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Chapter 1453 An Actress

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Qin Man’s face sank.

“Second Brother, are you asking for trouble?”

“No, no, Sister Qin Man, go back to your family and eat, otherwise the food will turn cold.” Fu Shiqin did not dare to irritate her, so he begged her to leave with a smile.

Qin Man snorted and said to Ling Jiao, “Little beauty, let Second Brother bring you to the Qin Family when you have time.”

“I will.” Ling Jiao chuckled.

Qin Man squinted at Fu Shiqin. “Second Brother, you may be hateful, but your girlfriend is quite cute.”

“That is because I have good taste.” Fu Shiqin flattered himself.

Qin Man rolled her eyes at him and left. Seeing her leaving, Ling Jiao said, “I remember reading the news that the Fu Family and the Qin Family have a good relationship, and you seem to be…”

“We won’t be in the future.” Fu Shiqin looked serious.

Grandpa, grandma and parents were good friends with the Qin Family. When they were young, they would stay at the Qin Family for a while or Qin Man and her family would stay at their home.

But those were the worst childhood memories he and Fu Shiyi could remember.

When they were in primary school, he and Fu Shiyi were still young and Qin Man and her second brother were already in middle school, so they went to their house for fun.

The Qin Family lived in a villa on the mountainside in the outskirts. When it was dark, the siblings often lured him and Third Brother out and then told them ghost stories in a scary place. He and Third Brother were so frightened that they did not dare to sleep at night.

Therefore, he and Third Brother were still afraid of them. Ling Jiao chuckled. In public he had always said that their families would never end their friendship.

They ate dinner and talked about the plan of showing off their love. After eating, Fu Shiqin saw Ling Jiao off before he returned to He Chi’s villa.

When he was at the doorstep, Fu Shiyi called and he immediately ended the call.

So the moment he entered the house, he was interrogated by Fu Shiyi.

“Second Brother, who were you eating with at Chaofang Pavilion tonight?”

“None of your business!” Fu Shiqin snorted, refusing to tell him.

Third Brother must have suspected that he was no longer single and was very curious about who the girl was. But if he did not tell him, he wouldn’t die of anxiety.

Fu Shiyi scrolled through Moments and saw Qin Man’s Moments. She also said that she was eating at Chaofang Pavilion.

“Second Brother, were you eating with Qin Man?”

“Me and her?” Fu Shiqin snorted. This man must be stupid.

“Oh my gosh, Second Brother, you have such a weird taste! You even dared to ask Qin Man out…” Fu Shiyi did not look at Fu Shiqin’s face and started to believe in his own guess.

“You must be crazy. She was eating with her family and I ate with my girlfriend. We just happened to eat there at the same time, don’t think too much,” Fu Shiqin said and showed him Ling Jiao’s picture to prove it. Fu Shiyi stared at the picture on his phone for a few seconds and asked in confusion, “Why does this woman look so familiar?”

Fu Shiqin took away the phone. “You may have seen her before.”

It was during an event where Fu Shiyi found Ling Jiao quite capable, so he came to him for information.


However, Dingsheng Entertainment refused to release her because the contract had not expired. That was why they did not poach her.

“Damn, could it be my ex-girlfriend?” Fu Shiyi said in fright.

“Stop being narcissistic, she has nothing to do with you.” Fu Shiqin gritted his teeth.

Fu Shiyi circled around Fu Shiqin with his arms crossed. “Second Brother, you must have found yourself an actress because you don’t want me to make fun of you for being single any more.”


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