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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1318 The God of Cooking’s Menu

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Chapter 1318 The God of Cooking’s Menu

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A Nine-revolution Great Saint was assassinating a Little Saint? Was there such a shameless Great Saint in the world?In the distance, the Earth Prison experts watching at the situation in Forbidden Soul City were struck dumb. Prison Overlord Ying Long’s eyes narrowed, while Jin Jiao, Yin Jiao, and the other Prison Overlords also gasped.Sure enough, the Black Temple was the most shameless forbidden land.

“That damnable Black Demon!” Prison Overlord Ying Long flew into a rage, and he smashed the ground with the butt of the Hollow Eye Staff. The next moment, he stepped into the air and sped toward the city. After watching for a long time, he finally couldn’t bear it and wanted to join the battle.

The other Prison Overlords stayed put. You Ji’s eyes were filled with worry. Nethery was with Bu Fang. Would her sister get hurt? However, she was not strong enough to join the battle, so all she could do was worry for her!

Black Demon didn’t expect that he would fail. From the previous age to the present age, he had only failed once, and this was his second failure.

He had not failed when he promised the Great Saints of the nine Nether Prison clans to assassinate Nether King Tian Cang. He managed to seriously injure Tian Cang, leading to the Nether King’s demise under the joint attack of the nine clans.

This time, however, he failed to assassinate a mere Little Saint?!

It was his second failure since his debut. He still remembered his first failure, when his target was the number one expert in the previous age. Coincidently, that expert was also a chef. ‘But… this chef in front of me is a far cry from that chef!’

Although his strength had dropped and he was no longer at his prime after being trapped in the forbidden land for an age, it was impossible for him to fail at assassinating a One-revolution Little Saint!

He was, after all, the number one assassin of the Netherworld, so he quickly woke up from the momentary lapse of concentration brought by the failure. Facing the attacks from Bu Fang, Whitey, and Nethery, he only sneered disdainfully.

‘The metal puppet is stronger. At least, it has the fighting capacity of a Nine-revolution Little Saint. But what are the chef and the girl thinking? They are merely One and Two-revolution Little Saints, and yet they want to go against me?’


Black Demon lifted a hand and flicked the Thunder Knife with a finger, sending it spinning away and causing Whitey to stagger back a few steps.

At this moment, Bu Fang threw out his Taotie Arm with terrible power. The punch hit Black Demon in the face with a thud, but the latter only grinned and said, “Are you tickling me?”

A scornful smile came over Black Demon’s face. With his cultivation base of a Nine-revolution Great Saint, he would not suffer a scratch even if he stood there and let Bu Fang attack at will.

Bu Fang’s eyes were extremely cold. He was about to produce the Sword Pot when Nethery’s chilly voice stopped him. He turned around and immediately saw that her pupils had turned turquoise. His eyes narrowed instantly.

Nethery’s palm struck out hard. It was extremely fast. The next moment, it landed on Black Demon’s face.

“Hehehe… Little girl, are you courting your own death, too?” Black Demon said with a cold smile. He was full of confidence, which came from his strength.

However, as soon as his voice rang out…


Nethery’s palm slapped him in the face with a loud sound.

The slap put a strange look on Bu Fang’s face.

‘Hmm?’ A shock of cold stabbed through Black Demon the moment he was slapped, and the feeling numbed his body and heart. ‘This feeling…’ The next moment, a streak of turquoise flashed before his eyes. ‘Turquoise…’ Black Demon’s hair stood on end suddenly, and he stared at Nethery with his scarlet eyes as if he just saw something incredible!

He flew backward the next moment. Accompanied by a miserable howl, he fell on the ground in the distance, rolling.

Nethery’s eyes had returned to normal, and she was in a slight trance. She gave her palm a puzzled look as if she didn’t understand why it was so powerful. ‘I’ve just thrown a Great Saint away with a slap? When did I become so powerful?’ She blinked with a blank face.

Bu Fang also gave Nethery a puzzled look, while Whitey, carrying its knife that was flickering with lightning, scratched its bald head with a huge hand.

As a rumbling sound rang through the air, Prison Overlord Ying Long descended from the sky, clasping the Hollow Eye Staff. Nether King Er Ha also flew over and gave Nethery a baffled look.

In the distance, Black Demon rolled to his feet. A dark green light could be seen spreading across his face. His eyes were full of horror as he touched his face, where bandages were falling rapidly.

“A curse! It’s a curse…”

Black Demon raised his scarlet eyes and glanced at Bu Fang, then he shifted his gaze to Nethery, looking as if he had just seen a ghost. It appeared that he was terrified of the curse as if it was the greatest taboo in the world.

‘This guy knows the curse in Nethery?’ Bu Fang thought to himself. The curse was extremely mysterious. Although his dishes could suppress it, he didn’t know its origin. Even Nether King Tian Cang had failed to suppress it.

All the while, Bu Fang thought he might find the answer to the curse in Nether Prison. After all, Nethery and You Ji were brought from there by Nether King Tian Cang. It never occurred to him that this Black Demon, who came from a forbidden land in Earth Prison, seemed to know its secrets as well.

“A curse… I can’t believe it’s a curse…” Black Demon acted as if he had gone insane. Then, the killing intent in his eyes suddenly soared. “The Source of Curses, you’re the source of doom! You’re not supposed to exist! You must die!”

