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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1317 The Assassination From a Nine-Revolution Great Saint!

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Chapter 1317 The Assassination From a Nine-Revolution Great Saint!

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A True Dragon still possessed a supreme dragon’s might even when it was dead. Although this was a skeleton dragon from the previous age, the fire it breathed seemed strong enough to destroy heaven and earth. The whole sky had turned white.Yellow Spring Great Sage took a deep breath and snapped his fingers. The next moment, the water of the Yellow Spring River rushed over, gathered in front of him, and soon turned into a blood-colored water dragon, crashing with the dragon’s breath.

A hissing sound rang out as the blood-colored water evaporated, turning into steam that filled the air. Before long, the whole ruin that was Forbidden Soul City was enveloped by a cloud of white mist.

“Bu Fang, my little friend, help me take care of this wine jar. I’ll be right back,” said Yellow Spring Great Sage.

Before Bu Fang could react, the jade wine jar had flown into his hand. Holding the fist-sized jar, he heard the wild laugh burst out of Yellow Spring Great Sage’s mouth.

“I’ve not exercised for ten thousand years. Well, I’ll spend some time today playing with this skeleton!”

Even as he said that, Yellow Spring Great Sage stepped on the blood-colored water and soared into the sky. Then, he put his thumb and his index finger into his mouth and let out a shrill whistle. The sound spread far and wide.

The next moment, a dragon roar exploded out of the Yellow Spring Valley and shook the skies! The ground seemed to tremble violently, while powerful blasts caused the air to ripple!

Yu Luo, the Winged Man who was forced to guard the valley, widened his eyes and stared at the crumbling ground behind him. The next moment, a Blood Illuminating Dragon flapped its wings and flew out of the valley, opening its huge mouth to reveal its sharp teeth. A terrible pressure spread, causing Yu Luo’s wings to shudder.

The dragon soared into the sky and sped toward Forbidden Soul City in the distance. There, an enormous pale skeleton dragon was roaring.

It didn’t take the Blood Illuminating Dragon too long to arrive. Soon, it blotted out the sky with its gigantic body.

“You have your skeleton dragon, while I have my Blood Illuminating Dragon! Let’s see if your True Dragon skeleton could withstand the bombardment of my dragon!” Yellow Spring Great Sage laughed heartily.

Roaring, the Blood Illuminating Dragon approached with blood-colored dragon’s breath spreading out of its month. It reached out a claw and smashed the enormous skeleton dragon into the ground with a deafening rumble!

The Skeleton True Dragon and the Blood Illuminating Dragon were both Great Saints, and their battle soon filled the air with a loud din and broke the ground, attracting the attention of thousands of experts. It was a shocking sight to behold.

“You’re digging your own grave.” The golden skeleton’s mouth moved, and a profound voice rang out of it.

All of a sudden, the ground caved in as the golden skeleton shot into the sky like a golden cannonball, heading straight toward Yellow Spring Great Sage. As it drew closer, it threw out a punch, which was so powerful that it made the surrounding air ripple!

“Skeleton, let’s fight in the starry sky! I have been wanting to see how strong the survivors from the previous age are!” Yellow Spring Great Sage gave a long whistle. At that, the blood-colored water of the Yellow Spring River rushed over, wrapped him up, and brought him into the starry sky.

Without a word, the golden skeleton stepped on the air and followed, its golden bones bursting into a dazzling light that looked like flames. Meanwhile, the Skeleton True Dragon and the Blood Illuminating Dragon also rushed into the starry sky. Suddenly, three more Great Saints had entered the battlefield in the starry sky!

Clouds of thick water vapor blanketed the ruin that was Forbidden Soul City and enveloped the whole Yellow Spring Little Restaurant.

Bu Fang stood at the door and was lost in thought, while Nethery was at his side, holding Foxy in her arms.

The battle broke out too suddenly, but it also seemed as if it had already been planned for a long time. The forbidden land’s intervention seemed to be orchestrated by the Sword Demon Patriarch.

