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«Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 998: Explosion

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Chapter 998: Explosion

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Yuan stared at Ling Ran, and she looked so anxious it was as if her face was about to explode.

Academic discussions were naturally proposed by the officials, but if someone put forth contradicting academic opinions in the same academic conference, it would arouse confrontations.

This was unlike conferences for natural science or internists. Surgeons had always been bold and passionate. In other words, their academic confrontations were often extremely intense, and the hostility would often leave a huge impact.

In her haste, Yu Yuan could only use her best skill as a weapon and made a promise. “Doctor Ling, why don’t we go back and write an article to voice your opinions? You can make an outline so that you can get your points across when you speak, and it is also more acceptable. I’ll do the actual writing and make sure it’ll be a good one.”

Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan in surprise. “Have you always been writing the articles casually? No wonder…”

Yu Yuan’s jaws dropped. “No wonder what?”

“You’ve been writing quite slow lately. You used to be able to write an article in two or three months, but nowadays, you only write one after a few months.” Ling Ran recalled.

“That’s because I was preparing for the attending physician licensure exam… right, Doctor Zuo?” Yu Yuan sent a distress signal to Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian hesitated for a few seconds, looked at the operating table, and slowly said, “I think that Chief Physician Ji of the Provincial Research Institute of Digestive Diseases should be the one who took the lead for giving the expert opinions on the ‘choosing of materials for surgery sutures’, right?”

Yu Yuan nodded quickly. “Yes, Chief Physician Ji is able to get many projects and funds every year. I think his research institute for digestion is the earliest institution to be built in this field of medicine.”

“It doesn’t matter how early they built it. It still belongs to the provincial hospital, and since it’s the provincial hospital’s institution, we don’t need to be afraid of him.”

“Doctor Zuo, please don’t give crazy suggestions.” Yu Yuan sensed that something was wrong.

Zuo Cidian curled up his lips and said, “Doctor Yu, Department Director Huo has offended a lot of doctors from the provincial hospital. Besides, if they are provincial hospital doctors, even if we don’t offend him, should we be flattering them now?”

Zuo Cidian made a thorough analysis of who was their enemy and friend, and he instantly diverted Yu Yuan’s attention from the situation at hand.

Yu Yuan moved her lips. “We’re not Department Director Huo. Doctor Ling is still so young. Do you think it’s good for him to be offending experts like Chief Physician Ji?”

“You don’t say, but it might be possible.” Zuo Cidian laughed a couple of times before saying, “Do you think you can be famous by appearing somewhere? There are so many people doing that, but they only end up as people who attend conferences and cannot contribute to it. Do you think it is possible to be respected, be an expert, make expert opinions, organize an expert consensus session, and not offend anyone?”

Yu Yuan was worried and became serious. “B-But… Doctor Zuo, engaging in academic confrontation is not that simple. If you put forth a refutation, the other party can also refute your points. This kind of thing may last for many years, but in the end, we will need evidence-based work to back up our arguments, and we will need a lot of money for that. We will suffer a lot if the opponent gets a hold of our weakness as well.”

“I believe in Doctor Ling.” Zuo Cidian did not understand how complex and serious were academic issues, academic confrontations, or expert opinions, but he knew that Ling Ran definitely in first-class in terms of academic issues, and his surgical skills were also top-notch. He believed that Ling Ran would win both in confrontations and getting evidence to back his claims.

Who cared if it was an arms race as long as they won?

Yu Yuan looked at Ling Ran and then at Zuo Cidian. She was so anxious that she did not know what to do.

Ling Ran saw that the argument was over, and he said, “Then let’s follow the original plan.”

Yu Yuan was incredibly anxious, but she had no choice but to quietly take out her phone and send a text message to Huo Congjun through WeChat.

Soon, Huo Congjun texted back.

Yu Yuan quickly opened the message and saw Huo Congjun’s reply, it was as simple as ever.

[I wish you victory in your first battle!]


Uneasiness, anxiety, excitement…

After Yu Yan was tormented by a stream of emotions, the afternoon session finally arrived.

The place where Ling Ran’s second surgery was located was already crowded.

The medical staff from different hospitals, staff from different pharmaceutical sales companies, hotel service staff, as well as the guests, occupied the room so much that it was as crowded as a tourist bus, even though the staff had originally estimated that half or one-third of the room would be empty.

Several cameras faced the stage from afar, all of which broadcasted Ling Ran’s speech as the main event.

In addition to the live-streaming platform from Yunli Medical Company, two more pharmaceutical companies joined the market. They wanted to establish a live broadcast system between hospitals and medical schools. The scope was not very large, but they lacked a lot of selling points.

