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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1611 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (3)

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Chapter 1611 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (3)

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Even Second Junior Brother and their youngest junior brother had not mastered the Sword Enlightenment. Gu Qingyi did not believe that Chen Shu could master this move overnight merely through his Second Junior Brother’s verbal description.

Xu Xiaoshou did not explain further.

He only imitated Gu Qingyi’s actions, held the scabbard lightly with his thumb against the hilt of the Spiritual Sword and focused his thoughts deliberately.

After a long time, he gave a gentle push.


The sword body was pushed away to a two-finger width distance. The air was very still, like the calm before the storm.

Gu Qinger stared and waited solemnly.

In the next second, his eyeballs swiveled and he looked to the left and right. He realized that there were no sounds of sword cries let alone any sword energy.

Only silence?

No storm?

“Pfft… Ugh!”

Gu Qinger’s explosive laughter stopped abruptly under Eldest Senior Brother’s glare.

However, he couldn’t hide the amusement in his eyes. Gu Qinger finally couldn’t stifle his mirth anymore and said with a smile.

“Brother Chen, don’t struggle anymore. If it were my Supreme Master, he would say that you’re biting off more than you can chew. You should at least learn the Hidden Sword Technique first… Uh, okay, shut up, I’ll shut up.”

Anyone who was so focused on such a serious matter should not be laughed at by outsiders.

Xu Xiaoshou was unperturbed and not affected by Gu Qinger’s words at all. He turned around and asked with a frown.

“Force requirement?”

Gu Qinger’s expression froze when he heard that. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Gu Qingyi’s eyes lit up and he nodded. He was overjoyed as if he had met a soulmate.

“Right, not only does it require ‘force’, it also requires ‘intent’!”

“The spiritual sword is only a carrier. The key to the Sword Enlightenment is whether the Sword Will and sword power of the sword wielder can be warmed in the sword court at the same time… Yes, in the scabbard.”

“Otherwise, if you rely on the spiritual sword alone, even if it’s a famed sword, no matter how strong its spiritual quality is, there won’t be any special damage once it’s unsheathed.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded thoughtfully.

He thought that it was all based on the spiritual sword itself!

He had just tried it, but when he pushed open the sword body of the spiritual sword, it was like a person releasing a fart. Other than being ridiculed, there were no big movements at all.

“It requires ‘force’ and ‘intent’. As expected, it still depended on the sword wielder…This is very similar to my Blade-draw Technique. It’s the high-level Blade-draw Technique…”

Xu Xiaoshou tried to merge his Sword Will and his own momentum into the spiritual sword in his hand.

Almost immediately, this seventh- grade spiritual sword hummed and shook violently. It was like a small wooden bucket that suddenly had water poured into it from the vast ocean. It could not withstand it at all.


Gu Qinger stared in bewilderment.

Brother Chen is very strong. Even through the scabbard, one can feel the domineering and unrivaled power of his Sword Will and momentum.

As expected, those who could enter the First Hall of Sins at such a young age were all wolves in sheep’s clothing… Just like me!

“Eldest Senior Brother, how high is his level?” Gu Qinger asked quietly.

“In terms of Sword Will and momentum, I’m afraid his level is even higher than yours.”

“This is impossible! Eldest Senior Brother doesn’t know that I’ve broken through now. I’ve mastered… Uh, I won’t tell you!”

“In theory.” Gu Qingyi did not deny the results of his Junior Brother’s cultivation. He stared at Chen Shu and his sword intently.

If the violent movement of the sword body was a sign that he wasn’t used to it for the first time, as time passed and more lubricant was added… Xu Xiaoshou finally had an enlightenment and understood the connection between the sword and the body and what fluency meant.

At this moment, the sword body of the spiritual sword stopped trembling. Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have entered a state of stillness.

It was here!

It was this point!

It was time to explode!

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes widened, and his thumb pushed upward. The seventh-grade spiritual sword’s Sword body was pushed up by another two-finger space.


The melodious sound of sword cries rang out.

The wind and sand outside Zhen Huang Palace swirled about as if they had entered a realm that only belonged to the sword.

The two Gu brothers only saw a flash of light in front of their eyes. A circular sword light suddenly erupted from Brother Chen’s sword body. It slashed in all directions at a speed that the naked eye could barely make out.


Gu Qinger was shocked.

Eldest Senior Brother’s sword light came from the back to the front and slashed out vertically.

Chen Shu’s sword light was circular and horizontal. He wanted to cut the two of them in half.

At the crucial moment, Gu Qingyi reacted quickly.

He immediately took half a step forward, raised his hands, and spun the famed sword in his arms high into the air.

He didn’t use his sword. He just used his left hand to pull his Second Junior Brother behind him. He used two fingers together on his right hand and blocked his chest.


The battle cries were ear-piercing.

Gu Qingyi staggered back half a step from the impact of the sword light, but the damage was completely blocked.

Only then did he wrap his arms around the Demonic Sword Yuelian and his eyes were filled with shock.

“What a powerful Sword Will! What a powerful force!”

The youngest Junior Brother Gu Qingsan was a monster; he was born with the perfect talent to cultivate the sword and had the Supreme Sword Body.

Second Junior Brother Gu Qinger was a genius. Since the day he started cultivating the sword, he had displayed an extremely high sensitivity to the sword.

Then Gu Qingyi was just an ordinary person.

He had never had any particularly stunning talent in the Way of the Sword. He was only interested in the sword and focused on it.

This was also the reason why he was favored by his Supreme Master, Wen Ting.

In order not to let his junior brothers catch up with him, Gu Qingyi needed to spend more time than the two of them to cultivate and study.

When hisjunior brothers copied the Sword Sutra a hundred times, theywere able to gain something from it.

Even if Gu Qingyi copied it 10,000 times, he still couldn’t understand anything.

However, because of the environment of the Burial Sword Tomb and his obsession with swords, Gu Qingyi developed a special physique that even his Supreme Master, Wen Ting, could not fathom.

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