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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1255 Revenge Comes Fas

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Chapter 1255 Revenge Comes Fas

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“In my view, everyone here is… rubbish.”White-haired Bu Fang crossed his arms over his chest, raised his chin, and glanced cockily at the crowd. His words resounded through the whole audience, ringing in everyone’s ears and making everyone freeze. Even Nethery, Mo Yan, Zhu Yan, and the audience in the Immortal Cooking Realm were completely struck dumb.

“Is this guy really Owner Bu?”

“Is the Great Demon King so arrogant?”

The audience was quiet for a long time, then it exploded completely in an uproar.

“This little chef is too arrogant, isn’t he? Does he think he’s invincible after killing a Vajra Realm Little Saint?”

“Haha… He’s really conceited.” A long-haired woman with a bloodless face from the Wandering Soul Realm smiled darkly.

“He has a bit of strength, but he’s too wild,” said the Winged Man Valley expert softly. One could tell from his voice that he was actually sneering.

The Earth Prison experts were grinning, too. “Prison Overlord You Ji’s favorite little chef is a little too cocky. He was just taking advantage of Yi Zhu’s weak period after the Explosive Body state was over. Does that make him feel invincible?”

Many experts from first-class small worlds were smiling. They all felt somewhat disdainful of the arrogant Bu Fang. Yes, Bu Fang had defeated Yi Zhu, but in their view, he just took advantage of his opponent’s weakness. When Yi Zhu entered the Explosive Body state, his strength and mental force would soar by leaps and bounds, but the state had a fatal shortcoming, and that was once it ended, his body would become extremely weak. It was like using a secret technique to stimulate the body. Although it was harmless, the body would definitely become weak when the state was over.

Bu Fang had struck when Yi Zhu was in a weak state, and that was the reason why he was able to kill him.

“I can’t believe this guy can really kill Yi Zhu… Well, he does have the right to be cocky, since he had killed a Little Saint with the strength of a half-step Saint!” someone said, chuckling.

Meanwhile, the Vajra Realm was shrouded in a depressed atmosphere. For a moment, the people in the realm couldn’t accept that one of their Little Saints had been killed by a chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm.


After a brief silence, the whole realm was boiling up. Suddenly, a figure ran toward the distance and smashed a mountain to pieces with one punch.

“Yi Zhu, you’ve died so tragically!”

No one in the Immortal Cooking Realm could have imagined that the match would end this way. Bu Fang had killed a Little Saint with the strength of a half-step Saint. Although they only saw the killing through the light screen, they all seemed to be able to feel the horror emanating from him. Their miracle did not pass away. The Great Demon King who kept creating miracles was still here!

“He’s so cool! ‘Everyone here is rubbish’, did you hear him say that? What a powerful statement!”

“He’s truly worthy to be the Great Demon King! He’s so bold!”

“I’ll be a loyal supporter of the Great Demon King for the rest of my life! I’ll fight anyone who insults him!”

The Immortal Cooking Realm erupted into a celebration. Meng Qi, on the other hand, didn’t know whether she should laugh or weep. When she saw Bu Fang’s white hair, she knew that this should be the Bu Fang who liked to stir up troubles, just like the Bu Fang with red hair and black hair. In any case, as long as he won the match and he was unharmed, his arrogance didn’t bother her too much. If the Great Demon King wasn’t qualified for arrogance, who would?

“Why? You’re not convinced?” The white-haired Bu Fang folded his arms over his chest and sneered at the audience. “If you think you are stronger than me, come up here and fight—” Before he could finish, however, his voice came to an abrupt end.

In Bu Fang’s spirit sea, the corners of his mouth twitched violently. He finally knew why the Golden Divine Dragon said the White Tiger was a maniac. ‘He’s really a f*cking maniac. He had already won, so why should he provoke everyone? This is not necessary at all!”


With a surge of light, the White Tiger’s figure appeared in the spirit sea.

“Hmm? Why did you summon me back here? I want to fight a hundred enemies!” he said, raising his tiger’s head cockily.

“Howling, stop fooling around,” said Bu Fang with a straight face.

“You’re making enemies for Little Host! What if you annoy someone and Little Host gets punched in the face while sleeping at night?” the Golden Divine Dragon said seriously in the distance.

“Maybe he’ll be stripped, tied up with big rocks, and thrown into the sea,” the Vermilion Bird added.

Bu Fang was speechless. ‘Why do these Artifact Spirits seem to want me dead?’

“Hmph! Why should I be afraid of making enemies? If they dare to come, I’ll kill them all! I, Howling, am invincible!” the White Tiger said, his head cocked proudly and his teeth bared.

Suddenly, he got a light knock on the head from Bu Fang. His eyes widened instantly, and he gave a loud cry. “Host, how dare you knock my head?!”

“Howling, let me hear you howl,” said Bu Fang expressionlessly.


“Good boy.” Bu Fang nodded with satisfaction. Then, with a thought, he disappeared from the spirit sea.

For a moment, the atmosphere became very embarrassing. The White Tiger stood stiffly, while the dragon and the bird stared at him from a distance. He glanced at both of them and asked, “What did I just do?”

“You’re a good boy…” said the Golden Divine Dragon.

“You didn’t see anything, otherwise, I, Howling, will kill you!” the tiger bared his teeth and said to the dragon. Then, he turned, leaped into a corner, and lay down with his back to them.

The dragon rolled his eyes. “Bah! Do you think I’ll be afraid of you? We’re all Artifact Spirits…”


In the arena, Bu Fang opened his eyes. His slit pupils returned to normal, the fluctuations on his body disappeared, and his white hair was black again. As soon as he was back in his body, his ears were filled with a flood of furious roars.

