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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1687: Lord Dog Begs You…

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Chapter 1687: Lord Dog Begs You…

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The miserable howls in the Temple of Heavengod Time finally came to an end.

Yun Tianyi had been counting, and the tally told her that the guy had howled one hundred and eight times.

‘Clearly, His Excellency holds a deep grudge toward those who ate his Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs,’ she thought. ‘Well, that idiot deserved this. Who asked him to eat His Excellency’s favorite dish? Ugh, hold on a second…’

She paused. ‘I seem to remember… That idiot is not the one who ate the ribs… Forget it, whether he is the one who ate it or not, in His Excellency’s eyes, he is the culprit, so he will suffer for that.’

With his hands clasped behind his back, Bu Fang strolled inside the temple at a steady pace.

Although the temple was old and dilapidated, it was filled with the tracks of time. If you look carefully, you could see the marks left on the broken walls by the years.

An invisible force enveloped the building. Even though countless years had passed, it still guarded the place faithfully. Therefore, although the temple was in poor condition, it had not been thoroughly corroded by time.

A long time later, Lord Dog walked out from the depths of the palace with his enchanting cat-like steps, holding his head up high. After eating the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs, he seemed to grow fatter, for his fat jiggled with every step.

Er Ha clutched his chest with both hands, looking sad, confused, and angry.

Bu Fang built a fire on the floor. A crackling sound filled the air as the divine flame’s aura pervaded the whole palace, driving the chill and loneliness that had occupied it for countless years away and bringing warmth to everything.

Yun Tianyi sat facing the divine flame and put her arms around her knees.

The darkness was chased away as light illuminated the surroundings. However, many traces of time became even more visible now.

Lord Dog lay beside the fire with his eyes narrowed. He seemed a little bit sleepy.

Er Ha, on the other hand, was moaning and sighing. He looked like a scorned wife who was filled with grievance and could not find anyone to vent it.

At this moment, he wished he could throw his head back and roar, then tell the world that he did not eat the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs! Of course, no one would pay him any mind.

Yun Tianyi’s aura was weak and unstable. It was the result of her forcibly activating her bloodline to stop the enemies earlier.

The Yun Family was an ancient clan with a long history in the Chaos Space. One of her forebears was a Heavengod, so she had the blood of a Heavengod in her veins.

It was a great burden on the body to forcibly activate the bloodline. After all, she did not have the body of a Heavengod, so the power of a Heavengod could blow her body apart.

Bu Fang seemed to notice that. He took out a barbecue grill and set it over the fire. Then, he cut the Soul Overlord meat into thin slices and placed them on the grill.

A sizzling sound rang out as the paper-thin Soul Overlord meat curled in the flame and turned brown. Soon, the air was filled with the mouth-watering aroma of barbecue.

Er Ha and Lord Dog looked up at the same time.

Bu Fang took out his special sauce and gave it to everyone. Each of them had a small plate in hand and was waiting for the meat slices to be ready.

When the barbecue was ready, Yun Tianyi picked up a slice with her chopsticks, dipped it in the sauce, and put it in her mouth. As she closed her teeth around the meat, it crunched like a crispy potato chip.

The meat was not tough to chew. In fact, it melted like butter, turned into a warm stream, and flowed into her body, driving the tiredness and chills in her away in an instant.

“This… This is delicious!” Yun Tianyi was shocked. Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened as wide as the plate in her hand. The primal sensation that tantalized her taste buds was irresistible to her.

“It tastes great, isn’t it? There are more delicious dishes you haven’t tried!” Er Ha smiled at Yun Tianyi, the paw print on his cheek twitching. “Bu Fang boy knows how to cook many tasty dishes, and this is only one of them…”

What was even more shocking to Yun Tianyi was that the slice of meat she ate turned into a warm stream and instantly healed the injuries caused by forcibly activating her bloodline. Even a divine pill would not have this effect.

Foxy and Shrimpy, standing on Bu Fang’s shoulders, were making noises. He picked up a few slices of meat, dipped them in the sauce, and gave them to the two little ones.

“Your… Your Excellency, what kind of meat is this?” Yun Tianyi asked respectfully, looking at Bu Fang.

There were only five modern-day Heavengods in the Chaos Space, and she knew the man in front of her was the sixth Heavengod. It was like a dream, and she still could not quite believe it.

She could not believe that in the age when the Chaos Space was closed to the outside world, someone could comprehend the five supreme Laws of the Universe, obtain his Causality Throne, ascend into the Chaos Space, and become a Heavengod.

This was an incredible feat, so she had great respect for Bu Fang.

“This is the meat of a Soul Overlord, who was on the same level as Heavengod Transmigration,” Bu Fang explained after thinking for a moment.

There was no problem with his answer. Pride Great Soul Overlord was indeed a Chaotic-Saint-level being, and that put him on the same level as Heavengod Transmigration.

However, Yun Tianyi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that, and she began to tremble. ‘This meat is comparable to… Heavengod Transmigration’s meat?! Good heavens! What the hell did I just eat?!’

Time passed slowly as they enjoyed the barbecue and chatted.

Er Ha was growing restless. He came to the Chaos Space to look for his girlfriend, not to catch up with the mangy dog. He kept winking at Bu Fang, hoping that he would bring him to look for his girl, but Bu Fang ignored him.

For Bu Fang, Er Ha’s girlfriend could wait. His priority now was to figure out something. Lord Dog was Heavengod Time, and after sleeping for so long, his Heavengod memory had been completely restored.

“How about the other Heavengods? Are they still sleeping just like you did?” Bu Fang asked after thinking for a while.

Lord Dog shook his head.

