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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1182 Who?

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Chapter 1182 Who?

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Elizaren's pupils constricted as he looked up. He hadn't noticed when Aika appeared, somehow he got the feeling that she had always been there, but that was absolutely impossible. Let alone Elizaren, though, the gazes of the three Fourth Heaven representatives couldn't help but tremble. They felt Aika's strength even more forcefully.

"… Who are you?" Elizaren asked.


Elizaren's eyes widened, his face swinging to one side. He didn't notice how it had happened, and he had never before experienced such a feeling in his life, but he knew for certain at that moment that he had been slapped.

His body trembled and his eyes reddened, a fury bubbling up within that was only moments away from being unleashed.

"Don't reply to my questions with a question of your own. There's only one person here asking questions, and that's me. Open your mouth for something other than giving me an answer and I'll rip your tongue out next time."

"Now, I won't repeat myself again, who are you going to make a pill slave?"

Aika's overbearing words caused the atmosphere to freeze.

Elizaren slowly turned his head back toward Aika, veins popping up all along his forehead. He forced himself to take deep breaths, trying to calm down. He wasn't a fool. While it might be the case that Aika had used some unique method to catch him off guard and wasn't actually much stronger than he was, until he figured out what that method was, he was better off being cautious.


Elizaren's head whipped in the opposite direction, a tooth flying out along with it.

"My patience is limited. I don't have the time to wait for you to feel like answering to do so. When I ask a question, you answer. Immediately."


Elizaren finally lost all grasp of rationality, about to lash out with all his might. But before he could take even a single step, he felt an undeniable force pry open his so wide that his jaw disconnected and grab a hold of his tongue. He couldn't even fight back as the force ripped up, tearing out his tongue and a large wall of skin at the back of his throat along with it.

The pain made Elizaren's might go blank. He couldn't even scream without a Dool of blood gurgling in his throat and threatening to drown him.

He fell to the ground on all fours, blood falling from his mouth as though a waterfall of crimson.

Aika looked down toward Elizaren, seemingly one part disgusted and another part bored.

"What useless trash. I will not repeat myself, Ryu Tatsuya is an Inheritor Disciple of the Radiant Star Sect and not something the likes of you can lay a hand on. Any Sky God who dares to target him will be slaughtered mercilessly by me."

Aika raised her hand, seemingly about to kill Elizaren. However, Ryu's voice echoed at that time.

"You can kill anyone else, but I'll kill him personally," he said softly.

Aika blinked and looked towards Ryu.

"Aiya, I wanted to establish my dominance but here you are taking away from my shine, Little Ryu." Aika seemed somewhat aggrieved but she changed the topic even faster. "That new look suits you, makes my Little Ryu look even more handsome and rugged. This seat approves."

Aika floated around Ryu once, then twice, nodding her head. If Ryu didn't know better, he would think she was salivating.

After she seemed to be finished teasing Rvu Aika looked toward the other disciples. Although they now stood to their feet, she could see the dents in the ground. With her expertise, it didn't take her much effort to realize that they had been forced to kneel earlier.

Like a pair of flashing bolts of lightning, her eyes landed on Saint Rinushka, Sky God Syriah and Sky God Sage. At that moment, Saint Rinushka seemed to be in a hint of a daze, seemingly only now beginning to realize something. As for latter two, their gazes were crossed between malevolent and cautious.

Sky God Syriah stood forward, prepared to speak.

"This is a territory shared by the Infinity Blade and Resonant Bo Sect, it cannot accommodate a third. Since you have proven yourself to be exceptionally powerful, the Fourth Heaven, of course, welcomes you, but you must follow certain rules."

Sky God Syriah didn't want to seem too weak, but she knew that she could not come off as too strong either. Doing so would only put her life in danger.

Regardless, their Sects were the nearest to this location, if need be and they faced an existential crisis, it wouldn't be impossible to call Transcended and even Omniscient Sky Gods over if it was absolutely necessary.

As had been repeated many times, the gap between the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Heavens was probably the smallest among all nearby Heavens. Every Sect within these three Heavens of a certain level of reputable strength had Transcended and Omniscient Sky Gods, the only difference was the strength they wielded individually.

This was an inevitable result of the strong bottleneck to enter the Seventh Heaven.

"Proven myself?" Aika laughed, her bell-like laughter being one part heart warming and another part domineering and valiant. "Do you think I need to prove myself to the likes of you?"

Aika waved a palm down and Sky God Syriah couldn't even react to it.


The eyes of the surrounding Sky Gods widened. This time, there was no sudden sneak attack. There were no hidden or mysterious methods. There was just raw strength. In an instant, Aika had gathered up qi from the several thousand miles and concentrated it into a single palm attack, smashing Syriah into a meat patty.

"Oh? You didn't die?" Aika smiled almost like a cat toying with a mouse.

Instantly, it became clear that she had, indeed, intended to kill Syriah with that strike. But not only that… but she could really do so with just a single palm if she chose to. If not for a God Treasure, the half dead Syriah would really be nothing but a puddle of flesh.

"My disciple…" Saint Rinushka trembled. "… My disciple, why didn't he come out? Where is my disciple?! WHO DARED TO TOUCH MY DISCIPLE?!"

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