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«History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1348 - I Did It Because I Wanted To

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Chapter 1348: I Did It Because I Wanted To

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In that instant, everyone focused their attention on the lighted illusion. However, besides Lin Feng and the Bell of Destiny, no one else appeared within their line of sight.

They then heard Lin Feng mutter quietly, “We are honored for all of you to witness our sect accepting another new disciple today.”

He turned around and gently rang the Bell of Destiny. A jade plaque flew in front of the Bell of Destiny, with a ‘Yao’ character engraved on it.

“His name is the Big Luo Hades.”

Upon hearing this name, the attentive and tense crowd became incredibly dazed, unable to regain their composure for a good long while.

At the Royal House of the Northern Tribes, Prince You Xian jerked his neck awkwardly and looked at his Royal House Lord and Royal House Priest. “The Big Luo Hades … Isn’t that a demon’s name? Is he a member of the Hades Tribe?”

Both the Royal House Lord and the Royal House Priest looked at each other and forced out a smile. These disruptive rumors floating around the Divine Lands recently were not only false, but appeared considerably conservative. Hence, having the Celestial Sect Leader personally broadcasting this announcement shocked everyone.

On the Luofu Mystical Islands, He Kuangping and Huang Ming were awestruck. The Luofu Holy Man, who heard their report on the events that occured in the Void Battleground, also grew tense.

Even though he had heard He Kuangping and Huang Ming mention that Big Luo was residing in the Celestial Sect without any restrictions imposed on his movements, travelling freely to and fro from the Void Battleground, the Luofu Holy Man assumed that Big Luo was no different from the other demons under the Celestial Sect’s control and custody, like the White Tiger Grand Sage, the Lu Yuan Grand Sage, the Nine-Talons Condor King and the Feilian King.

Such cases are not uncommon in the various human forces across the Divine Lands. The demonic creatures that each sect reared just differed according to their sect’s strength. For example, powerful forces like the Great Void Sect reared True Dragons in the Supreme Dragon Roost, while weaker sects like the former Heaven Lake Sect reared the Flying Snow Plumes.

The Celestial Sect kept great numbers of demonic creatures. Among them, the White Tiger Grand Sage was in the Cardinal Tribulations Beginning Stage, and was just a step away from reaching the Vipralopa Stage. He was one of the strongest demons in the whole of the Grand Celestial World.

However, this was a much more sensitive topic for the Hades Tribe.

On one hand, the Hades Tribe was the royal demonic tribe capable of threatening the Divine Lands thousands of years ago, and was the home for the last Holy Demonic Emperor of the demonic tribes. The Hades Emperor’s influence has not fully dissipated even now, and although the strength of the Hades Tribe is not as immense as before, it still holds the title as the greatest demon tribe in the Barren Expanses even though they lost their Vipralopa Stage powerhouse, the Kong Yuan Hades, in the recent War of the Two Worlds.

On the other hand, their recent return to the Greater World during the War of the Two Worlds surprised everyone after concealing their existence for thousands of years. This naturally caught everyone’s attention.

The fact that Big Luo was residing in the Celestial Sect without any restrictions on his movements was already remarkable in itself. Furthermore, the previous rumors about Big Luo frequently receiving guidance from Lin Feng was also startling. And now, Lin Feng has confirmed the truth of this rumors, but the truth seemed even more outrageous than the rumors.

A demon, a Hades Beast, actually became the Immediate Disciple of the Grandmaster of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, the strongest sect of the Divine Lands’ human cultivation world.

Everyone was instantly rendered speechless.

Previously, there were other human sects in the Divine Lands which took in disciples from demon tribes, but those cases were eons ago. And today, these past smears have been seen as the dark ages in these sects’ histories that should never be brought up again. Furthermore, the demon tribes that produced these disciples were not as sensitive as the one that Big Luo hailed from.

After Dao Yuting took her leave, the Bell of Destiny started ringing again, and everyone knew that the Celestial Sect still had an important message to announce. It was something even more shocking than Dao Yuting achieving the Immortal Soul Stage.

But no one would have expected that this piece of news would be this astounding. It hit every single person like a brick over their heads, perturbing everyone even more than the announcement of Dao Yuting achieving the Immortal Soul Stage.

Even the demon tribes of the Barren Expanses were terribly surprised when they received the news, inciting waves of commotion.

Everyone focused their attention on Mount Yujing.

And on Mount Yujing, no one could have expected Lin Feng to simply say, “I apologize that such a trivial matter has startled everyone. It’s my honor for all of you to be the witnesses of this proclamation.”

With that, the lighted illusion above the Kunlun Mountains gradually faded away.

Everyone staring at the illusion was caught by surprise once more. It ended just like this?

They were still waiting for Lin Feng to explain the details. They had countless doubts in their heart and were waiting for Lin Feng to unravel those mysteries. They wanted to know the Big Luo Hades’ exact background and why Lin Feng accepted him as a disciple.

It wasn’t just the demonic tribes; even the various sects of the human cultivation world were incredibly startled, with numerous qualms about this matter. And evidently, Lin Feng had no intention of explaining the details, only wanting to inform the masses of this piece of news.

Some of them began theorizing that Big Luo had something to do with the battle between the Celestial Sect and the Hades Tribe, and tried to testify their assertions by confronting the Celestial Sect. Some of them were in disbelief that Lin Feng personally accepted Big Luo as his Immediate Disciple, and although they did not dare to raise the question directly, they remonstrated with the Celestial Sect in a more subtle manner.

But regardless of their intentions and opinions, once they reached the Kunlun Mountains, the Celestial Sect welcomed them with warm hospitality but remained silent about their probing queries, denying them of the desired answers.

