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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1183 Annoying

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Chapter 1183 Annoying

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Aika put a pinky in her ears, twisting it around with annoyed expression.

"Stop yelling."

Her voice was soft compared to the roar, and yet it stifled completely.

Saint Rinushka hadn't felt very much during this whole process. He wasn't even a person of the Fourth Heaven as he roamed between them all without a care in the world, the only thing he cared about were his disciples, he cared so much that he had even come to pick up his youngest disciple personally. It was then that he was invited to help the Infinity Blade and Resonant Bo Sect as a precautionary measure to ensure their victory.

Since their payment was quite handsome for something that he thought would take little to no effort whatsoever, he decided to participate. He didn't think that a Sect rising from the Third Heaven could pose any threat when even Sixth Heaven Sects had to take him seriously. He honestly thought that the Infinity Blade and Resonant Bo Sects were blowing things out of proportion but as a lone cultivator, he had a propensity to take funds where he could get them, especially when he deemed the task doable.

However, most of this had been secondary to him. All of this time, he had been waiting for his disciple to come out, feeling more and more pride as time went on. While everyone else was throwing a temper tantrum about the outcome of their disciples, he was the most confident. He hadn't considered for a moment that his disciple might be dead.

Even after the blackhole closed, he had held out hope, thinking that there might have been some kind of mistake, maybe some sort of special reward or event was coming. But as more time passed, and Ryu passed his tribulation, and Aika appeared and began attacking…

The further and further his heart sank.

When Aika suddenly stifled his roar, the fury bubbling up in his chest spilled over.


Saint Rinushka's aura flourished, wild plumes of Spiritual Qi coming off of him in waves.

Almost immediately, the surrounding Sky Gods took hold of their juniors and shot off into the distance, placing as much distance between themselves and Saint Rinushka as possible. They hadn't done this during the previous clash between Thera and the other, they hadn't done this when Aika appeared and began to attack, but the moment Saint Rinushka seemed to have lost himself to rage, they reacted without the slightest hesitation.

Aika's eyes narrowed, waving her hand and causing a barrier to protect Ryu and the others to her back. When she saw this, Thera sighed a breath of relief and took Aantha hurriedly into the distance as well. If Saint Rinushka was enraged, even she couldn't do much about it. There was a reason despite being a Perfect Sky God, he was so well respected. If he ever succeeded in becoming a Transcended Sky God, there would probably be no one beneath the Seventh Heaven that could deal with him.

If they allowed his Spiritual Qi to touch them, it would latch on like a loach and never let go. Even if he didn't target them with it now, if he ever found them displeasing in the future, he could trigger that qi whenever he wanted, and the trouble was that that qi was almost impossible to purge. Setting aside the fact that even an Omniscient Sky God would have trouble, just finding it alone after it had sunk into your body felt like a task.

"I don't like your tone," Aika said coldly, striking down with another casual palm strike.

The ripples of Spiritual Qi around Saint Rinushka trembled and he vanished from his location, just barely dodging Aika's attack as he formed several hand seals. He didn't even know who had killed his disciple, but since someone had given him a target to vent on, he would use it!

However, just before Saint Rinushka could finish his final hand seal, his heart trembled.

"Idiot," Aika sneered.

A second palm strike seemed to manifest out of nowhere. No, it was like there had always been two to begin with.

Ryu's gaze narrowed. Aika's Dao had always been fascinating to him. Even without being able to tell its exact level, he felt that it couldn't possibly be weaker than a Hegemonic Dao, and there was a very real possibility that it was even higher than that.

The fact that Aika could maintain such a thing while in the Sky God Realm was shocking. If she truly had an Ancient Dao, that meant that she could become a Dao Sovereign and even a Dao God if she was lucky enough.

However, Ryu didn't think along these lines anymore. What was the point when he didn't even know what her current cultivation was?

All Ryu knew was that if Aika had enemies on the Seventh Heaven… And she already dared to forcefully raise the Radiant Star Sect up…

Her cultivation couldn't possibly be low.

Saint Rinushka's expression changed as he hurriedly retreated in an ugly manner, his previous demeanor gone.

The shockwave ricocheted off of his body, sending him flying into the distance and coughing up mouthfuls of blood.

"Saint Rinushka! It was him! He killed your disciple!"

Vie's little brother shouted out immediately. It didn't seem to matter that he was the one who had said it, there were simply too many present back then.

Saint Rinushka's blood flew from his lips, but his gaze turned crimson when he heard this, a malevolent gaze landing on Ryu.

At this moment, though, Ryu was still paying attention to Mae's health, he hadn't even looked up after being exposed as though he couldn't be bothered to care.

"Good… Good…"

"Annoying, just die," Aika said coldly.

Her aura changed and she seemed to have stopped playing around. The cane in her other hand trembled and she pierced out with it just a single time, and yet a tsunami of qi formed, enveloping Saint Rinushka in an instant.

He didn't even get the chance to breathe again, any threatening words he was about to say being stifled.

When Aika's attack vanished, so too had Saint Rinushka.

Aika yawned once. "A clone? Do you think that matters?"

A great distance away, a man meditating deep within an Immortal Abode froze. When his eyes suddenly opened, they were entirely vacant.

He had died.

The man was a Transcended Sky God. Saint Rinushka.

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