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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1488: Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar

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Chapter 1488: Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar

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Translator: Midasthefloof

50,000 Spirit Ascension Pills, not one less.

The Chakravarti Ghostly King and Tundra Hell master had many Spirit Ascension Pills on them. Gu Huo Immortal Lord, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord and Xuanyang Emperor Lord had more.

Hence, in reality, Wu Yu had only too many Spirit Ascension Pills.

When he saw Luo Pin holding onto the treasure with such delight, he realised that this Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night was made for her. Even if Wu Yu had spent a lot of Spirit Ascension Pills, and had to endure the rude Qing Xu Immortal Lord, he felt that it was worth it.

There was also no need for Wu Yu to teach Qing Xu Immortal Lord a lesson anymore because the moment he took out all those Spirit Ascension Pills, the embarrassment she suffered was already punishment enough.

Now, she stood frozen on the spot holding all those Spirit Ascension Pills. Her face trembled with anger as she watched Luo Pin and Wu Yu walk away with the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night. At this moment, she was like a clown and her previous rudeness was just a pathetic performance. Recalling how she acted, she felt like a laughing stock.

Even at this point, she was still hoping that Wu Yu's Spirit Ascension Pills were fake. This way, she still had a way out. She gritted her teeth and said: "Wait, who allowed you to touch the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night! Put it back quickly. I am not done counting your Spirit Ascension Pills yet, and who knows whether these pills are fake or not!"

In fact, she did not have much confidence as she said this because it was quite easy to distinguish the fake Spirit Ascension Pills from the real ones.

Her final words worn out Wu Yu's patience. He did not expect her to be so shameless.

"That's enough." Suddenly, a loud and fierce voice spoke from the darkness of the passage. An old man came out from the dark passage. He was burly and had eyes that resembled two blazing torches. However, his body seemed surreal, giving off a mysterious aura. His expression was cold as he glared at Qing Xu Immortal Lord and scolded: "You have ruined the reputation of my Great Void Weapon Armory today!"

Qing Xu Immortal Lord's expression changed immediately. She knelt down miserably and said: "Terminal Ruins Immortal King, please render a fair judgement. I'm also doing this for the sake of the Great Void Weapon Armory. After all, these two people……"

"Shut up." Terminal Ruins Immortal King was furious. He was very powerful and had a high status. He turned towards Wu Yu and said very apologetically: "I'm really sorry. This woman had the nerve to be stuck-up and even looked down on esteemed guests. She has caused a lot of trouble to you today. I apologize to both of you on her behalf."

Qing Xu Immortal Lord now knew that she had made a big mistake. She became very nervous. Her face paled and her heart sank as she thought of the possible consequences that she would have to face.

"Qing Xu, as you have worked for me for so many years, I won't punish you. Just pack up and leave. I don't need you here anymore."

"Terminal Ruins Immortal King, please don't……"

"Scram!" Terminal Ruins Immortal King did not lack people who wanted to work for him, so he did not give Qing Xu Immortal Lord any second chances. He waved his hand and before Qing Xu Immortal Lord could beg for mercy, she was thrown out of the Great Void Weapon Armory and could not enter again.

Now, she had lost her wonderful job.

It did not matter to Wu Yu how much the Qing Xu Immortal Lord regretted her actions or hated him. In his eyes, she was just a clown not worth mentioning. What was important was the joy of getting his hands on a treasure that Luo Pin liked. As for the Spirit Ascension Pills that he spent, money would come and go. Anway, they were fortunes that he chanced upon, so he did not mind at all.

One thing he did not expect was for Terminal Ruins Immortal King to be so decisive. He definitely knew how rude Qing Xu Immortal Lord had been and did not bother to stop her then. It was only after seeing Wu Yu with the Spirit Ascension Pills that he knew that Wu Yu and Luo Pin were no average immortals. They might be immortal emperor descendants. So he quickly drove Qing Xu Immortal Lord away. In this way, he would not offend them.

He continued to apologize. Wu Yu said: "Terminal Ruins Immortal King need not be so humble. The sky palaces are vast, hence there will always be people who do not know their place. Since she has learned her lesson, we don't have to care about her anymore. We are in a good mood today after buying the right treasure. If it's not for the Terminal Ruins Immortal King, where can we get such gains?"

Terminal Ruins Immortal King laughed. Based on Wu Yu's forgiving manner and words, he could tell that Wu Yu was not a simple character. He proceeded to praise the power of the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night, then he complimented on Luo Pin's appearance and said that she was a perfect match for the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night. Finally, he asked Wu Yu casually: "Do you need to get a Great Void Immortal Treasure for yourself? I still have some high grade stash at the back. Why don't you take a look at them?"

He was running a business, so regardless of Wu Yu's seniority or age and no matter who he was, as long as the other party had the money, he would provide good service.

Wu Yu really needed one for himself. Unfortunately, up to this point, he did not see any that was suitable. Therefore, he also intended to continue browsing. Especially now that he felt more at ease without the annoying Qing Xu Immortal Lord.

Aftering sensing Wu Yu's intention to continue shopping, Terminal Ruins Immortal King quickly introduced the other Great Void Immortal Treasures to him. True enough, the subsequent Great Void Immortal Treasures were no worse than the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night. There were only six or seven kinds. After browsing through all of them, Wu Yu was a little disappointed as none was suitable for him. What he needed now was a main Great Void Immortal Treasure.

