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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1605 Little Junior Sister's Tree Seed? (3)

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Chapter 1605 Little Junior Sister's Tree Seed? (3)

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“Brother, say something! But even if you ask, I won’t tell you. This is my ultimate move, and you can’t beat me now… Aiya, you’re so weak!”

Even though he goaded Gu Qingyi to the extreme, Gu Qingyi didn’t even say a word as they sped all the way.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped.

“Is there a situation?”

Gu Qinger’s ears twitched, and the Nine Swords on the sword wheel on his back trembled.

A melodious sound of a sword rang out, and even the labyrinth’s walls began to resonate, but nothing could be seen.

Gu Qingyi, who held the Demonic Sword Yuelian, also stopped. He too could not sense the enemy.

Xu Xiaoshou dropped to the ground without a sound.

He sensed a very weak fluctuation of spiritual source, which was actually very common in the labyrinth of the First Hall of Sins, where there were battles everywhere.

However, it was different this time. What he sensed was the fluctuation of his little Junior Sister’s spiritual source.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered over this as he picked up a tree seed the size of a fingernail from the dust-covered ground.

Little Junior Sister’s tree seed?

She became smarter. She had even thought of a way to leave a clue for me?

However, how should I solve this…

He had to think from her point of view!

If I were little Junior Sister, how would I leave a clue?

“What is this?” Gu Qinger stuck his head out from behind.


The seed seemed to turn into a ‘swallow’ type of vortex and greedily absorbed the Life force from the human body.

Gu Qinger was shocked. He noticed clearly that Brother Chen’s face had suddenly lost all its color.

At this rate, in less than Ten Auras, a plump living person would be sucked dry by this strange tree seed!

“Brother Chen, put it down quickly. You can’t just pick up any random tree seeds you come across!”

Gu Qinger was anxious. There was danger everywhere in First Hall of Sins.

How could he pick up a tree seed? What if a wood-type Void Attendant should appear?

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t say anything. This absorption of his Life force meant that he was right!

This was the secret code between the Senior Brother and Sister and there was no need to inform in advance. One had the Ultimate Life Demon Physique that could endlessly absorb one’s Life force, while the other had a body that would never weaken and had an endless supply of Life force.

If anyone else picked up this tree seed and found out that it could absorb one’s Life force in such a crazy manner, they would definitely throw it away at once.

Xu Xiaoshou was different. He attacked with all his might, and the three great passive skills in his body ran crazily and lasted for less than seven minutes.

The tree seed had grown to the size of a human head, but it did not explode.

Gu Qinger was dumbfounded. He had never seen someone with such a tenacious Life Force, and it could be displayed so intuitively!

This Brother Chen, was he a cat? One with nine lives?

In fact, he had already been sucked to death eight times?

Even Gu Qingyi was moved. He had long known that this Chen Shu was not a simple person, but he had not expected that an Ancient Swordsman could have such a strong Life force.

However, he had been so persistent and used his Life force to feed a tree seed of unknown origin… Why?


There was an loud explosion.

When it exceeded its limit, the tree seed finally exploded and turned into several crooked characters and symbols.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw those words, his pupils trembled, and his heart stopped on the spot.

Before he could destroy it, Gu Qinger had already poked his head out from behind him. After he tried his best to make out the words, he read it out loud in surprise.

“What’s this? Words? What do they say?”

“Zhen Huang… Hall Jiang… Cloth …”


“Oh! Oh! Tired and numb… Ouch…”

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