s known as the number one of the younger generation, the only one on the continent who has mastered the power of the Upanishad, the Water-type Upanishad?” Xu Xiaoshou looked surprised.

Before Gu Qingyi could say anything, the pig-headed Gu Qinger heard this and immediately smiled, even though his face was stiff. He hissed in pain and said.

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