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«Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 563: Is Mu Weiwei Related to Weiwei?

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Chapter 563: Is Mu Weiwei Related to Weiwei?

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There were still a lot of things waiting for him to deal with, yet he had the time to show a little girl around the mansion.

This was not the Cayman Dorrans he knew.

Cayman Dorrans said, as he watched the motorcade leaving, “Gu Siting is right, she does resemble Weiwei.”

Matthew looked at him and laughed.

“When you drove Weiwei away, she was only one years old and you had not met her for more than twenty years. How could you say that she resembles Weiwei when you did not get to meet her?”

Gu Siting said that Mu Weiwei looked like her. After all, he had lived with Weiwei for more than twenty years and it made sense that Mu Weiwei could be like her in some aspects.

But Cayman had never met Weiwei before, so how did he know that Mu Weiwei resembled Weiwei?

No matter what he thought, he could not figure out how he came to this conclusion.

“Seeing her reminds me of Weiwei.” Cayman Dorrans said.

She did not look like her, but when he talked with her, even when he looked at her, she reminded him of Weiwei.

Matthew sighed and said, “Her name sounds a bit like Weiwei.”

Weiwei’s death had been a huge blow to him, so when he saw a girl whose name sounded like Weiwei, he felt that she looked like Weiwei.

Cayman Dorrans ignored Matthew’s teasing and went back into the house, talking as he went.

“Do you remember what Gu Siting said about the Heavenly Jewel?”

After a moment of silence, Matthew said, “Do you really believe in such a thing?”

Cayman Dorrans glanced at Matthew and said, “If it is true, I am wondering if Mu Weiwei has something to do with Weiwei.”

“You must be dreaming!”

Matthew could not understand why he thought that Weiwei was related to someone else.

“I asked her how she got to know Yuan Shuo and she said that Yuan Shuo saved her a few years ago and they got to know each other.”

“But Yuan Shuo has not been to Hua Land for at least eight years. She is lying.”

Matthew still found it hard to believe his conjectures. He wondered if he had been possessed by Gu Siting because of his longing for his daughter.

“Even if she is lying, it does not mean that she is related to Weiwei.”

Cayman Dorrans raised his hand and said, “Matthew, you don’t know, but whenever I see her, I have an indescribable feeling of…”

“It feels familiar, alright?” Matthew said as he followed him into the study and closed the door.

Cayman Dorrans sat down at the desk and said, after thinking for a while, “What was the name of the person who has Weiwei’s heart?”

“Ling Yan.” Matthew said.

“Check everything that has happened since she met Weiwei.” Cayman Dorrans said.

The thought of Weiwei’s heart beating inside of her made him very uncomfortable.

Matthew said, “I have already asked my men to check. It will take some time before the actual report is made. You are in too much of a hurry, Cayman.”

Cayman Dorrans sighed and said, “Also, keep an eye out for Gu Siting. If the person who gave him the Heavenly Jewel appears, bring him to me immediately.”

“Ah?” Matthew found it increasingly strange.

Cayman Dorrans looked profound and said coldly, “If there is any news about Weiwei, I don’t want him to know about it.”

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