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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1486: Qing Xu Immortal Lord

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Chapter 1486: Qing Xu Immortal Lord

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Translator: Midasthefloof

For Luo Pin who had almost no experience battling in the sky palaces, a suitable weapon would be relatively important.

The heavenly treasures that Wu Yu obtained in Hell were all wonderful artifacts. It was especially so for the likes of Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe and Riposte Needle that he had to discard then.

Nonetheless, he had no regrets over them as they were all dangerous items.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces weren't like the Astral Hell. Plundering, killing and robbing were all done privately and in a more concealed way. Based on the ordinary way, one would only get a pretty good great void immortal treasure either as a gift from an elder or purchase one with money.

What Wu Yu had planned was naturally buying one with money. At the same time, he want to walk around the place and witness the bustling 8,000 Sky Palaces in its entirety.

When he arrived in the 8,000 Sky Palaces, he headed to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm directly. After which, he entered the Great Void Immortal Path. After his return, he was guiding Luo Pin in cultivation. The time he had to roam the 8,000 Sky Palaces and increased his knowledge and exposure was few and little.

After packing up, both of them left the place they had hidden in over these years and headed to the prosperous area of the Vast Seas Sky.

"Let's head to the Golden Turbid Sea City. This is a core city of the Vast Seas Sky and where the residence of the Vast Seas Immortal King is. It's just next to the Well of Eternal Life."

"I'll just follow you."

The immortal companions sped along the vast seas. First, they came to the surface and travelled through the clouds above the surface. After all, it had been a long time since Luo Pin saw any sunlight.

"At a different cultivation realm, looking at the beautiful scene of the sky palaces has a different taste to it." Luo Pin looked far ahead and light gleaned in her eyes.

"At a different cultivation realm, even your beauty is different. It isn't that the beautiful scene has changed. It is just that you have changed," Wu Yu chuckled.

Hearing his compliments, Luo Pin was innately delighted. The worries that had plaqued her for a long time had vanished without a trace.

The Golden Turbid Sea City was in the center of the Vast Seas Sky, just next to the Well of Eternal Life. When they first arrived in this place, Wu Yu and Luo Pin could see the city from afar. It was indeed the main city above 5,000th level of Heaven and was even more majestic and vast than the likes of Mystical Resonance Immortal City. The immortal lords that could be seen around were at least 5-realm immortal lords. Furthermore, immortal kings could be spotted frequently.

"It is said that for sky palaces above the 6000th level of Heaven, they are all reigned by eternal immortal emperors. We are nearing the 6000th level of Heaven. Therefore, the ruling Vast Seas Immortal King should be a 9-Heavens immortal king," Wu Yu explained.

"Uncle Wu Jun, as one of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings, is also at this tier. A large majority of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings of Sky Heart tribe are 9-Heavens immortal kings."

"What about your adoptive parents?"

"My adoptive father is a 7-Heavens immortal king and my adoptive mother is a 6-Heavens immortal king."

That was a little higher than Wu Yu had first expected. Their cultivation realm, and especially so for 9-Heavens immortal king, were all relatively close to an eternal immortal emperor. Typically speaking, this was testament to their great talents. For example, Wu Jun still stood a good chance of becoming an eternal immortal emperor.

As they chatted, they arrived at the center of Vast Seas Sky and the Golden Turbid Sea City which was like a blue gem.

This was a stereoscopic city. It was exceptional huge and vast with the glow of immortal designs glittering everywhere. Various beautiful buildings filled all directions and could be considered as relatively lively.

Obviously, on a sky palace of this level, the so-called lively would just mean one could vaguely see one or two immortals a far distance away. After all, this place was simply too colossal.

Even so, when Wu Yu entered the city, he still could detect others paying attention to them. They might be searching for Chifeng Immortal Lord.

Subsequently, their focus was shifted to Luo Pin. After all, her demeanor was exceptional and attention-grabbing.

It wouldn't be convenient to move around if they received too much attention. With the demeanor and looks of Luo Pin, one would only assume she was a descendant of an elite immortal emperor of the sky palaces.

It didn't take long for her to notice it as well. Therefore, she asked for a face veil to hide her appearance. Even so, the demeanor she exhibited was hard to conceal. Nonetheless, this helped reduced the potential trouble extensively.

"How dare you laugh at me!" Luo Pin looked daggers at him.

"Not at all. I'm just feeling proud. After all, isn't everyone envious of me having a beauty like you as companion?"


Wu Yu asked around and soon identify the location of the largest immortal treasure shop in Golden Turbid Sea City. They headed in that direction and soon stood before the doors of the Great Void Weapon Armory.

The Great Void Weapon Armory was levitating in the Golden Turbid Sea City like a giant crucible. The engravings on the three legs were three mystical dragons. It was heavy and ancient and should be a type of great void immortal treasure by itself. Now that it was used as a shop, others entering the Great Void Weapon Armory would be equivalent to walking to the owner's great void immortal treasure.

Since the owner opened his doors for business, there shouldn't be an issue with safety.

