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«Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 480 Objection and Opposition

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Chapter 480 Objection and Opposition

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Xia Ning nods, “Yes. That is why I ask you to come here. If Weiwei objects to the result, it will be quite a problem.

“It is reasonable if Weiwei doesn’t agree with the result. Who doesn’t want to get promoted? Besides, Weiwei has been working in World Era Weekly for a very long time.”

Xia Ning turns silent. What she is concerned about most is the man behind Leng Weiwei.

It is Yi Yuntian. Yi Yuntian cares about Leng Weiwei very much.

“Ning.” Baoer cocks her head to ask, “Will you give up? Will you refuse the position of director?”

Xia Ning widens her eyes. She shakes her head, “No.”

For this dream, she has been working very hard for almost ten years. Now, her dream comes true. At least, she has to try. She won’t give up unless she tries and fails.

“So, it is simple.” Baoer pats Xia Ning’s shoulder, “Since you won’t give it up, you may go and fight for it. No matter how difficult it may be and no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome, you may just go and get rid of everything! You are the director of World Era Weekly. Who dares to go against you? I believe you will find the solutions.”

It can’t be as easy as Baoer says. However, Xia Ning always admires Baoer’s optimism.

“OK. I will try my best to work it out.”

“It will be fine as long as you make up your mind! Anyway, Ning, I will always support you. To be honest, Weiwei is more experienced than you, but she doesn’t work as excellently as you. She is too cool. I think the headquarters also takes some reasons into consideration and decides that you are more suitable than Weiwei for this position. Ning, other people admire you. You should admire yourself, too.”

Admire herself… Ah. Too many things happened recently. She tried to escape. However, the more she tried to escape, it became more difficult for her to solve the problems. She should believe that she is the best. Besides, she has got so many people supporting her. What does she need to fear?”

Thinking about this, Xia Ning smiles, “Good! That is the plan. As you said, when we sisters are of the same mind, we will overcome all the difficulties!”

Most of the people in the company feel surprised to find that Xia Ning becomes the director of World Era Weekly.

In their opinion, Leng Weiwei is the most suitable person to become the director.

Anyway, a few of them also think that it is reasonable. Xia Ning has worked hard and she has a special relationship with Gu Luan.

Xia Ning’s becoming the director of World Era Weekly must be the result of Gu Luan’s help.

Besides, Wan Liqing was kicked away because of Xia Ning, too.

Xia Ning has just taken over as the director of World Era Weekly. She makes some re-organization in the weekly. Li Baoer was right. Wan Liqing made World Era Weekly into a mess.

That woman didn’t change her habit of taking personal revenge at work. Many people must have realized that this is the reason for her failure in the promotion.

Leng Weiwei is promoted to be the deputy director of World Era Weekly. There will be two chief editors, which are pending. However, they have already had the candidates. It is under final competition and approval.

Li Baoer is promoted to be the director of the entertainment department. There are also some adjustments for other sectors supervisors.

After the meeting, those promoted are all excited to get down to work. However, those who offended Xia Ning before all feel anxious.

Xia Ning takes a lot of effort to convince her subordinates and well arranges many informers.

She has gone through all those. Now, she doesn’t want to become the target again. She will need to know what happens behind as clearly as what happens in front of her, so that, she will be able to work out solutions even if she fails to keep everything under control.

It is in the Deputy Director’s Office.

When Leng Weiwei reads a message on her phone, her face darkens.

It always remains a far hope for her to lead a peaceful life.

She turns her chair to look through the window and gives a long sigh. At this time, she hears some sound inside the office. She turns to look and sees a picture falling down from the wall.

Instinctively, she throws the pen in her hand towards the falling picture. It bangs. The pen goes through the picture and sticks it stably on the wall.

Leng Weiwei frowns at her instinctive reaction.

If it is seen by other people, it will be troublesome. How can she be so careless?

She stands up and goes to the picture to pull the pen off.

At this time, someone knocks at the door. Her assistant comes in and says politely, “Deputy Director, Director Xia is here.”

Leng Weiwei puts down the picture. She glances at Xia Ning and then turns to her assistant, “OK. You can go to work.”


Her assistant closes the door. Leng Weiwei puts on a reluctant smile, “Director Xia, do you want me to make a cup of coffee for you?”

Leng Weiwei sounds very strange. Xia Ning feels her heart tightened, “No. Thank you.”

Leng Weiwei lifts her eyebrows. She holds out her hand, “Director, please have a seat.”

Then, she herself goes to sit down on the guest seat.

Xia Ning finds Leng Weiwei initiatively offers her the deputy director seat. She says, “Weiwei, you are always a frank person. Considering what you are doing, I think you have a problem with me. Do you?”

“Problem? Ah. Director Xia, I must not be the only one who has a problem with you. May I interpret like this: You are here to show off your new position?”

Hearing this, Xia Ning can clearly understand what Leng Weiwei is thinking about.

It is true. Leng Weiwei has a problem with her!

Xia Ning purses her lips. She goes to sit down at Leng Weiwei’s seat. They stare at each other.