Ling Ran looked at the manuscript in his hands, turned on the microphone, picked it up, and said, “I’d like to talk about some problems regarding hepatectomy today.”

There was no need for speeches in academic conferences like Duco to be too formal.

In fact, there was never a lot of formatted things in clinicians’ speeches. When it came to surgeries, those speeches would usually be boring.

At this time, speeches from the bosses sounded more interesting than those of the senior doctors, because they had specially assigned people to write their speeches, and even specially assigned people to improve them…

As for academic-related things, no one ever knew just how much content was contained in the speech.

Ling Ran’s speech was a little boring. The writer behind his speech was Yu Yuan. And even though she often wrote articles, she seldom wrote speeches. Hence, when Ling Ran stood on stage to read his speech, it became boring.

Fortunately, Ling Ran was handsome enough that they would never get tired of looking at him, and because of it, they spent a little more effort in trying to analyze what he said.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Ling Ran of Yun Hua Hospital is really handsome.” Some of the important people under the stage also started discussing with each other with great interest.

“He is so handsome. What was he thinking by becoming a doctor? Is he insane?”

“He has done more than one thousand cases of hepatectomies in the hospital.”

Several bosses of Changxi Province were speechless when they heard the number of hepatectomy cases Ling Ran performed.

In many cases, the number of surgeries actually served as the only way for a surgeon to improve in a certain surgery, and most of the time, it became an obstruction in their path of improvement. If senior doctors of the same department monopolized a certain type of surgery, junior doctors would not be able to master this type of surgery no matter how talented they were.

In a region, the top-level tertiary Grade A hospitals also monopolized major surgeries. Of course, they would not monopolize those surgeries as strictly as a department would, but as this became a silent influence in the industry, doctors of other hospitals who wanted to break this monopoly would need to put in a lot of effort.

A lot of resources needed to be accumulated especially to perform major surgeries. These resources were time, energy, equipment, and so on. Not only did the doctors and the hospitals need to invest in them, but it was also implied that a large number of patients needed to invest in this as well.

No hospital could ignore one thousand cases of hepatectomies.

“Almost all of Yun Hua’s freelance surgeries were taken by him. Young people are very energetic.” Chief Physician Ji of the provincial hospital raised his chin while he sat in the middle. He was practically the most famous doctor in today’s occasion. If it were not for the purpose of publishing his expert opinion this time, he would not have come.

“I have heard of that.” The bosses who sat near him laughed.

Some of Yun Hua Hospital’s department directors also smiled with an indecipherable expression. “Huo Congjun pushed him to his position. He might be Old Huo’s successor.”

“So young?”

“He may as well just take over the whole Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, right?”

As soon as this statement was made, several people laughed.

“Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center has done more than a thousand hepatectomies. That’s an impressive number you took in.”

“I’ve also seen his surgery videos and live broadcasts. It’s really amazing. Young people are quite impressive.”

The bosses chatted casually. The ones sitting in the middle were all department directors. As far as the current environment in the country was concerned, although there was room for further improvement, it was still quite impossible for them to truly improve.

Therefore, doctors who were department directors were mostly relaxed.

They chatted in a relaxed manner, and their muscles were all relaxed. It was almost like they were on a holiday and enjoying their leisure time.

Right then, as Ling Ran talked about the treatment of the cut surface of the liver, he said, “Titanium clips or hemlock clips can be used to close blood vessels and bile ducts larger than 0.07 inches in diameter, but this is not the best choice. The best and most effective measure should be suture ligation. In addition, 5-0 single strand non-absorbable suture or single strand absorbable suture should be used for ligation. Figure 8 sutures should be used for relatively small blood vessels, and for larger vessels, continuous suture shall be used…”

As Ling Ran said that, many people in the conference room obediently shut their mouths.

The bosses in the front row turned to Ling Ran when they heard about titanium clips.

Ling Ran remained composed even as he was under the people’s gazes. He looked down at his speech and continued, “In this regard, I am against the suggested scope of use for titanium clips put forward by Chief Physician Ji during the expert opinion forum earlier today. In hepatectomies, such use of titanium clips is not conducive to surgeries, and it is not good for the postoperative recovery of patients—”

Chief Physician Ji’s expression gradually turned stony.

The doctors’ expressions gradually turned into those adopted by people when they wanted to enjoy a show.

The representative of Duco Medical Company had a twisted expression. His fingers were pinching his thigh. In his mind, he could not help remembering what Ling Ran asked him earlier.

“‘Is any topic okay?”‘

“‘Yes, just go up and say whatever you want!’”

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