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«History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1146 - Confusion

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Chapter 1146: Confusion

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His opponent broke through the Vast Black Sea to reach the Celestial Mountain Penglai.

When Wang Lin reached the pavilion at the top of the mountain, he looked around him and thought, “Where is Daoist Big Luo? He should be cultivating here. Master’s avatar is gone too…”

Wang Lin did not know if Lin Feng had deployed Big Luo to leave Penglai. However, he found it strange that he could not find Big Luo anywhere before him.

The white-robed man looked at Wang Lin and smiled slightly. “It appears that there were people here. Yet, they are all gone now.”

“I wonder whose luck is better, theirs or mine?”

As he said that, he performed a spell gesture. Before, a black light flashed but they did not touch the ground. The moment he saw Wang Lin, his hands changed gesture and rays of black light started to spread. Like a fog and clouds, they came straight for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression did not change. Once again, he revealed his Destructive Stage of the River Styx. However, this time, he did not allow it to expand, but instead, he concentrated it all onto himself. Gurgling River Styx Primordial Water spewed out and turned into the soundless River Styx, which scattered the black fog and clouds before him.

The Narakade Bridge appeared underneath him, bringing Wang Lin forward. He pierced through the black light and went straight for the white-robed, middle-aged man.

The white-robed middle-aged man smiled and asked, “Why aren’t you going to Yingzhou? Your parents are there.”

With that, he lightly pointed with his finger and a light projection appeared before him. The nameless ancient formation surrounding the Celestial Mountain Yingzhou was currently already broken through by his avatar. He was about to enter.

The ancient formation around Yingzhou was the most powerful defensive formation there was. At its peak, even with many powerful cultivators, there was no guarantee that they could break through it. Now, after many generations of cultivators and the decay of time, it finally weakened. Only then was it able to be easily broken into.

After Lin Feng cultivated Yingzhou, he used the power of the Ying Sea to rebuild the ancient formation. However, it would still take some time for it to return to its former glory.

Even so, its defensive abilities were shocking. The fact that the white-robed man’s avatar could break through it so quickly was a testament to his powers.

The man’s next step was to attack the Celestial Mountain’s core, the Starlight Illusory Realm.

Many of the family members of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, as well as friendly mortals, were in tiny worlds, which were then placed in the Starlight Illusory Realm.

When Wang Lin saw this, his face did not change. Instead, a smile crept across his face.

The white-robed middle-aged man and his avatar were both shocked. He noticed that a ball of fire was rising from Yingzhou and coming straight for his avatar. As the powerful fire blazed, it appeared to be incinerating the sky and boiling the sea. The space around Yingzhou was literally being burnt.

A purple-robed young man with a black overcoat stood in the center of the fire and stared at this white-robed man’s avatar.

Looking at the situation, he turned his head to ask Wang Lin, “Is this your Big Senior, Xiao Yan?”

Wang Lin chuckled and blew. The light projection shattered and disappeared. It appeared that he no longer cared about what was going on over at Yingzhou. With that young man, he no longer feared for his family’s safety.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s left and right hands made a gesture. A jet-black, gigantic pavilion appeared in the void. It resembled the palace inhabited by the Lord of Hell, Yama, which exerted control over the lives of all creations.

The Destructive Stage of the River Styx condensed, and the Supreme Destruction Spell was planted on top of the Yama Imperial Pavilion, making it even more fearsome.

The Yama Imperial Pavilion crashed towards the white-robed man, who lightly point out with his finger. A black door appeared in the void.

The black door opened and inside, a black light flashed non-stop. One could sense an aura of death from it, without a trace of life. It seemed to lead into the world of the dead.

After the black door opened, it emitted a powerful, attractive force. It was actually able to suck Wang Lin’s Yama Imperial Pavilion, which had been further strengthened by the Supreme Destruction Spell, inside.

Through the connection between his powers and the Yama Imperial Pavilion, Wang Lin could see that behind the black door was a wide expanse of land.

The land was filled with countless towers, pavilions, and temples, all of which were intricately designed. There were many human figures there and clouds circled the land. A bright light flashed. It appeared to be a paradise.

However, no one would think that it was actually a paradise.

Because a powerful, all-encompassing aura of death permeated the place.

While there were many figures there, their expressions were frozen and their faces were gray as if they were all dead.

The entire world was silent and brimmed with the aura of death. It was a paradise, but a paradise for the dead.

An odd light flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, but he said nothing. With his will, he opened the gate of the Yama Imperial Pavilion, which normally remained closed. Two wheels, one black and one white, could be seen spinning in the pavilion.

As the two wheels spun, the black wheel suddenly disappeared. In the end, only the white wheel was left.

