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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1610 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (2)

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Chapter 1610 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (2)

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“But in fact, it’s not really an Unsheathing Sword. It’s just a simple way to use the Unsheathing Sword. Of course, there’s a lot of knowledge involved.”

“For example, Dao Storage, Dao Gathering, Dao Passing, Dao Breaking… The most important part of the knowledge with regards to the 3000 Sword Styles is still the ‘Wen Sword Technique’.”

Hidden Sword Technique, Unsheathing Sword?

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised. The only two impressions he had of the Hidden Sword Technique were those of Bazhun’an and Xiao Wanfeng.

However, for the Hidden Sword Technique, wasn’t it impossible to draw one’s sword when it was hidden?


“What is the Wen Sword Technique?” Xu Xiaoshou was curious.

The Ancient Sword Technique was really powerful and exquisite. He had only been with Master Siren for a short time, so he still had many questions.

Gu Qinger stole a glance at Eldest Senior Brother. When he realized that Eldest Senior Brother did not attempt to stop him from speaking, he became bolder.

“Hehe, Brother Chen, you can think about what my master’s surname and name is.”


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows. “So?”

Gu Qinger cleared his throat, raised his head and placed his hands behind his back. His gaze became distant and his tone became more old-fashioned.

“The so-called men! Men…”

The corners of Gu Qingyi’s mouth twitched, and he almost drew his sword to slash him. “Be serious! ”

He didn’t mind Gu Qinger answering his savior’s question personally.

The exchange of Ancient Sword Technique was beneficial to the few Ancient Swordman in this world. It was helpful for each other’s growth and the development of the Ancient Sword Technique.

Gu Qinger was so frightened that he immediately stopped imitating his Supreme Master and explained.

“Brother Chen can understand the ‘Wen Sword Technique’ in this way… People who live in the courtyard can nourish their hearts, and swords in scabbards can warm the Sword Spirit.”

“This is a special method of the Hidden Sword Technique. It’s not purely for ‘storage’. It takes years, or even decades, to unsheathe and slash out.”

“It treats the sword as a naughty child and nurtures it in the courtyard, that is also the scabbard. It constantly accumulates the energy of this naughty child.”

“When the need arises, I just need to open the sword body and I can release all the energy of that naughty child in an instant.”

“This is the Sword Enlightenment!”

Gu Qinger imparted the knowledge about the Ancient Sword Technique with confidence and eloquence. After a long while, he added seriously.

“However, not all Swordsman and swords can use Sword Enlightenment.”

“This is related to the sword wielder’s cultivation level, his understanding of the Hidden Sword Technique, and the requirements for the sword wielder’s saber.”

“For example, an ordinary spiritual sword is like a child that lacked energy. No matter how much you nurture it, it’s just like that. When the Sword Enlightenment is activated, it won’t cause much damage.”

“However, the Famed Sword is different. It is like an energetic child. Normally, if you lock it up and don’t use it, it will even get angry.”

“Under my Supreme Master’s comprehension, the Sword Enlightenment was born.”

“It doesn’t restrain the spiritual quality of the Famed Sword. It allowed it to be active at all time in the courtyard, that is the scabbard. Instead, it accumulates and warms the spiritual quality of the sword.”

At this point, Gu Qinger became extremely excited. He suddenly pulled out the Blood Sword, the Bewitching Demon, from his back and waved it.

“It will take time… once you draw your sword, you can cut the Galaxy!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded. Now he understood.

Gu Qingyi’s Sword Enlightenment was similar to his earlier sword drawing technique, but it used more of the orthodox knowledge of the Ancient Sword Technique, so it was much better than his random drawing.

Hidden Sword Technique and the Unsheathing Sword could be used in this way?

While Xu Xiaoshou was greatly shocked, he also gained a new understanding of these Sword Deity’s comprehension of the Ancient Sword Technique.

He thought for a moment, then looked at the gap in the great array that continuously shrank front of him. Then with a flip of his hand, he took out a seventh-grade spiritual sword.

It was not Hidden Bitter.

Hidden Bitter was still weak. He was afraid he would ruin Hidden Bitter.

This spiritual sword was a relic from an unknown enemy.

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to give it a try.

After he heard what Gu Qinger said, he felt that he had already grasped the technique of Sword Enlightenment.

This was not a joke. There was a large amount of Sword Technique Expertise in the Way of the Sword.

Gu Qinger’s words were like a water pipe that guided something out of the sealed pool and enlightened everyone.

“Brother Chen is going overboard…”

Gu Qinger glanced at the seventh-grade Innate Stage spiritual sword that suddenly appeared in his savior’s hand and immediately understood what he wanted to do. However, he shook his head and smiled.

“The seventh-grade spiritual sword does not have much spiritual quality. It cannot support the Sword Enlightenment at all.”

“This move can be considered a unique technique of our Burial Sword Tomb. A deep understanding of the Hidden Sword Technique is required.”

“Brother Chen, you might not know this, but in the entire Burial Sword Tomb, other than my Supreme Master and my Eldest Senior Brother, no one else has learned this move. It’s the same for me, and it’s the same for my youngest junior brother.”

“If you can comprehend it now, I will kneel down and eat it on the spot…”

“Shut up!” Gu Qingyi glared at him coldly.

“Oh, oh.” Gu Qinger knew that he had spoken out of turn and quickly covered his mouth.

“Step back.” Gu Qingyi pulled Second Junior Brother away to make room for Chen Shu.

He had always been curious about this person. He could smell the dense quality of Brother Chen’s Sword Will and his Way of the Sword was probably not weak.

But Gu Qingyi had never seen Chen Shu draw his sword.

Even until now, this Brother Chen had only taken out a seventh-grade spiritual sword that one could tell at a glance wasn’t even his saber.

His strength was unknown.

However, there was one thing that Second Junior Brother was right about. There were only four people in the exclusive inheritance of theBurial Sword Tomb… Oh, after little junior sister, there were five people.

Even if these five people weren’t extremely talented, they were still extremely rare in the five domains of the continent.

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