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«Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1452 Leaving the Single Team

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Chapter 1452 Leaving the Single Team

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Seeing that he did not mind, Ling Jiao felt relieved.

“Oh yes, I did not find a birthday present for your sister-in-law this afternoon. I will look for one again later.”

There were only some necessities and luxurious goods in the mall, and she should already not lack these things.

“No hurry, there is still one more week,” Fu Shiqin said.

Soon, the dishes were delivered.

Fu Shiqin had just picked up the chopsticks, when Ling Jiao took a picture of him and sent it to him on WeChat.

“I took a picture of you, so you can post it on Moments.”

Fu Shiqin glanced at the phone and said, “Eat the food too, I will take a picture.”

But it was not her face that was being filmed, but her hands that were holding chopsticks.

Then he checked the two pictures and posted them on Moments in a good mood.

[The dishes at Chaofang Pavilion are very tasty today.]

Within five minutes after he posted the post, many friends replied. (Second Brother, who are you eating with?]

[Someone else took the picture for him, and the second picture is obviously of a woman’s hand. In conclusion, Second Master is eating with a woman.)

(Second Brother, you are eating with a woman!]

(Second Master, you are leaving the single team!)

[Another traitor to the Single Men’s Association!)

[Why do I smell love?]

Fu Shiqin scrolled through Moments proudly and did not reply to any of their speculations.

He had thought that Fu Shiyi would call him when he saw the photos, but he seemed to be busy making fish at home and showed no reaction.

“Second Master, if I am going to your sister-in-law’s birthday party next week, what do I need to pay attention to when I talk with her?” Ling Jiao asked as they ate.

These wealthy ladies were not that easy to get along with. Since she was going with him, she had to do everything well.

“Areas to pay attention to?” Fu Shiqin thought for a while and said, “There’s nothing special. My sister-in-law is very easy to get along with. You two are in the same industry.”

“Mrs. Fu is from the entertainment industry?” Ling Jiao asked in astonishment.

She had thought that with Master Fu’s wealth, his wife must be a lady from a wealthy family.

But Mrs. Fu was from the entertainment industry and there was no news about their marriage. The Fu Family had obviously kept it a secret.

Fu Shiqin nodded but did not tell her who it was.

“You will know when you meet her next week. She is a very easy person to get along with.”

They were just talking when the door of the private room was pushed open. Qin Man, dressed in a suit, came in and sized up Ling Jiao with a smile.

“Second Brother, you finally know how to look for cabbage.”

“What are you doing here?” Fu Shiqin asked with a sunken expression.

“I was eating with my family and I saw your post on Moments, so I came to take a look,” Qin Man said.

Fu Shiqin looked up and asked, “Can we eat our food now in peace?”

“I am just curious, how did you and Third Brother find a girlfriend? My second brother and my nephew are both missing a partner…” Qin Man asked curiously.

She had thought that the three brothers of the Fu Family would never get married and have children.

But in the blink of an eye, Fu Hanzheng was married and had children, and Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin were no longer single.

“What is there to be curious about? Sister Qin Man, just focus on marrying yourself off first,” Fu Shiqin said with a smile.

She was still single herself and yet she still wanted to focus on helping her single brother and nephew.


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