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«Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 660: Suspect

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Chapter 660: Suspect

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Developing new surgical methods was something that high-ranked hospitals were willing to do, and it was also something that they must do.

New surgical methods meant new instruments and equipment, new projects and funding, new training and advanced studies, new allies and representatives…

Developing new surgical methods could eliminate old surgical methods, then the hospital could progress according to the research direction recognized by the new leader and department director. It did not only reduce the impact of old-school doctors but also lower the burden on old surgical methods to be successful.

For patients, new surgical methods were not necessarily the best choice, because they were basically something that was considered inferior. However, when compared to other surgical methods that were even more inferior in level, there were still some benefits to them. Overall, new surgical methods were good, but it would be different when a person was really particular about specifics.

In short, developing new surgical methods was politically and profitably correct. The only disadvantage was that it was slightly troublesome and hard. However, doctors and leaders who worked in tertiary Grade A hospitals were not bothered by this.

Take Donghuang Regional Hospital as an example. They happily sent two doctors to drive and pick up Ling Ran. They actively engaged him in conversation, and they were also very sweet with their words.

Zuo Cidian exchanged pleasantries with them. Then, he turned around, smiled, and said to Zhang Anmin, “This regional hospital is a tertiary Grade A hospital. The district hospital in Yun Hua behaves like the dead. Abdominoscopy has been developed for years, and they still can’t differentiate between the different minimally invasive surgeries. Their microsurgeries are even worse, as if they are afraid of patients going to them to get their hands reattached. ”

Zhang Anmin calmly said, “The Bazhaixiang hospital branch is in worse condition.”

“As if you haven’t seen the town hospital before.” Zuo Cidian pursed his lips, and he regarded Zhang Anmin in contempt, who had only gone to a town hospital branch for freelance surgery.

Zhang Anmin smiled. “When you were in the town hospital, you did not perform any surgery. Now, when I go over there for freelance surgery, one surgery will pay me several thousands of RMB. I just fear that the condition of Bazhaixiang is not good and can’t pay me that amount.”

Zuo Cidian felt so angry that he fumed with anger. He knew Zhang Anmin was poor and tired, and his wife was also very fierce, but being able to earn money with freelance surgeries was already amazing. That was truly impressive!

Zuo Cidian could imagine that Zhang Anmin, who was poor, tired and had a fierce wife, would soon become Zhang Anmin who was not poor, but still tired and had a fierce wife, while him, Zuo Cidian… still did not have a wife…

Zuo Cidian rubbed his eyes while thinking, ‘I should learn a special skill.’

When he was thinking, he received a call from the 222-pound resident doctor brought by Zhu Tongyi. “Academician Zhu’s meeting is ending soon, so he’s asking where Doctor Ling will be heading for surgery today?”

“Oh, today, we’ll go to Donghuang Regional Hospital. They have sent a car over.” As Zuo Cidian spoke, he nodded to the doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital, while he moved his lips, and said, ‘Academician Zhu.’

Over the past few days, Academician Zhu appeared by Ling Ran’s side frequently, so the doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital knew who Zuo Cidian mentioned after they thought about it for a short while. Then, they also smiled and nodded.

On the other end of the phone, the 222-pound resident doctor held a bottle of water, drank, and smiled. “That’s just right. We will go to Beijing University Sixth Hospital first, then we’ll go to Donghuang Regional Hospital with you. We’re not familiar with the road.”

“Oh, alright, let me ask.” Zuo Cidian then clapped his hand over the bottom of his phone, smiled to those two doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital in front of him, and asked, “Academician Zhu says he wants to take a ride with your car, is it okay?”

“Oh… Okay, sure…” Two doctors looked at each other, and they were unable to turn down his request.

Zuo Cidian continued to talk through the phone, while the doctors discussed in a low voice.

“We’re driving a Buick GL8, it can’t accommodate so many of us, right?”

“Should we ask the hospital to send another car over?”

“Let’s go to the department director and have him ask a pharmaceutical sales company to send another car over.”

Two of them were also doctors who always worked in welcoming and sending off other doctors. They finished their discussion quickly before they started making calls.

On the other hand, Zuo Cidian put down his phone before he picked it up again.

