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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 760: Heart of Gluttony, The Strong Assemble

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Chapter 760: Heart of Gluttony, The Strong Assemble

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The eyes of the Almighty expert that was leading the group blazed. His aura gushed forth in all directions like a tsunami, causing the natural energy in the surroundings to fluctuate chaotically.

Staring at that golden palace, hesitation flashed across his face.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would not proceed with this plan. However, he was already at the end of the line. If he still wished to get the inheritance, he had no choice but to force his way into the palace. The only way was to overcome everything that came across his path and destroy it with brute force—there was absolutely no other way.

The countless experts gathered and circulated the energy around them, causing their energy level to increase steadily.

Some brandished gleaming sabres while others wielded long swords, radiating a sharp killing intent.

These experts came from various parts of the Hidden Dragon Continent. Their gazes raged on with a burning passion, and they sought to use sheer power to overwhelm and destroy this palace, attaining the inheritance they sought!

Indeed, there was not a single person who did not desire the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony.


The squad’s Almighty leader shot forth like an arrow, transforming into a ray of light as he plunged toward the heart of the golden palace. It was as though he wanted to pierce directly through it.

The attack of an Almighty expert was utterly terrifying!

After witnessing the Almighty expert unleashing an attack, the rest of the crowd let out various battle cries in unison as they unleashed a myriad of true energy projectiles.

The flurry of attacks instantly lit up the entire place like fireworks, a scene that was truly a sight to behold. However, within this beautiful display was a devastating and destructive energy!

Chu Changsheng and the others coldly observed the scene unfolding before them…

Mo Liuji’s lips lifted into a mocking arc as he toyed with the star compass in his hands. He laughed disdainfully as he watched the squad unleash their various attacks.

This bunch of retards…

This inheritance palace was built by the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony. It was then enhanced and upgraded throughout the centuries by each succeeding Valley Master. Neither the arrays nor the defense mechanism of this palace could be overpowered by the likes of these uncultured and narrow-minded pigs.

Trying to overpower this array with brute force? Leave it to these fools to come up with such a solution.

Even Chu Changsheng was unfazed.

Truth to be told, Chu Changsheng was indeed very calm. He sat cross-legged on the ground, and started to treat his injuries, rejuvenating his body at an astonishing pace.

He only let out a cold smirk at the crowd’s futile attempt while thinking, “They will soon pay for their attempt in attacking the palace.”

Upon seeing the return of Nether King Er Ha, Saint Daughter Zi Yun glowed with joy. She skipped gleefully to his side.

However, the current Nether King Er Ha was in a state of embarrassment and shame.

For a renowned and almighty Nether King like him to be repelled by a mere array, what has the world come to? Just because the dish that he cooked came out slightly burned and distorted in shape!

The Nether King looked at the thick, huge, and charred Spicy Strip while he pursed his lips.

He rubbed the back of his head. He initially did not intend to produce such a thick and huge Spicy Strip. However, when he thought of all the times he ate small Spicy Strips, he never had enough! He might as well cook a gigantic Spicy Strip. Wouldn’t that be much more satisfying?

At first, Er Ha had even wanted to make it a unique Er Ha Brand Spicy Strip. Alas, something screwed up during the process… resulting in an end product that was slightly different from the one he had envisioned.

He knocked the two Spicy Strips together, and a crisp and clear sound could be heard. This caused Nether King Er Ha’s eyes to light up.

It looks like this Spicy Strip of his wasn’t useless…

It can be used as a smashing brick during a fight!


While Nether King Er Ha was toying with the charred Spicy Strips in his hands, the experts have each landed their lethal attacks onto the golden palace.

A deep rumbling sound ensued after a magnificent explosion!


The entire underground cavern began to tremble. A moment later, the golden palace was illuminated with an intense radiance!

That radiance… it was blinding!


A ripple scattered throughout the land.

The golden palace was completely unscathed. It was like a tranquil Datura flower, which was invulnerable to attacks.

The countless experts looked at one another, confused. They were utterly at a loss for words…

At that moment, everyone felt their hearts clench. A malicious intent radiated out from the palace and engulfed their bodies, putting them in a state of petrification!

A faint gold ripple diffused out from the golden palace steadily.

It swept past everything…

Chu Changsheng felt as though that ripple was like a gentle breeze, allowing the pores on his body to widen gradually.

Mo Liuji’s clothes began to flutter, further emphasizing his robust and muscular chest.

For those that have not attacked, these ripples felt like a gust of gentle breeze.

However, for those that did, the ripples sweeping past them caused their bodies to expand rapidly. They eventually burst apart violently, producing clouds of bloody mist.

The dense cloud of blood mist lingered…

The Almighty expert let out a savage howl, and his aura burst out unceasingly. A soul ladder emerged above his head, showing his Star Reflection.

However, in the face of the golden ripples, his soul ladder began to crumble into pieces, and his Star Reflection dimmed.

His entire body got blasted off into the distance. He was severely injured, coughing out several mouthfuls of blood.

Nonetheless, he was still better off, compared to the rest that have been reduced to clouds of bloody mist.

In a blink of an eye, the large squad of powerful experts had been eliminated until only a few of them were left.

Either they possessed strong capabilities that enabled them to withstand the ripple, had some sort of technique to evade death, or did not attack the golden palace at all.

The crowd was finally enlightened. That golden ripple will only harm those that have attacked it. On the other hand, those individuals that had not launched any attacks only felt a gentle breeze.