Nether King craned his head out of the restaurant, glanced at Bu Fang, who was lost in thought, and grinned. “Don’t worry. If three Patriarchs of the nine Nether Prison Clans were here, they might be able to give that mangy dog some trouble. However, only the Sword Demon Patriarch is here. The dog is not afraid of him.”

Bu Fang looked up at him and said nothing.

Crack… Crack…

The ruin around Yellow Spring Little Restaurant turned as one pale skeleton after another crawled out. With ghostly flames burning in their eyes, they marched toward the restaurant.

Glancing at those skeletons, Nether King Er Ha’s eyes lit up instantly. “Bu Fang young man, give me ten spicy strips, and I’ll get rid of these rubbish for you,” he said with a big smile, revealing his white teeth.

He finally found a way to earn spicy strips. Ever since he called Bu Fang a stinking cu*t that day, he had not seen a single spicy strip. His craving for it had almost driven him insane. Now, these skeletons around them looked like walking spicy strips in his eyes.

That pulled Bu Fang out of his thoughts. He gave Nether King Er Ha an indifferent look and said, “As a stinking cu*t, I don’t have any spicy strips.”

At this moment, Whitey walked out of the kitchen. A deep black hole could be seen spinning on its abdomen, and then the Thunder Knife emerged from it with a crackling sound. Thunder dragons wheeled around the blade, giving the knife a frightening appearance.

“Whitey can clean up these bones for me, and… it doesn’t ask spicy strips from me,” Bu Fang said seriously.

Nether King Er Ha’s nostrils flared. He looked at Whitey, whose mechanical eyes were flickering, then at the expressionless Bu Fang. An embarrassed smile immediately came over his face.

“Five! What about five spicy strips?! That’s the lowest price I can offer!” Nether King Er Ha said through clenched teeth, his eyes watery.

Bu Fang couldn’t help twitching the corner of his mouth when he saw Er Ha’s look. “Fine,” he said in a faint tone at last.

No sooner had he said that than Nether King Er Ha sped out of the restaurant with the Nether King Halberd spinning fiercely in his hand, as if he feared that Bu Fang would go back on his words.


Struck by the halberd, a skeleton broke into pieces and fell to the ground. Ghostly flames roared all around in an instant. A dashing skeleton cavalry charged at Nether King Er Ha on bone horses. Fearless, he swung his halberd and crushed the group of skeletons into broken pieces, then plunged into the horde of skeletons like a savage warrior. As a Two-revolution Great Saint, it was very easy for him to destroy these skeletons.

“Spicy strips!”

“Spicy strips!!”

Nether King Er Ha’s hair was waving as he swung his halberd. For every stroke he made, he destroyed a skeleton, and then he would cry out, “Spicy strips!”

Those skeletons who were destroyed had their ghostly flames beating in confusion. ‘Is there any connection between skeletons and… spicy strips?’

After a long time, no more skeletons crawled out of the ground. All that was left were their crumbled bones.

Clad in the Nether King Armor while clasping the Nether King Halberd, Nether King Er Ha stood straight like a spear. The bright red cloak streaming down from his shoulders flapped noisily in the wind. He looked rather cool right now.

Over the sky, a rumbling sound rang incessantly. The battle of Great Saints in the starry sky shook the world and attracted the attention of many experts. There seemed to be eyes in the void, watching at the fierce battle.

Earth Prison Dog’s reputation was heard all over Nether Prison. As for Yellow Spring Great Sage, he wasn’t as famous, but he had been the focus of many powers. The Sword Demon Patriarch, on the other hand, needed no introduction. As the Patriarch of one of the nine Nether Prison clans, his strength was formidable.

The battle that involved these figures immediately attracted the attention of various top Great Saints. It was considered one of the greatest battles of the time, one that had not been seen for years.

Nether Prison was completely crazy now. It was fighting almost all the small worlds in the Netherworld, and somehow, it did manage to bring many of them under control. And now, it was attacking Earth Prison.

