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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1604 Little Junior Sister's Tree Seed? (2)

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Chapter 1604 Little Junior Sister's Tree Seed? (2)

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In the First Hall of Sins, as long as one didn’t meet any living Demi-Saint, well… at least people like Elder Han or Jiang Buyi, his little Junior Sister would not die.

She was at the first Sovereign Stage below the level of a Demi-Saint, and she had even mastered the Holy Power. Even the higher void would be scared to death by her!

Xu Xiaoshou’s only worry was for his Junior Sister’s brain. Like Gu Qinger, she was not that bright.

But fortunately, little Junior Sister was not alone.

She still had Lei Xi’er in her mind. He did not know if she had recovered and woken up. He hoped that she could wake up and assist little Junior Sister!

“What did the giant statue in Zhen Huang Palace say?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“It didn’t say much. It called itself the Void General and asked me why I was here at Zhen Huang Palace. I said I was looking for someone, but it didn’t know and that was it.”

“Void General?” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned. “Describe its form in detail.”

“You know it?” Gu Qinger grabbed his Eldest Senior Brother’s robe while he pretended to beg for mercy and then secretly wiped his snot on it. He popped his head out in surprise.

“Maybe.” Xu Xiaoshou did not deny it.

“It’s about ten feet in height and clad in black armor. It’s in a dilapidated state and held a black trident in its hand. The trident was even taller than the statue.” Gu Qingyi frowned and said.

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that it was the Void General!

He had thought that the giant statue Gu Qingyi mentioned was a statue of the Void Attendant that was a few hundred feet tall.

However, if it was only ten feet tall, it would be the same height as the Void General Hong.

The Void General seemed to maintain this size when he was not in battle.

It was the same for the Void General Jun Fei that he had seen in Hong’s memory.

So, who did Gu Qingyi meet?



These two had already died in battle.

If they were still alive, they might be like Hong, only left with an incomplete ‘spirit’.

He felt that Zhen Huang Palace should be the great hall of the First Hall of Sins.

Even the Hall of Unforgivable Crimes, which had imprisoned a Demi-Saint, didn’t have any native creatures from the Abyss Island to guard it.

However, Zhen Huang Palace was so extravagant that it was guarded by a Void General. This meant that it was more important than the Hall of Unforgivable Crimes. The main hall was probably gone.

“Void General… Sin?” Gu Qingyi pondered, “Was that its name?” He wasn’t sure.


It was a single word that was in line with the Void General’s style of name.

However, he had never heard of it…

Xu Xiaoshou only recalled that there were only three Void Generals on the Abyss Island, namely Hong, Fei and Yoo.

So where did this Sin come from?

Just like how there were eight Seven Sword Deity, there were four Void Generals?

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a while and felt that he should make a trip to Zhen Huang Palace. Not for anything else, but for Hong and to figure out the identity of this ‘Sin’.

“Have you heard of the ‘Death Exemption Token?” He asked. If Gu Qingyi had obtained any information about the ‘Death Exemption Token’ in Zhen Huang Palace, that place should definitely be the main hall of the First Hall of Sins.

“I’ve never heard of it.” Gu Qingyi shook his head.

“Death Exemption Token? What is that? Can I become an immortal after I eat it?” Gu Qinger secretly blew off the snot on his Senior Brother’s robe and asked.

“No.” Xu Xiaoshou didn’t pay much attention to this hollow brained guy. He shook his head and said, “It’s just that if I don’t get it, I will die.”

“You?” Gu Qinger was bewildered.

Gu Qingyi glared at him.

Anyone with a brain knew that they shouldn’t ask these questions. It was too offensive, not to mention that Chen Shu was their savior.

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou didn’t care. He smiled and nodded. “I only have four days left to live.”

“Brother, we have to save him. He just saved my life…” Gu Qinger immediately pulled Gu Qingyi’s sleeve and shook it.

“Nonsense.” Gu Qingyi glared at his Second Junior Brother’s dirty hands and lowered his voice, “Don’t think I don’t know what you did just now. I’ll deal with you later!”

As he turned his head, he regained his calm expression and chuckled, “Brother Chen, why don’t we go together?”

“I’m honored.” Of course, Xu Xiaoshou was happy to go with them.

For one thing, Gu Qingyi was the only one who knew the way. With his strength and status, if he traveled with him, it would save them a lot of trouble.

All the Ancient Swordsman that Xu Xiaoshou had met throughout his life had always been protective of their own.

This was understandable. In the five domains of the continent, there were only a few young Ancient Swordsman who could achieve good things. If the old guys did not render their protection, the Ancient Swordsman would be extinct.

As such, when he traveled with Gu Qingyi, he didn’t even need to do anything when he encountered any problems.

Because if anyone wanted to deal with them, they would have to consider whether they could withstand the anger of the Seven Sword Deity Wen Ting!

Wen Ting…

When he thought of this, Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t help but feel curious.

He had only heard of his name but had never met him in person. He really didn’t know how strong this Sword Deity who had once traveled with Bazhun’an in the martial arts world was. He claimed to have shone all his life but had always been overshadowed by Bazhun’an.

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t ask.

It would be impolite to ask again.

On the way to Zhen Huang Palace, Gu Qingyi walked very quickly.

He obviously knew better than Gu Qinger what his savior, Chen Shu, meant when he said that he had less than four days to live.

Xu Xiaoshou followed him silently.

Along the way, other than Gu Qinger, who kept blabbing away, the two of them didn’t speak.

“Eldest Senior Brother, did you notice anything different about me this time?”

“You really didn’t see any difference? Look at my aura, feel my Sword Will… Hehe, can you guess what I’ve comprehended?”

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