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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1612 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (4)

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Chapter 1612 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (4)

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He only needed to smell anything related to swords… Just like a normal person who smelt a scent, Gu Qingyi could basically tell what the limit was with just a light sniff.

Gu Qingyi didn’t know if this was considered an Acquired Stage for the sword body that he had cultivated for himself.

However, this ability was very useful in cultivation, battles and location of a person or the enemy.

With this ability, Gu Qingyi could clearly feel that Chen Shu’s Sword Will was at a very high level, almost on par with his.

As for the power inside…

This aura did not seem to be something that a young man could cultivate!

It was even higher than his and almost crushed him. The higher void that he had seen in the past did not even have this kind of aura!


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the great array that had already healed in front of him. It only emitted a slight ripple under his slash and there was no reaction. He immediately understood that his sword was not even comparable to one-ten-thousandth of Gu Qingyi’s.

He was a little disappointed and raised the spiritual sword in his hand.


The seventh-grade Innate Stage spiritual sword had actually shattered.

The sword body broke completely and even the scabbard had shattered.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

This sword was too weak and at the same time too strong. It was unable to withstand the Innate Stage spiritual sword as a carrier.

Gu Qinger was already dumbstruck.

He had never thought that someone would be able to cultivate Sword Enlightenment just by listening to what he said.

Was it because he was too strong and had the talent to be a teacher, or…

“This is impossible!”

Gu Qinger ran out from behind Eldest Senior Brother, grabbed Chen Shu’s broken sword fragments, and began to study it.

“This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible…”

“+(Suspected, Passive Points +) +1.”

“+(In Awe, Passive Points +) +1.”

“A little weak.” Xu Xiaoshou looked at Gu Qingyi helplessly and indicated that he might need to slash the great array again.

Gu Qingyi took a deep breath and said, “Brother Chen, you can actually take out your saber. I can see that if you use your personal saber, the example will not be limited to this.”


Hidden Bitter?

I’m afraid that Hidden Bitter can’t hide my force and momentum.

As for the Fourth Sword and the Flame Python, they should be able to compete with Gu Qingyi’s Demonic Sword Yuelian.

However, it was too iconic. Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to reveal his identity to the two Gu brothers.

“Brother Chen, teach me!” Gu Qinger could not thoroughly study the seventh-grade Spiritual Sword fragment, so he once again hugged Brother Chen’s thigh before he was stabbed and had to let go.

He looked at his hand and saw the familiar bloodstains on his palm and fell into deep thought.

So, it wasn’t Eldest Senior Brother who became stronger, but I had actually brought this on myself?

“+(Cursed, Passive Points +) +1. ”

“Your Supreme Master and your Senior Brother are far superior to me. How could I dare to talk about teaching? Actually you were the one who taught me this sword.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled bitterly.

Gu Qinger was furious.

He was very annoyed by this aspect of the Ancient Swordsman.

He hated the fact that these Ancient Swordsman were overly modest.

Clearly, the one who was successful should be the teacher…

In the end, Supreme Master, Eldest Senior Brother, and Brother Chen were all too humble!

“You don’t know how to gather the Way?” Gu Qinger changed the topic. As long as he knew how to gather the Way, Brother Chen’s power could be concentrated on one point, so he wouldn’t be able to slash the Sword Enlightenment into a large circular area of harm.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

He had used the Blade-draw Technique and the sword light had slashed horizontally in a circle. He hadn’t been able to gather it and slash forward like Gu Qingyi.

“Perhaps I know how to gather the Way, but I can’t do it now…”

Gu Qinger was speechless.

What do you mean you know how to do it, but you can’t do it?

“Oh…” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned. It seemed that he could really understand it that way. He hesitated and said, “Why not? ”

The veins on Gu Qinger’s forehead popped out as he clenched his fists tightly.

He really wanted to beat him to death!

“+(Received hatred, Passive Points), +1.”

Gu Qingyi smiled when he saw this. It seemed that only people like Chen Shu could deal with someone as out-of-control as his Second JuniorBrother.

“Brother Chen, if I may ask, who was your Master?” He said.

“Southern Region, Feng Clan.”

“Who in the Feng Clan?” Gu Qingyi was being rude this time. He was really being presumptuous. “Was it Senior Feng Tingchen?”

“No.” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head. He obviously understood what Gu Qingyi’s thoughts were. “Actually, I learned from a deceased predecessor of the Feng family. I obtained the inheritance from his ruins. I’m the self-proclaimed successor of the Feng family. I’m not recognized.”

Gu Qinger couldn’t stand it anymore and said indignantly, “Brother Chen is so powerful. He can definitely return to the Feng clan and will definitely be recognized. If they don’t recognize him… That’s even better!”

Gu Qinger seemed to have thought of something. His face turned red and his heart surged, “Brother Chen, you can come to my Burial Sword Tomb to cultivate. When the ten years are up, you can kill the Feng family and return with a group of Sword Deity…”



Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this guy a little too green?

“Hee hee, I will shut up, shut up…” Gu Qinger quickly retreated under his Senior Brother’s cold gaze.

However, he was clearly someone who could not keep quiet for long. His head bobbed out again. “What my Senior Brother wanted to ask Brother Chen was, what’s your Supreme Master’s name. This is what he wanted to ask, not what I wanted to ask.”


Gu Qingyi swung his sword downward.

Gu Qinger twisted and dodged like a snake. He shouted, “He’s just waiting for me to ask. He’s so arrogant!”

Gu Qingyi’s face darkened.

Xu Xiaoshou almost laughed out loud. He composed himself and said modestly, “I have no achievements in the martial arts world. It is a disgrace to the family, so I can’t tell you.”

Gu Qingy sighed. It’s such a pity. Junior Brother was right, he really wanted to know.

Gu Qinger was stunned. His face turned ashen and he clenched his fists tightly again.

Damn it!

This again!

You’ve already comprehended Sword Enlightenment, yetyou said you’ve made no achievement?

This wasn’t called ‘modesty’, this was called’ pretentious’, just like Eldest Senior Brother and Master… Hypocrite! Extremely hypocritical!

You’re clearly trying to humiliate me Gu Qinger!

However, when he thought about how this was his savior, Gu Qinger couldn’t take any action.

He could only clench his fists angrily and turn around. He used Eldest Senior Brother’s body to block out the sight of Chen Shu so that he could not see Chen Shu, lest he really hurt his savior.

However, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

“Sizzle!” Gu Qinger put his fingers together, pulled up his Senior Brother’s robe, and cut off the edge.

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