The gigantic Great Void Weapon Armory only had an entrance and it seemed to have no patrons currently. Judging from the count of immortals in Vast Seas Sky, it would be commendable if it could sell an immortal treasure per year.

When Wu Yu and Luo Pin arrived, there should be a personalized keeper to accept them. As long as a guest came into proximity, Qing Xu Immortal Lord, who was cultivating, would be alerted to go receive the guest. Nonetheless, she didn't mind. After all, the owner of Great Void Weapon Armory, Terminal Ruins Immortal King, was paying her handsome remuneration to manage the place. She would just be disrupted on some occasions and this wouldn't be a major issue.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord was famous in Golden Turbid Sea City. First, it was because she was managing the largest immortal treasure armoury of this place. Second, it was because of her stunning beauty and alluring figure. She was wearing a white dress, had green hair that cascaded down like a waterfall, cherry-red lips and well-endowed body. Her beauty far outshone others in Golden Turbid Sea City and due to her cultivation arts, it strengthened her charm. Therefore, young and talented pursuers of hers in the city would often come by. Just for a glance at Qing Xu Immortal Lord, they would even spend huge money to purchase great void immortal treasure.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord was neither obsequious nor supercilious. No matter who her pursuers were, she wouldn't agree to their advances and chose to remain here. If she could attract more customers and sell more treasures, her remuneration would be larger. If she left with someone, she wouldn't have as much to gain!

The immortal movement design was activated, signalling there were guests. Qing Xu Immortal Lord looked at the time and noted it had been more than two years since the last customer. If she could complete a deal today, her cultivation resources for the next two years would have been gathered. This exhilarated her a little.

However, to her surprise, she saw the two customers weren't immortal kings when she stepped out of the Great Void Weapon Armory. Based on her assessment, they weren't even high tiers immortal lords. She was a 9-realm immortal lord and yet they were below her. Yet, they dared to visit the Great Void Weapon Armory?

She was at a crucial stage of her cultivation previously and was disrupted by Wu Yu and Luo Pin. It's natural that she wouldn't be pleased. After scrutinizing Wu Yu and Luo Pin from head to bottom, Qing Xu Immortal Lord sneered, "Both of you are really ignorant. How could you guys barge into this place. Don't you know we only sell great void immortal treasures and not destinable immortal treasures in the Great Void Weapon Armory? Not anyone could just walk in for a view."

Wu Yu and Luo Pin was taken aback. They didn't know why this woman was so fiery when they just arrived. Upon hearing her and understood what she wanted to say, Wu Yu replied, "I understand. We are here to purchase great void immortal treasures."

Qing Xu Immortal Lord was stumped. She looked at Wu Yu and then to Luo Pin who wore a veil over her face. Luo Pin had caught her attention. Qing Xu Immortal Lord was known for her beauty throughout Vast Seas Sky. However, this woman before her had exceptional demeanor even with a face veil. Although she hate to admit, she felt a strong sense of threat and that she was triumphed in various aspects. She wasn't too pleased to begin with and her mood only got worse. It was as though Luo Pin was here to steal her "limelight".

She couldn't help but scoffed, "Hey chap, it's better that you understand this place a little more first. Your genesis mystical pills wouldn't be able to buy any of the great void immortal treasure. These immortal treasures that encompassed heavenly rules are beyond your imagination."

Wu Yu was stumped once again. He finally understood this immortal was belittling him. He had a good mood initially but soon became a little frustrated to be discriminated. However, this was the time to cause a scene and he wouldn't want to be held back in this place.

"Since we aren't fated, let's find another place," Wu Yu said to Luo Pin.

Luo Pin definitely could tell the little thoughts of Qing Xu Immortal Lord. Her intention to compare was evidently shown from her expressions, perhaps just not as apaprent as shouting out loud.

Luo Pin definitely wouldn't just stomach the grievances. She said indifferently, "It's alright. We will just take a look inside. I'll like to see if she's going to stop us from spending in this place! This isn't even her territory."

Once done, she pulled Wu Yu along and entered the Great Void Weapon Armory.

"What are you guys doing? Are you guys crazy?" Qing Xu Immortal Lord frowned and was even frustrated. She had not expected to encounter customers that couldn't be chased away. Moreover, they even want to head into the deeper areas of the shop. Her inner wish was to throw them out directly. However, Terminal Ruins Immortal King had rules that she couldn't start a fight here and cause a scene. She wouldn't end up well if she did. Those who insisted on causing a scene in the Great Void Weapon Armory would be taken care of by Terminal Ruins Immortal King himself.

"Alright, I'll like to see what you guys can afford. What a waste of time!" Qing Xu Immortal Lord laughed when her anger reached tipping point. She was starting to look forward to seeing their self-abased looks when they got in, saw the numerous great void immortal treasures and asked for their prices. She was particularly interested to see how Luo Pin would react. To think that she vaguely want to stand up against her, she felt this was hilarious.

"There are too many ridiculous fools around nowadays."

Qing Xu Immortal Lord was just waiting for them to embarrass themselves. She followed them in as she was being paid for this job.

"For silly fools like them, this would probably be their first time entering the Great Void Weapon Armory. Without going in, they probably wouldn't know how poor they are!"

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