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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1077: Golden Roc Covers the Sky, Mythic Tortoise Rattles Hell!

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Chapter 1077: Golden Roc Covers the Sky, Mythic Tortoise Rattles Hell!

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Translator: Midasthefloof

As Princess Yin held the seraphic dao treasure, her aura changed drastically. She became majestic, domineering, and full of authority - a commanding trooper who won battles even before they were fought. A little like the Ancient Emperor!

That's right, it was the same terrifying feeling that the Ancient Emperor exuded. This Imperial Insignia seemingly bestowed her with a metamorphosis that made Wu Yu feel like he was facing the Ancient Emperor.

Of course, this did not put a scare into Wu Yu. He simply marveled at the formidable power of the Imperial Insignia.

Prince Le had already told Wu Yu of the number of Offensive and Defensive Spirit Designs on the Imperial Insignia, and he had its measure. But before the battle, he was not completely confident in taking down his opponent. But to create a shot at life for Ye Xixi and the others, he had to fight to the end! There was not a shred of fear in his heart, only a burning thirst!

Actually, what he did not know was that besides him, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the Elusive Firefly had all stirred great waves outside.

Through the mirror, their cultivation levels could not be seen, but their performance in battles could.

"Did these two always have the strength to stand against Jiang Wuzhou and Xiong Zhan? Is Jiang Wuzhou letting them off easy?"

"Impossible! Those two are demon and ghostly cultivators. They are always by Wu Yu's side, and have definitely grown stronger. Their limits were definitely at the second or third tier Dao Querying cultivation! And now they can hold back a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator! This is a miracle…"

"And in just a mere month. How did they do it?"

In truth, even the more composed types, like the Phoenix Supreme, revealed their surprise.

Those like the Dark Sea Emperor could not help but exclaim as well. To them, such a sudden and abrupt breakthrough, especially on such a scale of numbers, was simply impossible.

A clamor broke out at Windy Fiery Skies Platform.

"It's not just these two. The puppets by Wu Yu's side have grown stronger as well. They're equivalent to sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators! Wu Yu must have some puppet-related treasure on him!"

"There are rumors of, but no one dares to snatch it. After all, the Ancient Emperor is protecting him. But I didn't expect it to be capable of making a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator puppet!"

"Which means… how powerful is Wu Yu now?"

Wu Yu's current state was already enough to shock those of the Dark Sea Emperor's caliber. News of him spread like wildfire through the Jambu Realm.

Hundreds of billions of people were discussing his accomplishments, and how he had become so strong.

"No wonder the Ancient Emperor wants to show us this fight so clearly!" The Dead Souls Demon Lord was fixated on it.

Others understood now as well. This was a real sensation within the Ancient Soul Tower.

"In this world, perhaps only the Ancient Emperor is capable of breaking through to this extent in just a month. Has the Ancient Emperor done something to them in the Ancient Soul Tower? Isn't that a little unfair?"

All kinds of similar sentiments began to spread after that. After all, the one who spoke was also an elite, the Eastern Spirit Marsh’s domain master. He did not know that his son had died at Wu Yu's hands.

"Everyone, please do not be hasty. I think that Prince Le and the others must have discovered the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace within. That is where the Ancient Emperor once spoke of dao. Only the Ancient Emperor's dao musings could have brought such great improvement to them." Amidst the clamor, Regent Di Shatian suddenly interjected, and everyone fell silent.

"The Ancient Emperor's dao musings? I thought it was but a legend. To think it is real. That's probably it."

"If that's the case, then Prince Le has improved greatly as well, although he's still not able to measure up to Princess Yin. This means that Prince Le's luck is stupendous."


Those from the outside tribes would always over-think and feel that this was a personal ploy by the Ancient Emperor. It seemed like Prince Le was rising step by step in the Ancient Soul Tower.

If even this was personally designed, then was the possessor of the Yan Huang Golden Bead even in question?

Was the Ancient Emperor toying with the outsider tribes?

This Ancient Soul Tower battle was completely meaningless, then…

But no one dared to voice this, because it would be tantamount to challenging the Ancient Emperor.

There were hushed whispers between people, and the eventual conclusion was that they had no power to change things for now. All they could do was watch in silence. But if the Ancient Emperor was truly toying with them, then they would truly join forces and do something.

Their focus was on the battle between Wu Yu and Princess Yin. At this moment, Wu Yu had grown to maximum size with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. The Infernal Sky Pillar burnt heroically in his hands, but seemed to pale beside the Imperial Insignia.

It was completely outclassed by the domination of the Imperial Insignia.

And the furious Princess Yin had a stronger killing intent than Wu Yu. In a flash, she had already begun attacking.

"Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky!"

From the get go, she used one of the two ultimate killing moves of the Imperial Insignia. She did not employ any dao techniques or mystiques. She simply wanted to kill.

The Imperial Insignia had two major Offensive Spirit Designs and one major Defensive Spirit Design. Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky was one of the attacks!

Princess Yin's aura had changed dramatically. Waving the Dragon Sword form of the Imperial Insignia, she came lancing towards Wu Yu, sword qi bursting forth to form a golden mystical dragon. The mystical dragon sword qi charged out and spread a huge pair of golden wings. As its speed increased, the two wings blanketed the sky, and the darkness swallowed Wu Yu. The rampaging sword qi struck, homing in on Wu Yu's chest!

As expected of a spirit design crafted by the Ancient Emperor. Focused on killing, with no frills.

The golden roc covered the sky, while the dragon sword killed below!

Wu Yu had not brought the Heaven Devouring Avatar out yet, because in such a situation, he had to see what his opponent was capable of.

