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Chapter 970: Untitled

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Seeing this, Ji Fang was so anxious that she wanted to go and help her.

“Siting, talk nicely.”

Kuroda Shio stopped Ji Fang from approaching.

Gu Siting gripped Ling Yan’s hair and pressed her harder against the crystal coffin, so that she could see the body inside.

“Didn’t Weiwei feel pain when you killed her? Didn’t her heart ache when you dug it out?”

Hearing his words, Ling Yan widened her eyes in fright and suddenly felt desperate.

He knew?!

He finally understood how Gu Weiwei died!

How did he know? He had not seen that person recently, how did he know?

“Brother Siting, what… are you talking about?”

When Ji Fang heard his words, she was so frightened that her legs turned soft. She swayed and almost lost her balance and fell to the ground.

He knew, he finally… knew.

Seeing Ling Yan playing dumb, Gu Siting said with teeth clenched, “She was not dead, but you injected her with drugs and caused her brain death, and then you asked me to give her heart to you. How dare you! How cruel your heart is!”

He had not believed that she had the guts to do that, and his relationship with Weiwei was the reason why he had not suspected her.

But he had never expected that the person who had killed her was Ling Yan, whom she had saved.

Yet he had given Ling Yan her heart and spent all those months protecting her.

When Weiwei saw them together, she must have hated him so much that she would rather stay with Fu Hanzheng than come back to the Gu Family to find him.

Hearing these words, Ling Yan closed her eyes in despair, knowing that it was useless to defend herself.

It turned out that when he said that he had finally recognized her, it was not because he loved her but because… he finally knew that she had killed Gu Weiwei.

Ji Fang could not stand it anymore and kneeled down on the cold floor.

“I did it, I did it all, it has nothing to do with Yanyan.”

“I was the one who injected Gu Weiwei with the drugs and I was the chief surgeon too. I really wanted Yanyan to live. I did it! I killed her! Yanyan doesn’t know anything about it!”

Hearing Ji Fang’s words, Gu Siting released Ling Yan’s hair.

Ling Yan had just stood up when she staggered and fell on the crystal coffin.

Her mouth was full of blood.

She took a step backwards as she held the crystal coffin. Gu Siting looked lethal. She did not want to die here, she did not want to die.

“Weiwei has saved you so many times and treated you so well, why did you harm her? Why?” Gu Siting said as he reached out for her neck, watching her struggling to breathe.

Seeing that her daughter Ling Yan was in danger, Ji Fang wanted to save her, but was stopped by Kuroda Shio.

“Gu Siting, I did it! I killed Gu Weiwei! If you want revenge, come to me instead of Yanyan! She doesn’t know, she doesn’t know anything…”

Out of protection for her daughter, she chose to take all the blame herself.

However, Gu Siting did not believe a single word she said.

With his hands over Ling Yan’s neck, he said with his teeth clenched, “But Weiwei told me that it was Ling Yan who injected her with the drug, not you, Mrs. Ling. However, you are right. You are also involved.”


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