Seeing everyone was staring angrily at him, he twitched the corner of his mouth. ‘That White Tiger is really good at making enemies…’ He clasped his hands behind his back, looked at the crowd outside the arena with a straight face, and said seriously, “If I said the man just now wasn’t me, would you believe it?”

His words quieted the audience a little, but the next moment, he was drowned out by a torrent of abuse. He shrugged helplessly. In fact, he didn’t really care if the White Tiger made him more enemies. He had the Perishing Pots, after all, so he had nothing to be afraid of. He just turned his back on the angry crowd and walked out of the arena.

Commander Mo Yuan took a deep breath and landed from midair to the edge of the pit in the arena. When he saw Yi Zhu, who was lying in the pit with a face so beaten up that he could hardly recognize him, he gasped. ‘This is too horrible…’ He raised his head and glanced at the lean figure that was leaving with a serious look in his eyes. ‘This little chef is not as simple as he looks…’

“The winner is Bu Fang from the Immortal Cooking Realm.” Commander Mo Yuan’s voice echoed out and drowned all the shouts. Soon, everyone quieted down.

The half-step Saint from the Immortal Cooking Realm had won the match. The result surprised everyone. They had thought that he would be killed, and the Immortal Cooking Realm would lose all their hopes, but in the end, it was the Vajra Realm Little Saint who died tragically.

Immediately after Commander Mo Yuan announced the result, the Vajra Realm experts rushed into the arena and threw themselves on Yi Zhu’s corpse, wailing. In the distance, many experts from first-class small worlds were leaving in succession. The match was over, and there was nothing else to watch. The battle had reminded them not to be careless in this tournament as even a half-step Saint might have a trump card that could kill a Little Saint. No matter what level of enemies they faced, they must do their best.

The Abyss experts clad in blood-colored robes looked indifferently at the Vajra Realm experts wailing in the arena. “A bunch of crap. It’s a shame for a Little Saint to be killed by a half-step Saint. If you meet these crap in the arena, don’t show mercy. They don’t deserve to live.

“By the way, pay more attention to the inn tonight. If anything happens, take the opportunity to kill the chef on the spot,” said one Abyss expert.

After that, they turned and left.

“Today’s match is over. Tomorrow will be the second preliminary round of the team competition. Ten small worlds will be selected to enter the semi-finals. Contestants, please prepare well.” Commander Mo Yuan’s voice resounded through the audience. “The semi-finals of the team competition will be carried out in accordance with the new competition rules instead of the arena mode. Please be mentally prepared.”

His words immediately caused an uproar in the audience. Everyone was astounded and somewhat surprised. The semi-finals would not be carried out in the arena mode? What were the new rules? The Netherworld’s Tournament of the Great Path was conducted according to Nether Prison’s way, so everyone was curious about what mode the semi-finals would take.

Soon after, the crowd left with curiosity and anger ignited by Bu Fang’s provocation. Many Little Saints had made up their minds that if they met Bu Fang in the arena, they would not hesitate to kill him. Who asked him to be so f*cking arrogant?

They thought that he had taken advantage of the situation to kill Yi Zhu, because no matter how talented a half-step Saint was, he would never be able to kill a Little Saint. The main reason for Yi Zhu’s death was that he had entered a weak period after the end of the Explosive Body state, and at that time, his strength was only comparable to that of a peak half-step Saint. Therefore, it was normal that he was killed.

They wouldn’t be killed so easily. They were different from the big-breasted and brainless Vajra Realm experts. They had plenty of powerful treasures and means. Once they met Bu Fang in the arena, they would definitely make the little chef wish that he had never been born!

The Immortal Cooking Realm team returned to the inn. Zhu Yan looked at Bu Fang, who was about to go back to his room, hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Owner Bu, shall we hide tonight? Although what you said just now is awesome, it has provoked public anger.” He was really worried that some experts would sneak up on them in the middle of the night.

“Don’t be afraid and rest at ease. Save your energy for tomorrow’s team competition,” Bu Fang said. After that, he stepped into his room with Nethery and closed the door.

Zhu Yan and the others looked at each other.

In the distance, the Vajra Realm experts looked at them with hateful eyes. Zhu Yan and the others felt chilly all over and quickly went back to their rooms.

After entering the room, Bu Fang took Nethery into the Heaven and Earth Farmland. He needed to think about tomorrow’s dishes.

‘What shall I cook tomorrow?’

He didn’t think for long. There were only so many things a stall could sell, and he had decided on one. After talking to his apprentices and guiding them in some skills, he began to prepare the ingredients. Finally, he left the farmland with a lot of ingredients.

Nethery stayed in the farmland to play with Foxy, Eighty, and others, while Bu Fang returned to the inn to have a good rest and prepare for tomorrow’s team match.

He knew that the further they advanced in the team competition, the more difficult it would be. The arena mode might be easier, and things would get unpredictable if the mode was changed. He was also curious about the way the semi-finals would be conducted.

He sat cross-legged on the bed and closed his eyes. In his spirit sea, his mental force began to rotate slowly, setting off a monstrous vortex. Soon, his divine will spread out, nourishing his body and restoring his spirit.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang frowned slightly. He opened his eyes and looked indifferently at the door. The room was silent. The next moment, however, the door exploded. With a loud bang, a terrible wave of energy came pouring toward him from outside the room, filling the air with wood splinters and a deafening explosion. At that moment, two figures rushed through the door.

“Damn lizard! Give us back Brother Yi Zhu!”


Two Vajra Realm Little Saints, who had entered the Explosive Body state, approached Bu Fang with monstrous killing intent.

Their revenge came fast.

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