This time, it was Professor Feng Zhixiang.

A few sentences later, Zuo Cidian clapped his hand on the phone again and said to the two doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital. “Professor Feng Zhixiang has also come over. He drove here, and he has just parked his car. He heard that we have a car going together, so he asks if he can take a ride with us…”

“Of course. ” The two young doctors dared not reject Professor Feng Zhixiang. Besides, they were just adding another person.

Zuo Cidian smiled and continued to talk on the phone. After a few seconds, he put down the phone again and said, “Professor Feng Zhixiang said that he made an appointment with other professors and chief physicians. He asked if they could leave together with us as well.”

“Of… course.” The two doctors from Donghuang Regional Hospital persisted in smiling, and they started to make phone calls in a frenzy.


At Donghuang Regional Hospital, the medical director of the General Surgery Department deliberately invited the associate hospital director who was in charge of surgeries to show his respect toward him. It would be easier to develop new skills and new projects if there was support from a group of hospital leaders.

The two leaders arrived a few minutes earlier at the office on the ground floor. They sat down and looked at the digital screen that was prepared by several young doctors to welcome them.

In a while, a fleet of four cars stopped in front of Donghuang Regional Hospital.

Ling Ran, Zhu Tongyi, Feng Zhixiang, and the others came down slowly. They walked toward the hospital while laughing and chatting.

When the associate hospital director saw them, a smile instantly bloomed on his face. “Well done, well done, Academician Zhu Tongyi and Department Director Feng Zhixiang are all here now. Ah, Department Director Li Tianyuan is here as well. This project must be developing well!”

When the associate hospital director saw them, he had agreed with the suggestion by the department director of the General Surgery Department.

A project that cost millions of RMB was not a huge figure for Donghuang Regional Hospital. The associate hospital director felt that he would not suffer any no losses if he managed to get a photo where this group of people were chatting warmly.

He brought along the medical director. He came out of the main hall to welcome them, he immediately held Professor Feng Zhixiang’s hands.

Of course, he was the most important teacher for Beijing-based doctors…

“Welcome, welcome…” The associate hospital director held Professor Feng Zhixiang’s hands and did not want to let go.

Feng Zhixiang could only put up a show of interacting with him…

Soon, the welcoming activity went on just like all other welcoming banquets, preventing Feng Zhixiang and Zhu Tongyi from escaping.

Ling Ran was still quite free. In fact, the associate hospital director did not want to shake hands and take photos with Ling Ran. Ling Ran was ranked high in Changxi Province, but when he came over to Beijing, he was still not that outstanding.

Naturally, the most important thing was that photos could easily generate comparisons. The associate hospital director also did not want to stand in front of Ling Ran to show that he was older, uglier, and appeared less elegant compared to Doctor Ling…

Ling Ran did not care about it. When both parties were still engaged in a lively discussion, he took a walk outside and entered the Emergency Department in Donghuang Regional Hospital.

Donghuang Regional Hospital was slightly weaker than Beijing University Sixth Hospital. Although the equipment for the important departments was relatively good, because it was a regional hospital, its facilities such as the Emergency Department were rather normal.

While Ling Ran considered it, he pondered over the matter in his mind.

Under Zuo Cidian’s instruction, a doctor from Donghuang Regional Hospital walked even more slowly while he followed behind Ling Ran. He thought. ‘The experts nowadays are so troublesome. The younger they are, the more troublesome they are. Even when he is just hanging around, he still needs people to follow him…’

When he thought about this, Ling Ran who was in front of him waved at him.

“Doctor Ling.” The young doctor quickly walked forward and showed a smile that made him look like a Pekingese.

“Can I approach the patient?” Ling Ran pointed at a patient who was sitting on a bench with his eyes closed as he rested.

The young doctor looked over and saw a middle-aged patient who was still at the prime of his life had his hand covered with white gauze. He seemed to have come to change his dressing, and his wound seemed to still cause him pain, causing the patient to scowl.

The young doctor asked tentatively, “Do you know this patient?”

“No, I suspect that he has myocardial infarction, so I would like to perform a check-up on him,” Ling Ran answered honestly.

The young doctor was stunned, and the doctor who was busy giving consultations to other patients also frowned and looked over.

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