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«Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 649: Live Face Slapping

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Chapter 649: Live Face Slapping

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At 6:30 p.m, the livestream of Dialogue started.

At the beginning, the host went on stage to introduce the participants and the reason why they were coming on the show together.

The live-stream chat was filled with comments.

[Mu Weiwei, get out of the entertainment industry!]

[Boycott Mu Weiwei, boycott her!]

[I suggest that Li Xing’er should slap her back as many times as she is slapped]

[We are already near the TV Station, if she does not apologize on the spot, she will not be able to leave today.]

The host introduced the time and situation of the conflict and then invited Li Xing’er and her agent onto the stage.

Dressed in a white chiffon dress, Li Xing’er looked a bit tired. The wound on her face had disappeared, but apparently, she had not rested well because of the recent incident.

The moment she came out, the comments were full of heartache.

[I feel so sorry for Li Xing’er.]

[If I don’t slap Mu Weiwei 100 times, I will never be able to get rid of my hatred!]

[My heart aches for Xing’er, she is so badly injured but she still has to do the promotion for the movie.]

[Li Xing’er did not say anything bad about Mu Weiwei when she was interviewed.]

After the introduction, Li Xing’er greeted the host and audience with a smile.

The host had noticed her injury the other day, so she asked with concern, “Xing’er, are you alright?”

Li Xing’er smiled gently. “I am fine now, thank you for your concern.”

The host thought for a while and asked, “Then… what are you expecting to happen on this show when you talk with Mu Weiwei?”

Li Xing’er said, “I just need Mu Weiwei to apologize to me.”

The host felt wronged.

“You were seriously injured, don’t you hate her?”

Li Xing’er shook her head. “It is wrong of her to do that, but… I can understand her.”

Seeing Li Xing’er being so kind-hearted, the host could not help but feel sorry for her.

“Okay, then let’s get Mu Weiwei’s apology. Mu Weiwei is still abroad, so her agent, Mr. Jolin, is here on her behalf.”

Having said the words, Jolin walked onto the stage and sat down on the sofa opposite Li Xing’er.

“Hello, host, hello, Miss. Li.”

Seeing Jolin coming onto the stage alone, the host asked with a smile, “Did Manager Qiao speak with Miss. Mu today?”

Jolin nodded. “Yes, she is quite busy and there’s no need for her to waste her time on this.”

Hearing his words, Li Xing’er felt a bit disappointed.

The host was a bit angry, but she could not criticize the other party, so she continued to host the program.

“Then, did your girl, Miss. Mu Weiwei, really hit Miss. Li Xing’er in the makeup room at the TV Station?”

Jolin said, “Yes, but she doesn’t remember how many times.”

The host threw a look at Li Xing’er and asked, “Did Mu Weiwei tell you why she did that?”

“She did, it’s because she deserves to be hit.” Jolin crossed his legs and said arrogantly, “She came to my girl’s dressing room by herself, so of course she is asking for a beating!”

“Mr. Qiao!” The host interrupted him and said, “Even if she broke into her dressing room, she shouldn’t have hit her, right? And she hit her so hard!”

Jolin glanced at Li Xing’er, who was pretending to be pitiful, and snorted.

“Then, Miss. Li, can you tell us what you said in the dressing room the other day?”

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