However, protected by Earth Prison Dog, Earth Prison was not that easy to capture. Besides, it had the most number of Great Saints among all the small worlds. If Nether Prison were to capture Earth Prison with force, it would have to pay a serious price!

Standing in front of the Yellow Spring Little Restaurant and looking at the broken skeletons all over the ground, Bu Fang let out a soft sigh. Then, he clasped his hands behind his back, turned, and was about to walk into the restaurant.

All of a sudden, Nether King Er Ha sensed something. He looked up and saw clumps of black mist appear in the sky. “Black mist?” That gave him a pause, then he cried out in shock, “Black Temple?! First, it was the Cave of the Fallen Gods, and now the Black Temple?”

With his expression changed dramatically, Nether King Er Ha took a deep breath and shouted, “Bu Fang, look out!”

The Black Temple was best at assassination. Since the Black Demon of the Black Temple didn’t appear after so long, he must be waiting for the right time to strike, and if he didn’t go to the battlefield in the starry sky, he could only be at one place…

Bu Fang, walking into the restaurant, stopped in place at the shout and looked over his shoulder at Nether King Er Ha, puzzled. Then, he saw the panic in Er Ha’s eyes.

‘What? Why is he panicking?’ Bu Fang didn’t understand. The next moment, his pupils constricted as he found that the void in front of him began to twist and distort. Gradually, a figure emerged in the twisting void. It was an expert wrapped in black bandages like a mummy, and there seemed to be a world flashing in his scarlet eyes.

“Hehehe… Are you surprised?” Black Demon sneered. “I don’t know why the Sword Demon Patriarch wants me to kill you… but as an ethical assassin, I must solemnly tell you that even if you are just a One-revolution Little Saint, since someone paid me handsomely to kill you, you won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun.”

He then lifted a hand, and the black bandages wrapped around it immediately unraveled and turned into a dagger that was shrouded in black Demon energy.

Bu Fang’s eyes narrowed. The next moment, he saw Black Demon thrust the dagger at him. The void cracked and broke in front of the dagger, and for a moment, the world seemed to fall silent.

Nethery, who was standing at his side, had a blank look in her eyes, while Foxy stared with wide eyes and open mouth.

Black Demon was pleased. He really enjoyed the shocked look of his targets the moment before he killed them. Whether it was in the previous age or this age, he, Black Demon, was the number one assassin of the Netherworld!

He thought that with his strength of a Nine-revolution Great Saint, assassinating a One-revolution Little Saint was like… using a sledgehammer on a gnat. Nevertheless, he was still pleased when he saw the shocked look in Bu Fang’s eyes.

“Die now!”

Black Demon thrust the dagger and pushed its blade into Bu Fang’s body. He was very confident that his power could kill this One-revolution Little Saint instantly!

In the distance, Nether King Er Ha let out a furious roar. He never thought that the supreme existence of the Black Temple was so shameless. How could a Nine-revolution Great Saint assassinate a One-revolution Little Saint?!

The moment Nethery saw the dagger stab into Bu Fang’s body, her eyes shone with a cold green light.


Terrible energy exploded out as if to devour Bu Fang. However, Black Demon froze the next moment.

Bu Fang’s shocked face had returned to normal, and his eyes had regained focus as he stared at Black Demon. The dagger was stabbed on his body, but it was blocked by the Vermilion Robe’s invincibility. The assassination that Black Demon was very confident about had failed.

“How is that possible?!” cried Black Demon. Even though he was a Nine-revolution Great Saint, he was shocked by what happened.

“Why is that not possible?” Bu Fang’s face was expressionless and extremely cold.

At this moment, Whitey thrust its Thunder Knife from behind Bu Fang, and monstrous killing intent exploded out of its mechanical eyes.

Bu Fang’s indifferent eyes were also filled with rage. Suddenly, the bandage on his arm came off, revealing his Taotie Arm. With the Yin and Yang energy swirling around it, he threw the fist at Black Demon’s face.

At the same time, Nethery, with a green light flickering in her eyes, threw a slap at Black Demon’s cheek.

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