“Weiwei, I come here because I think I need to talk about some issues with you.”

“OK. Director, please go ahead.”

“Weiwei, to be honest, I know you are more experienced than me. You are also more excellent than me in many aspects. However, it is the decision of the headquarters that I take over as the director of World Era Weekly. Besides, I have been always working hard, too. I can understand that you may have some disagreements on this. It is reasonable. I will also improve myself constantly. Anyway, I hope you can understand and agree with me on one principle.”

Xia Ning pauses here and doesn’t continue. Leng Weiwei thinks for a while and says, “Director, you may go on.”

“No matter what will happen in the future, I am the director of World Era Weekly now. At work, the relation between us is superior and subordinate. It is true, regardless we are superiors or subordinates, that disagreements are allowed to happen. But it has to be kept under the basic principle that it is not harmful to the company. I can be tolerant of everything. However, if anything like what Wan Liqing did before happens again, I won’t retreat again.”

Xia Ning’s words sound gentle but also powerful. She says it clearly. Leng Weiwei slightly lowers her eyes. She keeps silent for a while and then sneers, “Wan Liqing? Director, you compare me with Wan Liqing. You look down upon me!”

Xia Ning feels surprised to hear Leng Weiwei’s response. She slightly frowns.

What Leng Weiwei says sounds to be hostile.

Leng Weiwei lifts to look at Xia Ning. She slightly lifts her lips, “Don’t worry. I won’t be stupid enough to do anything which hurts others while brings no good to myself. Your bottom line is not to harm the company’s benefits. I will keep that in my mind. Anyway, I also have something to tell you. It may not sound nice, but I hope you don’t mind.”

“It doesn’t matter. Please go ahead.”

“Competition makes congresses. Inside a company, there are always some kind people while there are always some bad people, too. Whether I am a kind one or a bad one is up to your judgement.”

Xia Ning screws her eyes. She is pretty sure about one thing that she doesn’t want to make Leng Weiwei her enemy.

Leng Weiwei always looks mysterious, which often makes Xia Ning feel chilly wind blowing.

Xia Ning hears Leng Weiwei’s words. She keenly realizes that it is not easy at all to be the director of World Era Weekly.

Xia Ning works at World Era Weekly in the morning. In the afternoon, she goes to Junhao Group, where she is the president.

“President, recently, many shareholders want to withdraw their shares. They don’t give any specific reasons. Instead, they say that they want to sell their shares as soon as possible.” Ren Xing directly reports to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning reads the material in her hand. She clicks on the table, “How many shares are they?”

“They totally account for about nine-point-eight percent of the total.”

Xia Ning frowns. Nine-point-eight percent! It means quite a lot of people are withdrawing their shares!

Junhao Group is a world-famous enterprise. Many people try what they can to buy its shares. Why do these people want to withdraw? It looks very suspicious!

Chairman Ren says that the reasons are unknown. That is really confusing.

Wait…Does that reasons are unknow… means reasons are not told?

“Zihao, how much is nine-point-eight percent of the total shares?”

An Zihao turns the screen to Xia Ning. When Xia Ning sees the amount on the screen, she twitches her lips.

That’s astonishingly much.

“We will have the board of shareholders deal with this nine-point-eight percent of shares issue. Chairman Ren, please tell me the result within two days.”

“Yes. President.”

To be honest, profits are expected to be kept. She is able to buy all these nine-point-eight percent of shares. However, she is concerned about the other shareholders and would rather put it aside for now.

Because she is a new president, the meeting lasts for quite a long time. Xia Ning has just gone out of the meeting room when she glimpses Yi Yunrui sitting in the VIP room outside with a cup of fragrant cappuccino in his hand.

Seeing this, the other people glance at each other and leaves in a hurry and they two are left alone in the VIP room.

Xia Ning glances at the time. She asks, “Darling, have you waited for a long time?”

“The coffee is still hot. I haven’t waited long.” Yi Yunrui responds. He puts down the coffee, “Sweetheart, can you go home now? I boiled some delicious soup at home.”

Xia Ning unconsciously swallows her saliva. She finds that Yi Yunrui tends to be more and more considerate.

“Hum. Let’s go.”

When they go back to the military compound, it is past six in the evening. Yi Yunrui goes directly to serve supper. There are six dishes and a soup, quite a feast.

After supper, Xi Ning sits inside her husband’s embrace and eats fruit. Suddenly, the amount of money pops up in her brain.

“Darling, have you ever calculated how much money we have?”

Yi Yunrui feels confused to hear Xia Ning’s sudden question. He asks, “Why?”

“Many shareholders of Junhao Group withdraw their shares. I am wondering whether I can buy the shares.”

“Withdraw their shares?” Yi Yunrui thinks for a while. He stops peeling fruit.

Xia Ning blinks her eyes, “Darling, do you think there is something wrong?”

“Last time, the US government had an investigation on Junhao Group. It is only half a month later now. Shareholders of Junhao Group withdraw their shares.” Yi Yunrui turns to his wife, “This is abnormal. Sweetheart, seemingly, someone is carrying out some tricks.”

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