"None of them is suitable?" Terminal Ruins Immortal King found that while this chap looked young, he had high expectations.

Wu Yu shook his head.

Terminal Ruins Immortal King asked: "Do you have any type of weapon or heavenly rule in mind?

It's also fate that you can come here and buy my Great Void Immortal Treasure. Although I don't have one for you here, if you tell me what you have in mind, I may be able to contact my colleagues and find one for you."

Seeing that this guy seemed honest, Wu Yu proceeded to describe to him the type of Great Void Immortal Treasure that he wanted. It should be similar to the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Tough, fierce and domineering, representing pure strength and righteousness.

After hearing Wu Yu's description, Terminal Ruins Immortal King frowned and said: "This type will be considered as a top-level Great Void Immortal Treasure. It should be rare. After all, all immortal treasures with heavenly rule power would require an eternal immortal emperor to forge, and also a lot of time."

"It's alright. I'll look for it elsewhere. We will take our leave now." Since Terminal Ruins Immortal King did not have one, Wu Yu would not linger.

"Let me send you off." He was still thinking about Wu Yu's request. Before they could leave the shop, he suddenly smacked his forehand and exclaimed: "I do recall something that may be suitable! It is just that it might be hard to find even if you are willing to spend."

"En?" Actually, this Terminal Ruins Immortal King had quite a broad knowledge of Great Void Immortal Treasures. If he could name one that fitted Wu Yu's requirements, then it meant that this Great Void Immortal Treasure would be worth considering.

"What do you mean?" Wu Yu stopped.

Terminal Ruins Immortal King said: "There is a powerful Great Void Immortal Treasure called the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar. It contains the Thunder Flame Heavenly rule. Its power is formidable and domineering. All its previous owners are at least 7-Heavens immortal kings. Once the heavenly rule power is executed, the two heavenly rules of thunder and flame will merge and their explosive powers will be boosted. If you are talking about offensive power, then it is definitely stronger than the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night."

"If you are selling, how much Spirit Ascension Pills will it cost?"

Terminal Ruins Immortal King replied without hesitation: "At least 90,000. Of course, I will fix the price at 100,000. After all, this is a top quality treasure."

If that was the estimate then Wu Yu knew how the price corresponded to the power. The Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night which was slightly weaker than the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe and Tragic Mirror cost 50,000 Spirit Ascension Pills. This meant that the power of the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar was at the same level as the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe. This was the level of power that Wu Yu wanted… He was now at a higher tier than before. If he could possess a Great Void Immortal Treasure of a higher tier, then his battle power would be even stronger than when he was at Astral Hell.

If that was the case, then this weapon was suitable for him. However, why was it not for sale? Could it be that someone else was using it?

Terminal Ruins Immortal King shook his head and said: "That's not the reason. It is possible to get it but you need to take a gamble and get it using your own ability."

"How do I do that?"

Terminal Ruins Immortal King said: "Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor who guards the 6300th level of Heaven, the Mystic Sun Sky, is a relatively young eternal immortal emperor. He had just become an eternal immortal emperor and that Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar is his own possession. Do you know him?"

Wu Yu himself did not know, but from Gu Huo Immortal Lord's memories, he knew who this immortal emperor was. So it meant that he knew about this Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor.

"Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor is an interesting person. He has this pagoda called the Mystic Sun Emperor's Pagoda. Usually, this pagoda is placed inside the Mystic Sun Immortal City. There are 99 levels in the pagoda and there is a Great Void Immortal Treasure in every level. These treasures are all his private collection. Anyway, he has no family and also no use for these treasures. Hence, he sets up immortal designs and waits for destinable persons to break through the designs. There is an immortal design before every Great Void Immortal Treasure. As long as one breaks through the immortal design, he could get the Great Void Immortal Treasure that it guards."

"Then the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar is one of these Great Void Immortal Treasure? So simple? Not for sale, and I can get it only through a challenge?"

This was another possible method for Wu Yu. After all, after buying the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night for Luo Pin, the Spirit Ascension Pills he had, although sufficient might also be required for other things.

"It is not simple. First, there are 99 Great Void Immortal Treasures and the immortal designs range in power. These are all very ancient immortal designs. Even if you are very strong, if you cannot find the key point, then it would be hard to decipher or break through these designs. Secondly, each time you challenge it, you will have to pay a fee that ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 Spirit Ascension Pills depending on the Great Void Immortal Treasure that you are challenging for. If you fail the challenge, then you forfeit the Spirit Ascension Pills. Anyway, each time the Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor collects 99 types of Great Void Immortal Treasure, he would open up the Mystic Sun Emperor's Pagoda. When the challenges end, he would earn a lot. However, when a challenger succeeds, it is equivalent to having spent a smaller amount of Spirit Ascension Pills to buy the treasure. Hence, there were many challengers each time. The pagoda is now open for challenge. You may want to try your luck there."

After hearing this, Wu Yu thought that the Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor was an interesting immortal. If he set such challenges, it would mean that he was confident in his immortal designs.

"Also, there is a limit to the realm of the challengers for different Great Void Immortal Treasure. So if you are thinking of getting someone else to help in the challenge for the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar, then he cannot be stronger than a 4-Heavens immortal king."

Of course, he did not think that Wu Yu could take part in the challenge himself. These challenges were for immortal kings.

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