Those that had survived felt as if there was a claw around their heart…

They didn’t even dare to breathe out loud, much less attempt another attack.

Mo Liuji leaned against the wall as a strange glow flashed past his eyes. The star compass began to shine brilliantly within his hands. One of the stars on it was dazzlingly bright, and not only that, it was positioned within the golden palace.

His goal for this mission, the demon heart capable of slaying the Saintess, was hidden within it.

Mo Liuji had initially thought that this mission was a rather simple one. However, from the looks of it, it would possibly pose some difficulty for him.

He had no idea when the other party will step out of that palace.

What if… that person doesn’t leave?

From the looks and behavior of this domineering inheritance, if that person failed to attain it, there was no telling whether or not he would be released alive.

A pillar of light rushed up to the heavens as strange and unfathomable runes encircled it.

His opponent’s dish once again imploded.

Soon after, the illusion in front of Bu Fang had vanished. He kept a calm expression as he placed his hands behind his back and took another step forward.

Unknowingly, he had already reached the sixth step out of this Nine Steps of Culinary Arts.

Bu Fang kept a cold and emotionless face as he proceeded. Despite this, he could still sense the boundless and unfathomable energy that seeped into his body after every step he took. Perhaps this was the so-called inheritance. The amount of energy absorbed by him was indeed quite a hefty one.

If it weren’t for the system absorbing and converting the energy to a purer form, this vast amount of energy consumed would be more than enough for Bu Fang to power up.

Even evolving to a five-step soul ladder realm will not be out of the question.

However, this system behaved like a black hole. It transformed whatever energy that it had absorbed into another form.

Bu Fang was able to sense that his body was indeed improving at an astonishing rate. Not only that, but its foundation had been further deepened as well.

He felt an impulse to activate the Divine Soul Realm examination immediately.

If he were to complete that examination, he would be able to coagulate and congregate all his soul ladders, allowing him to become a Divine Soul Realm expert.

Even though Bu Fang was currently considered strong, he was merely a peak Divine Physique Echelon cultivator that had shattered nine of his supreme chains. He was still way off when compared to a true Divine Soul Realm cultivator.

Of course, with the aid of the Black Taotie and the White Taotie’s souls, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which had their treasure spirits awakened, Bu Fang’s fighting prowess was comparable to a being that had a five-step soul ladder.

With another step, Bu Fang’s view had once again been altered.

Bu Fang felt as though his body had been once again dragged into a Chef’s Challenge.

As he ascended the steps, the opponents that Bu Fang met were progressively stronger.

No doubt, Bu Fang began to feel more pressured, but despite this, he still remained as calm and cool as ever. Indeed, the defining quality of a chef was confidence.

Knives flashing, Bu Fang and his opponent entered a real battle of culinary arts.

Above the skies of the Valley of Gluttony, clouds rolled. Eventually, a face was formed by the pearl-white clouds.

That gargantuan face of a man swept his gaze across the Sunset Lake to the towering golden palace that lay hidden underground—the Gluttony God’s Palace.


The clouds continued to roll as a ray of light shot out from that face’s mouth.

“The Gluttony God’s Palace has finally been activated. Also, someone is about the conquer the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts, eh? Then… let the Heart of Gluttony be born!”

The radiant figure furiously charged down from the heavens after mumbling these words to himself.

He shot downward at an inconceivable speed. With his hands beside his waist, the figure zoomed down like a cannonball, plunging into the lake, causing a massive explosion.

He transformed into a streak of light, dashing straight toward the origin of the light pillar from within the lake.

That light silhouette looked intimidating and overwhelmingly powerful.

He didn’t even slow down upon seeing the base of the valley. Instead, he accelerated his speed.

Soon, he collided into the base of the lake.

However, it did not crumble and exploded as expected. Instead, the figure scattered into lights and was absorbed into the ground…

Outside the valley, space began to crumble.

A hole was seen being ripped open in space, producing an enormous pathway.

From that path, a burly figure emerged. His purple hair fluttered savagely, and mysterious ancient runes can be seen on his body.

He was a puppet. His eyes were hollow and dark, as though a soul was residing within it.

“I, the Amethyst Elder, shall not give up the chance to attain the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony. I shall use this inheritance to help me advance! Anyone who wishes to block this elder… shall be punished by death!”

The purple-haired puppet gradually opened its eyes, revealing the seemingly swirling spiral that spun within his obsidian eyes.

A few jade-green lotus leaves descended from the heavens, accompanied by some soothing chanting of scriptures and a beautiful melody played by a zither.

The jade-green lotus pad penetrated the space around it and gradually emerged. Within the lotus laid an elegant lady. She had a pair of alluring eyes that peered directly toward the Valley of Gluttony.

She lightly parted her blood-red lips as she spoke, “It has been so many years. The Valley of Gluttony had already been reduced into such a state… Since I, Bi Liantian, am here today, I shall send this Valley of Gluttony off on its final journey.”

That lady swung her delicate and snow-white hands as she commented.

She stood up, revealing her seductively long legs that were as polished as jades. She stepped onto the lotus pad, and in the next moment, a crystal clear lotus flew out and landed on her hands.

She then opened her red lips and shoved the lotus into her mouth, gently exhaling breaths of air.

Suddenly, the lotus pad began to tremble as it tore through space, hurtling toward the Valley of Gluttony.

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