He knew now. The opponent's deadliness exceeded a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator. This was definitely the Imperial Insignia and not her!

In that instant, Wu Yu felt that even the Immovable Nine Palaces Design would not save him. And he had no way to break this attack. Therefore, he adhered to his prepared escape route - the Somersault Cloud. He had already mentally prepared himself - if he could not win a head-on battle, then he had to be smart.

The second tier of the Somersault Cloud was already standing by. He flipped backwards, repositioning! But Wu Yu keenly felt the threat now. The attack swooped in with terrifying speed, and he already felt the killing intent prickle against his scalp.

His evasion was still a little slow. Previously, he could dodge everything. But this was a close shave. He dodged the main brunt of the attack. Just before he entered the void, he felt a stupendous blast of sword qi rush past him, disintegrating one of Wu Yu's arms into ashes!

The pain of a mangled arm was enough to make him clench his jaw! Wu Yu appeared on the other side in agony. He had not gone far, and Princess Yin immediately locked on to him again. Again, the killing intent came!

"That move only took an arm? Impressive!" Princess Yin laughed coldly.

Of course, she saw that Wu Yu quickly regrew the arm. To his Invincible Vajra Body, one arm was but a small piece of vitality, and his Invincible Vajra Body had only lost a little strength.

Those watching from outside cried out praise at the prowess of the seraphic dao treasure Imperial Insignia. From this first clash, Princess Yin looked much stronger than Wu Yu. Of course, Wu Yu himself was jaw-dropping enough. After all, who would have thought that he could make it out alive from a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator's attack with a seraphic dao treasure?

"Seems like he'll die inside," the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon noted detachedly.

"No one will think you a mute if you shut up," Luo Pin snapped an icy retort that made the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon bite his tongue, resentment glimmering in his eyes.

He did not understand.

A mere human. How had he made her like this?

He did not understand at all. Therefore, he opened his eyes wide, waiting to see the death of Wu Yu that he was so sure was coming.

Perhaps her feelings for him would die when he died.

But before Wu Yu's hand had finished regrowing, he had already counterattacked!

In that instant, his Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared, the Ghostly Beheader and Blood Coagulant Rapier in its hands. Both were elite advanced dao treasures.


The Heaven Devouring Avatar sent the Ghostly Beheader cleaving towards her scalp, while the Blood Coagulant Rapier thrust out simultaneously. Many stared in disbelief, besides those of Devil's Capital in Devilsky Court. Because they knew that those were the advanced dao treasures of two people from the Devilsky Seven!

"Why are those in his hands!" The Devilsky Court was in an uproar. They immediately saw the implications. At best, Wu Yu had snatched their advanced dao treasures. At worst, Wu Yu had killed them!

But they were the elite reserve of the Devil's Capital. The White Demon Aide and the Black Demon Aide were both there, but the stir they raised was not great. Everyone was caught up in the excitement of the battle, and standing up to shout their protests was futile. The two demon aides' fury was very quickly quelled by their own people.

Moreover, Wu Yu's Ghostly Beheader and Blood Coagulant Rapier burst forth at the same time, and had some effect. The Ghostly Beheader did not fully succeed, but scored a gash on Princess Yin's neck, deep enough to expose bone! Of course, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was also injured because it had not fully succeeded.

The Blood Coagulant Rapier had been used to good effect. The titillating and bloody effects scrambled Princess Yin's state of mind and seriously disrupted her next killing move. In addition to the wound on her neck, she could only retreat at this moment. Wu Yu knew that his chance had come. The hand on his real body had finished regrowing, and he was at his strongest. Moving quickly, he even employed the Violent Art!

Such an opportunity was too rare to pass up on!

Violent Art, Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, and the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters as well. The strongest strike he had came down from above. This was a move that was only featured in physical combat. Wu Yu was a violent beast, delivering speed and savagery that harangued Princess Yin. Wu Yu's specialties were clearly displayed!

But Princess Yin was a capable fighter. More accurately, it was the Imperial Insignia's capabilities, which she turned from offensive to defensive. Wu Yu could clearly see the golden sword in her hand crumble into golden dust and then form a black iron dust, reassembling into a huge, obsidian-colored shield!

The metal shield itself was a force to behold. It had sharp edges and there was a fearfully impregnable feel to it. In the center of the dragon shield form, there was a carving of a mystical tortoise. But a closer look revealed that it was a dragon head, dragon tail, and dragon fangs that protruded from the tortoise shell!

"Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell!"

Just as Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar came crashing down, the Imperial Insignia's Dragon Shield form expanded dramatically. A dragon turtle appeared before Princess Yin, shielding her. The body looked invulnerable. Wu Yu's Violent Art-enhanced strike landed on its body. For each bit of strength that Wu Yu had, the shield returned an equal amount back to him. The entire world rang and a powerful shock ricocheted Wu Yu's strength back to him. The power of the Imperial Insignia had not only foiled Wu Yu's winning move, but also returned it as a devastating injury! One of Wu Yu's physical body worlds was almost destroyed!

"I told you! You're going to die! You dare to underestimate me?!"

Although Princess Yin was sneering at him, she was much more collected now. "I'm going to kill you now. You're in luck. You got to see all three major spirit designs of the Imperial Insignia."

She lifted the sword high, and the world seemed to go quiet. This was definitely the awesome power of the Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky.

Seeing the Imperial Insignia turn back into a sword again, Wu Yu's eyes lit up. He knew that this dao treasure was exactly what he lacked, and what he desired the most. He vowed to himself that he would get it no matter what!

He looked over at Ye Xixi and the Elusive Firefly. They were on the verge of crumbling. If he lost, they were doomed.

He would not accept that. He could not accept that.

The only option was to fight to the death…

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