“Our sleep is not as simple as it might sound. Back then, we five Heavengods joined forces to fight a palm from outside the Chaos Space. With the help of arrays, we managed to stop it and even cut it down. However, Heavengod Transmigration… he betrayed us at the last moment.

“That old thief used his Formless Transmigration divine ability and threw the four of us into the Transmigration. We were very weak after the battle… So our Heavengod bodies were destroyed, and we fell into a deep sleep. I also don’t know where they are now.”

The divine ability of a Heavengod was naturally terrifying. As soon as the Formless Transmigration was unleashed, the four Heavengods could not resist it and plunged into the Transmigration.

This made things a little tricky. Perhaps a blade of grass on the ground in some remote corner of the Chaotic Universe was the reincarnation of one of the Heavengods…

“The arm must have fallen into the hand of that old thief. It is an evil thing and belongs to a supreme being… Heavengod Transmigration had betrayed us because he wants to acquire the supreme power beyond the Heavengod realm.

“He knew that we would not allow such an evil thing to stay in the Chaos Space, so he…” Lord Dog sighed. “Countless years have passed, and he may well have found a way to get his hands on that supreme power. With his current state of mind, this may be a disaster for the Chaos Space.”

What Lord Dog said caused everyone’s face to turn pale, while Bu Fang’s face grew graver. Ever since Heavengod Transmigration guided the Soul Demons to slaughter the Chaotic Universe, Bu Fang had had some speculation.

The arm Lord Dog mentioned might well belong to the Soul God, and the supreme being who crushed the Heavengods’ Temples back then was very likely to be the Soul God, who was still sleeping now!

Things were getting trickier. Bu Fang picked up a slice of meat and was shoving it into his mouth when Lord Dog looked at him and said, “Come with me, Bu Fang.”

That gave Bu Fang pause, but he stood up all the same and followed.

Er Ha had wanted to follow as well, but as soon as he rose to his feet, he saw Lord Dog wave a paw at him. It scared him so much that he quickly sat back down. “This mangy dog is such a bully!”

The corners of Bu Fang’s mouth lifted slightly, but he did not say anything. ‘Yes, Lord Dog is bullying you, but he got the strength. What could you do?’

The man and the dog walked inside the ruined palace. Lord Dog led the way as he walked toward the depths of the building.

Soon, they came to a door. Lord Dog stood up on his hind legs, pressed his paws against it, and pushed it open. Then, he walked through it. Bu Fang followed.

The moment he stepped through the door, Bu Fang felt as if he had walked into the passage of time. Countless images flew past in his eyes.

“Hmm? Where is this?” Bu Fang asked.

“This is the secret of the Temple of Heavengod Time…” Lord Dog sighed.

There was an array inside the chamber. Bu Fang was stunned when he saw it, for it was made up of millions of tiny light dots, which he was no stranger to. They looked exactly the same as the tiny light dots that appeared whenever the System teleported him to somewhere else…

Lord Dog had tried that kind of teleportation once, so he looked at Bu Fang with a complicated face. “See those light dots? Do you find them familiar?” he asked.

Bu Fang nodded with an odd look on his face.

“The array in every Temple of Heavengod is constructed by a supreme being. However, this array could not resist that palm…” Lord Dog sighed again. “The aura of this array is very much like your aura… This is the reason why the few of us had decided to share our Causality Thrones with you,” he said.

The importance of a Heavengod’s Causality Throne was self-explanatory. It was impossible for a new Heavengod to be born unless a Heavengod fell, leaving the Causality Throne vacant.

Of course, Bu Fang was an accident, an exception.

“We feel that only you can help us.” Lord Dog said.

As he touched the array, Bu Fang felt a sense of familiarity. It was not a Gourmet Array, but they were similar to each other.

“How can I help you?” Bu Fang asked, puzzled. Helping these Heavengods would not be easy. Would they ask him to kill Heavengod Transmigration?

With his current strength, even if he used up all his trump cards, he was at most as strong as the average Chaotic Saint, about on the same level as Suiren.

Heavengod Transmigration, on the other hand, had become a Heavengod for countless years and even drawn the souls of half of all the living beings in the Chaotic Universe into the Transmigration. His strength was so strong that he could be said to be the strongest Heavengod ever.

Bu Fang did not have any special ability that could allow him to deal with such a mighty existence.

Lord Dog shook his head. “Of course, we have no intention of sending you to your death.” He wagged his tail, then raised his paw and waved it before Bu Fang’s face. The next moment, a golden sheet emerged.

Bu Fang froze as soon as he saw the paper. “This is…”

Lord Dog nodded. “Yes, this is a recipe. Do you know why we let you come to the Chaos Space, even when doing this would hurt our very root? The reason is simple. You are a chef. You are the only man who could understand this recipe and cook the dish!

“This is the recipe left behind by the supreme being who constructed this array!” Lord Dog said with emotion.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. This was the God of Cooking’s Menu. It had been in his spirit sea for so long that he could not have mistaken it.

“There are a total of five recipes… I have one, and each of the other Temples of Heavengod has one as well. Of course, that old thief has one as well…

“You are the only one in this world who can cook these dishes. I have a feeling that once you cook all of them, the calling branded at the depths of our souls will make the Heavengods who had fallen into the Transmigration… return!

“Bu Fang boy… I’ve been wild all my life, and I’ve never begged anyone. This time, I beg you… In the name of Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs, Lord Dog begs you to help us!”

The corners of Bu Fang’s lips lifted as he gave the golden recipe back to Lord Dog.

“You don’t have to beg me… We’ve been fighting side by side for so long, starting from the Light Wind Empire to here, the Chaos Space…

“Your trouble is my trouble… I will help you. Don’t worry.”

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back, his eyes sparkling. Cooking had never frightened him. In fact, he was curious about the identity of the other few Heavengods. Who exactly were they?

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