A huge amount of gentle, white light shot out from the white light. While the white light appeared warm and gentle, it caused a huge amount of destruction to this world of the dead.

The many pavilions, temples, and towers started to disintegrate under the shine of the white light. Heaven and earth were destroyed, and the earth was split open. The entire world approached destruction.

The white-robed man’s black door was closed after it sucked in Wang Lin’s Yama Imperial Pavilion.

At this moment, however, cracks started to appear on the black door. The cracks started to spread, and a huge amount of white light shot out through the cracks, becoming brighter and brighter.

As more and more white light shot out, the black door started to fall apart. Soon, it was reduced to dust.

The Yama Imperial Pavilion appeared once more. Behind its open doors, the white wheel continued to spin.

When the white-robed middle-aged man saw this, a look of shock crossed his face. His gaze turned more unfriendly and sharper.

Wang Lin’s expression did not change. He lightly tapped with his finger and the white wheel in the Yama Imperial Palace spun slower and slower and soon, it disappeared. Now, the black wheel replaced it.

As the black wheel spun, a huge amount of black light spewed forth, brimming with an icy-cold, killing intent.

The killing intent here was darker, deadlier, colder and more fearsome than the world of the dead behind the middle-aged man’s black door.

Where the killing intent went, everything headed towards death.

When he saw the black light, the man’s expression became more serious. All traces of a smile faded off his face as he stared coldly at Wang Lin and said, “You cannot be kept alive.”

He extended his hands and light congregated on it. The colors of the light were not discernible. Now, they appeared to be black, but they possessed a strange, mystic power within.

The black light turned into a mirror and the man held it before him, blocking the black light from Wang Lin’s Yama Imperial Pavilion.

Not only did it stop Wang Lin’s black light, it reflected the light too.

Wang Lin pointed out with his finger and a colorful ball of light appeared. It appeared both real and fake and was ethereal and unpredictable. Yet, a powerful energy spread from it.

The ball of light landed before the middle-aged man’s black mirror, causing it to shake.

What was weirder was that the space around the middle-aged man started to shake too. It looked as if it was about to be destroyed. The man himself started to change too as his body appeared distorted.

Even the powerful Celestial Mountain Penglai started to shake.

A terrifying cold light shone from Wang Lin’s eyes.

Clouds appeared around the man and took form shapes. He bellowed softly and the black mirror before him stabilized. The mystical light from the mirror flashed non-stop, destroying all before it, even Wang Lin’s colorful ball of light and the Yama Imperial Pavilion!

A bright ray of light counter-attacked Wang Lin. The light was mystic and hard to locate. It was as if it had never existed and yet, omnipresent. Defending against it seemed impossible.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and the cold light in his eyes was gone. On his head, the Three Life Stones appeared.

Light flashed on the Three Life Stone as it managed to catch every single trace of the middle-aged man’s mystic light. Then, following its instructions, Wang Lin was able to evade his attacks.

At this moment, the Three Life Stone paused. A swastika appeared and soon, it covered the entire Three Life Stone.

From the swastika, Buddhist light shone, and one could hear the beautiful recitation of the sutras becoming louder and louder. Enveloping the entire Celestial Mountain Penglai, it soon filled the heaven and earth.

A Buddha appeared in the sea of Buddhist light. It descended onto Wang Lin’s head and formed with his body.

As he was engulfed by the Buddhist light, Wang Lin’s body could no longer move. A gold light appeared on his body and soon, he turned into a golden, Buddhist statue.

The white-robed man saw what was going and laughed, “Haha, you have been trapped by the Buddha. Die!”

As he said that, he continued his attack on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin, who appeared trapped, did not panic. He said calmly, “Open!”

Before he could finish, the Three Life Stone, which had a swastika emblazoned on it, shattered.

Immediately, the swastika disappeared along with the Three Life Stone.

Cracks appeared on Wang Lin’s golden form. They became more and more concentrated, like a spider web. Then, the golden light came off Wang Lin’s body like flakes. Soon, he reappeared.

The Buddha’s light shadow disappeared into nothing.

Faced with the white-robed man’s attack, Wang Lin clapped his hands. The Heavenly Gods-Sealing Banner and Cang Heaven Spell Blade appeared.

Looking at the situation, the man’s expression became more serious. He flipped his palms. A book and a sail appeared.

As the book flipped open, it was as if a world was being formed. White clouds started to spread. On the sails, countless human faces, distorted with agony, appeared and struggled. It was evidently cultivated with the souls of many humans.

Two human figures appeared next to each magic treasure.

Both magic treasures were at the Mahayana level.

After Wang Lin took note of these two magic treasures, the cold light in his eyes became more piercing. He did not continue attacking or defending. Instead, he tapped his own forehead.

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