After the initial shock, the internal rankings of the Celestial Sect standardized their words and attitude, or at the very least, standardized the reply they would give to the outside world whenever they were probed about the matter.

The Celestial Sect claimed that this was no different from Li Yuanfang or Ge Qingwu entering the sect years ago. There was nothing peculiar about this.

“But, the Big Luo Hades is a demon, and from the Hades Tribe no less …”

Tang Jun gazed quietly at the probing guest, maintaining his previous disposition and answering calmly, “My Grandmaster has internalized the mysteries of the great Way, channeling his creation powers to the extreme. Educating demons would naturally be a highly manageable feat for him.”

His guest was rendered speechless, and could only force out a smile. He definitely knew that Tang Jun was aware that he was asking these questions not because he was worried for Lin Feng accepting the wrong disciple. However, Tang Jun’s reply made him unable to continue probing.

On the other side, in the Heavenly Temple, Yang Tie smiled and he escorted a guest out. “Senior Uncle Big Luo’s discipleship under Grandmaster Lin Feng has no relation to the Hades Tribe, and does not influence our sect’s stance against the Hades Tribe.”

His guest let out a sigh, “We don’t know if we can use this Big Luo Hades … our friend Big Luo, to reach the Hades Tribe …”

Yang Tie smiled and shook his head. “After leaving his name in the jade plaque, Senior Uncle Big Luo is now a son of the Celestial Sect.”

His guest opened his mouth wide but was unable to utter a sound. He swallowed his words and cracked a force smile in defeat.

The same scene played out at the Forest Abode, the Wasteland Valley, the Blizzard Valley, and numerous other Abodes.

Everyone who came to extract information from the Celestial Sect departed from Mount Yujing and the Kunlun Mountains. They looked at each other, exchanging bitter smiles but not uttering a word.

In theory, the decision for someone to accept a disciple is a matter purely between the master and the disciple. Outsiders have no right to interfere, but Lin Feng’s current reputation and status unwillingly drew everyone’s attention. And Big Luo’s identity as a Hades Beast complicated the situation further, and the other human cultivators of the Divine Lands couldn’t help but raise some doubts.

However, Lin Feng clearly did not care about the opinions of others. Who could possibly stop him?

Even though he did not spell it out, Lin Feng’s stand seemed even clearer than before: I accepted him as my disciple simply because I wanted to.

However, such a simple stance tormented so many others.

Big Luo has never showed his face from the very beginning, but his name has now spread to the far corners of the world. Everyone wished to know exactly what sort of person Big Luo was.

In the Barren Expanses, buzzing commotions rippled through the demon tribes. Some of them tried to probe the Hades Tribe for answers but returned empty-handed.

The Hades Tribe’s silence exposed a key piece of information. Even though they may feel dissatisfied and humiliated by this incident, they were not surprised, and have instead expected it to happen long ago. This aroused even more speculations among the other tribes.

“Senior, is the Big Luo Hades really the son of the Hades Emperor Tian Hai? He even implicated the Spiritual Sea?” The Sirius Grand Sage asked the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage in a low voice.

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage turned around and glanced at the Sirius Grand Sage. He was also a disciple taken in by the Hades Empress, but he was just a helpless wolf pup whom the Hades Empress saved by chance back then. Not long after he entered the Hades Tribe, the Hades Empress fell from grace, leaving him under the care of Mo Yunzi who imparted the demonic mantras to him.

The Sirius Grand Sage did not have a clue about the Hades Empress’ identity, much less anything else. Back then, Mo Yunzi was defeated in the Black and Red World, and the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage lost her memories as Mo Yunzi. After that, she chanced upon the Sirius Grand Sage, not revealing any of her flaws to him and taming the Sirius Grand Sage once again.

The Sirius Grand Sage was similarly clueless about Mo Yunzi’s past. This made it easy for the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage to hide her flaws, but this made him useless for seeking out the truth behind her past.

Even when the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage regained her past memories, she did not reveal anything through her expressions. She was always a mysterious person wielding several secrets, hence her behavior did not seem unusual to the Sirius Grand Sage or the other demons in her control.

“Indeed. The Big Luo Hades whom Lin Feng accepted as his Immediate Disciple is no ordinary Hades Beast. He is the son of the former Hades Emperor Tian Hai, and his existence has allowed the Spirit Sea, which was sealed away for tens of thousands of years, to reopen its doors to the world, granting the Celestial Sect and the Great Void Sect the chance to enter.” The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage continued softly, “Back then, Mount Yujing suddenly exposed its true form and the Celestial Sect Leader did not return for a long time, while many of the resident elders of the Great Void Sect mysteriously vanished. Looking back, those incidents must have been due to the reopening of the Spirit Sea.”

“The Spirit Sea is still sealed off now, but it would open up again one day. Even though I cannot ascertain the exact time it does open, it shouldn’t be too far away. Besides the Celestial Sect and the Great Void Sect, the Hades Tribe has an equal chance of getting there.”

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage’s gaze flickered. “And now, we’ll be competing against them as well.”

The Sirius Grand Sage asked in a low voice, “Has the Hades Tribe reached a secret agreement with the Celestial Sect since the Hades Emperor’s son became a disciple of the latter?”

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage shook her head. “I doubt so.”

She turned around to look at the Sirius Grand Sage. “But once the news spreads, I believe many others would have the same speculations as you. We were conservative when we broadcasted our messages previously for a steady progression of our plans to avoid any mishaps. But now, it seems as though the Big Luo Hades’ relationship with the Celestial Sect Leader is much more intimate than we’ve ever imagined. In that case, let’s deliver a congratulatory gift to the Divine Lands to spice things up there.”

The Sirius Grand Sage nodded. “I’ll make the news spread even faster.”

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