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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1609 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (1)

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Chapter 1609 Wen Sword Technique, Sword Enlightenment! (1)

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“This is Zhen Huang Palace?”

Coming out of the right exit for the first time. Xu Xiaoshou finally encountered a little more light.

But generally, the First Hall of Sins was still gloomy.

A majestic great hall was in front of him. On the plaque, tall, wide, and impossible to see, were three ancient words, “Zhen Huang Palace”.

Similar to the Hall of Unforgivable Crimes, this was also a giant building, so huge that it had no end in sight.

After approaching the majestic great hall, Xu Xiaoshou was immediately attracted by the array that covered the outside.

With this barrier, the situation inside the great hall was in a haze and could not be seen clearly at all.

Subconsciously, he analyzed the great array, only to find that it was difficult to find a weak point in the great array even with his “Weaving Expertise”.

He finally met his match…

This kind of ancient great array was indeed not easy to break!

Time did not seem to have worn down the protective great array of Zhen Huang Palace at all. Instead, it added some historical charm to it, as well as the ability to be self-sufficient and use the power of the array to activate it.

“Brother Chen, please make way.”

Gu Qingyi also withdrew his gaze from the plaque on the great hall. He raised his sword and warned with a serious expression, “Remember to avoid the counterattack of the array later.”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled and subconsciously took a step back.

Before he could react to what Gu Qingyi was about to do, he saw the guy’s thumb pressing against the Demonic Sword Yuelian’s hand guard and pushing it lightly.

With a clang, the Demonic Sword’s body only showed two fingers wide under the binding of the sealing belt.


Sky-covering sword light gathered and formed behind Gu Qingyi. It ploughed through the earth and void, then slashed straight at the great array protecting Zhen Huang Palace, creating an opening more than ten feet high.

“Ah, this …”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

So this was an ancient swordsman? How could he be so unreasonable and attack directly?

Zhen Huang Palace’s great array lit up with a buzz with the attack. In a second, it transformed into a ferocious beast, countless spiritual lights poured out from the array, sweeping wildly.

“Swish Swish Swish!”

Xu Xiaoshou reacted quickly dodging left and right.

The spiritual light shot toward him, but it did not touch the corner of his clothes.

“Very weak.”

The intensity of the attack made Xu Xiaoshou frown.

Not to mention him, even his junior sister would be able to dodge it.

An average Sovereign Dao Realm would be able to remain unscathed under this spiritual light.

Was this the attack power of the great array protecting the Zhen Huang Palace?

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it and could not help but glance at the two people beside him.

The two Gu Brothers from the Burial Sword Tomb were almost identical in their expressions and moves.

Gu Qingyi, swordsman holding the sword, held the Demonic Sword Yuelian with an indifferent expression. His body was almost transparent, allowing the spiritual light to sweep through his body without moving, unaffected.

Gu Qinger, swordsman with nine swords, did not have a sword in his arms. He crossed his arms over his chest with an indifferent expression. His body was almost transparent, allowing…

Xu Xiaoshou’s mouth twitched.

This copier… No, the Duplicator was online again!

As long as he was with his Eldest Senior Brother, he would imitate everything, and even surpass them.

No one noticed the corners of Gu Qinger’s mouth were filled with ridicule, scoffing at the great array’s counterattack, disdain written all over his face.

“Swordless Sword Technique…”

For a moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was at a disadvantage.

It was as if being an ancient swordsman would give off such a feeling. Powerful and humble, yet extremely high-profile when attacking, and full of style!

To put it simply, it was a good pretentious act, and Xu Xiaoshou admitted defeat.

It wasn’t only reflected in the two Gu Brothers, Master Siren also gave off similar vibes.

Of course, the one with the strongest vibe had to be Bazhun’an!

The counterattack of the Zhen Huang Palace’s great array did not last long before the spiritual light stopped.

At this moment, the opening in the spiritual array created by Gu Qingyi had yet to close up and was still about ten feet tall.

When the counterattack ended, Gu Qingyi’s body returned to normal. He glanced at Second Junior Brother in surprise. “You’ve improved.”

“Hey!” Gu Qinger was very proud of being praised. He tilted his head like an upward tail and said with a proud expression, “I’ve improved a lot. We haven’t seen each other in a day, but I’ve improved tremendously. I’m about to evolve into a Master… ”

“Did I let you speak?”

“Uh, shut up, I will shut up…”

Gu Qingyi calmed his Junior Brother down and turned around with a smile.

“Brother Chen, please.”

When Xu Xiaoshou approached the great array, he could clearly feel Gu Qingyi’s vast sea of energy from the opening in the formation. There was also a sharp Sword Will hidden within it.

It was a different feeling from sword cognition. This was purely Sword Will.

Logically speaking, with just this kind of Sword Will, no matter how high the level was, it should not be able to break the array.

Xu Xiaoshou knew how high the defense level of this great array was. Ordinary higher void might not even be able to break this great array.

However, Gu Qingyi could tear through the defense with one sword strike…

“What move is this?”

Xu Xiaoshou was curious about Gu Qingyi’s move.

He had seen it three times, but only this time, Gu Qingyi had used his sword in front of him and had the clearest feedback.

Touching the opening of the Zhen Huang Palace’s great array, Xu Xiaoshou could feel a faint grey evil energy that did not belong to Sword Will.

This evil energy was very strange. It had an extremely high status but no holy will.

“This is called ‘Sword Enlightenment’!”

Gu Qinger became excited, apparently forgotten that his Senior Brother had forbidden him to speak. He chattered on,

“This ‘Sword Enlightenment’ was created by my Supreme Master. It uses the first state of the Hidden Sword Technique, the power of ‘Unsheathing Sword’.”

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