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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1032 Retracing

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Chapter 1032 Retracing

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Strands of hair blotted out the skies like beams of radiant white light.

The Willowing Wisp Sect was one that focused on light elemental qi and area control techniques, but this Brune seemed to have a unique Bone Structure that allowed him to use the hairs on his head as support. This was quite a rare ability, and even looked quite silly in Ryu's estimation, but the level of control it took to control each individual fiber of hair wasn't something that could be underestimated.

There were an innumerable number of paths to follow in cultivation, and unfortunately, the level of the silliness didn't always coincide with weakness. In fact, they could often be the most dangerous to face.

In a moment, Brune had taken control of the entire region, his hair becoming like a net that covered all paths of retreat.

Ryu lightly tapped his foot and dodged out of the first barrage. It was as though he didn't take the speed seriously at all despite the fact that this was maybe the greatest advantage Brune's hair had.

With light steps, Ryu danced around Brune's attempts to attack him, his expression placid and unmoved. By the third time he did so, Brune's expression finally became solemn as he realized something. The only way for Ryu's movements to be so profound was if he had a movement Dao Charm technique.

When he thought of this, Brune's heart couldn't help but shudder.

If he had used his Spiritual Sense, he could have noticed this immediately. But realizing like this only made him more solemn.

Movement techniques could be considered among the very hardest types of Dao Charm technique to master, maybe only Soul Type Dao Charm techniques were more difficult. For an Immortal Ring Realm expert to not only have mastered one, but to have even done so with one capable of dodging his attempts at locking him down was far too frightening.

Ryu lightly stepped and his body suddenly vanished, a breath of relief releasing from his body as though his pores themselves were breathing. But in reality, that was exactly what was happening.

Ryu's speed more than doubled and his agility alone seemed to increase at least tenfold. He knew then that he had crossed Complete Success and entered Great Circle of Perfection. If Complete Success could use 100%, then Great Circle of Perfection went beyond, but due to this, everyone had a different method of doing so.

Ryu's Bone Structure allowed him to use his pores to absorb qi unlike everyone else who could only use their mouths and noses. Upon reaching Great Circle of Perfection, [Whispering Petals] seemed to have tapped into this ability of his with wind types qis. Essentially, almost like a vehicle with multiple propulsion units, Ryu was no longer just using his legs to change direction, but his skin itself could push and pull against the atmosphere, allowing his agility to reach an untouchable level.

Facing opponents who didn't dare to use their Spiritual Sense, Ryu didn't bother to try and mask this. With a tap of his foot he vanished, appearing to Brune's back in the blink of an eye.

"Overestimating yourself," Ryu said coolly.

A needle of blue steel formed in Ryu's palm and he flicked his fingers.

Arcs of radiant blue lightning sparked before concentrating into a single point and flying toward Brune's back with a speed even greater than Ryu's own.

A powerful sense of danger overwhelmed Brune and he immediately forgot about chasing after Ryu.

He spun with all his speed, facing the coming needle with a solemn expression as he sent his hair forward like a net to bind it.

At that moment, the other youths caught up and stepped into the safe zone, but by then, Leonel had already stepped out of it, taking a completely different path out.

"Wait! Where are you going?! Don't you want to play with big sis?!"

Aantha took a different approach from the others, but Ryu couldn't even be bothered to look back.

Inwardly, though, Ryu shook his head. His Dao Heart was strong enough to ignore Aantha's charm technique, but his blood still rolled through his body. It seemed that as his Bloodlines grew stronger, their drawbacks were rearing their ugly heads again.

Aantha pouted when she saw that Ryu ignored her. Her charming eyes couldn't help but focus on the chiseled definition of his back, licking her lips involuntarily. Ryu's scent was particularly good, she wondered just how refreshing it would feel to bathe in his blood.

Usually, she only bathed in the blood of virgin women and had never tried a man's blood before as it might hinder rather than help her cultivation. But Ryu's scent was just too tempting, so she wanted to try it out anyway.

Finally, the last of them, Farroth of the Metal Work Sect caught up. But like this other, he could only watch as Ryu rushed away.


Brune finally managed to stop the charge of lightning, his hair smoking as though it had been set on fire.

Without a word to anyone else, he charged back out of the path they had come from. Even if Ryu had taken a different path, so what? Now that he was familiar with the path, he would be able to exit in a few seconds. By then, where would Ryu run?!

The youths exchanged glances but ended up completely ignoring Brune and looking toward the gaping mined hole before them.

So what if Ryu took the Ancestral Grade piece, weren't there still large amounts of Mystical Grade Ore here? After they finished mining all they could, it wouldn't be too late to fight Brune for the piece of Ore he snatched back from Ryu.

Brune noticed their actions but he only sneered in his heart. After he took the ore for himself, would it really be so easy to force him to cough it back up? They were daydreaming!

He burst forward with speed, retracing his previous steps.

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