As the bandage on his face fell to the ground, he sped over like a madman. A turquoise curse power was corroding his face, causing his strength to continuously decline. However, his desire to kill Nethery had reached a frightening level, which was even stronger than when he tried to assassinate Bu Fang just now!

Nethery’s face turned pale, while Bu Fang’s brows furrowed instantly. At this moment, Prison Overlord Ying Long let out a long whistle and swung his Hollow Eye Staff.

“Black Demon! I’m going to avenge Nether King Tian Cang’s death today!”

The Hollow Eye Staff made an upward thrust, and the ground exploded instantly, sending rocks and soil at the approaching Black Demon. Then, a powerful beam of black light shot out of the staff toward him.

With a crazy look in his eyes, Black Demon raised a hand and grabbed the black beam of light. The beam twitched in his hand, and yet it couldn’t break free.

“Get lost!”

Black Demon was boiling with killing intent, and he roared. Prison Overlord Ying Long, however, did not comply with his order. Instead, he locked him in a fierce battle.

Meanwhile, Nether King Er Ha’s eyes were already shot with blood. Tightening his grip on the halberd, he rushed up and joined the fight. His father, the previous Nether King, was a mighty man and had led an army to attack Nether Prison, but in the end, he died miserably. It was all because of this assassin, Black Demon! Therefore, Er Ha wanted to avenge his father’s death today!

“Get out of my way, all of you!” Black Demon’s killing intent was spilling out. All he wanted now was to kill Nethery, to kill the girl who carried the Source of Curses.

A violent battle broke out in an instant. With Nether King Er Ha’s strength boosted by his Nether King Armor and Prison Overlord Ying Long’s Seven-revolution Great Saint cultivation, both of them managed to trap Black Demon, a Nine-revolution Great Saint plagued by the curse, in a battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, the Great Saints fought without holding back. The blasts created by their fight destroyed the ruin that was Forbidden Soul City the second time, causing the ground to crumble and cave in. The Earth Prison experts in the distance were already struck dumb by what they saw. They gasped and didn’t know how to express their shock.

At this moment, Earth Prison seemed to have completely turned into a battlefield. Meanwhile, Yellow Spring Little Restaurant was still intact, even though it was trapped between the mighty auras of Great Saints. That amazed many people, for they had never seen anything so incredible.

In the restaurant, Bu Fang turned and glanced at Nethery. He found that her face had turned pale once again. Frowning, he lifted a hand. An array appeared in the palm, and he pressed it against Nethery’s forehead.


The cursed snake emerged, coiling itself around her body while spitting its forked tongue.

‘The curse… seems to have recovered slightly? This is not good…’

Bu Fang’s face grew serious. He helped Nethery into a chair, then gave the fight outside the restaurant a deep look. A moment later, he turned and walked into the kitchen.

“Special reward task announcement. Does the Host want to accept it?” A serious voice rang out in Bu Fang’s mind. The System, who had not answered any of his inquiries, finally spoke.

Bu Fang had just lifted the kitchen’s curtain when he heard the voice, and that gave him a pause. He took a deep breath and asked, “What’s the special reward task?” The information about the previous host had somehow filled his thoughts.

“Complete the task, and the Host will receive the System’s special reward,” the System answered seriously.

Bu Fang remained silent for a while. That did not answer his question.

“What’s the task?”

“Special reward task: Cook a dish from the God of Cooking’s Menu, Three-cup Divine Chicken.”


Bu Fang was slightly taken aback. He didn’t expect that the task the System gave him at this critical time was to cook a dish. “Hold on…” Suddenly, he seemed to see light flashing before his eyes. “System, what is the God of Cooking’s Menu?” he asked impatiently, sucking in a cold breath.

However, the System didn’t answer him this time. It fell silent.

“The Three-cup Divine Chicken possesses a vast spirit essence that can suppress the power of the Source of Curses. Does the Host want to accept the task?” the System said in a serious voice.

Bu Fang was speechless. He thought that the System must be doing this on purpose. It knew he wanted to suppress the curse in Nethery, so it deliberately announced this task at this moment. It gave him no reason to refuse! Still, he felt something strange about the task, mainly because it was announced at this point in time.

Something struck him suddenly, and he narrowed his eyes and asked, “What are the risks of this task?”

The System remained silent for a while before saying, “The Host will receive a special reward after successfully cooking the dish from the God of Cooking’s Menu. If the cooking failed… the Host will be wiped out.

“A friendly reminder: The dishes in the God of Cooking’s Menu have magical effects when eaten for the first time.”

If he failed… he would be wiped out?!

The answer petrified Bu Fang.

‘But, according to what the System said, if I can make the dish… perhaps it can completely suppress the curse in Nethery? If that’s true…’ Bu Fang glanced at Nethery, who sat leaning on the chair with a pale face. He took a deep breath with a straight face.

“System, with the current level of my cooking skills, what are the odds of me successfully cooking the dish?” Bu Fang asked an important question.

The System didn’t answer right away as if it was calculating. After a long time, it said, “After careful calculation, the odds of the Host successfully cooking a dish from the God of Cooking’s Menu are two to ten.”

‘A twenty-percent success rate?! Are you kidding me, System?’ The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched as his eyes flickered.

“Fine, I accept the task.”

Although the success rate was low, at least it meant he still had hope, and if there was hope, he should fight for it. Slow and steady was good, but if he wanted to go higher, he needed to take risks.

At this moment, Bu Fang felt as if there was a fire burning in his chest. Whatever the System’s intentions were, he had only one thought in his mind now: he would cook the dish!

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