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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1547: There… There’s Actually Such a Method?

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Chapter 1547: There… There’s Actually Such a Method?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Soul Demons!”

“They are Soul Demons!”

At this moment, the pupils of all the surrounding geniuses and even the crown prince constricted, and they gasped. Who in today’s Titan Divine Dynasty did not know Soul Demons?

These bizarre and formidable creatures were filled with nightmarish terror. They could possess humans and also imitate human abilities, which made them extremely evil. And so far, no one had found a way to deal with them—the only way to defeat them was to crush them with stronger strength.

However, at the level of Numbered Soul Demons, they could no longer be killed by stronger strength alone. This was also a big headache in the Titan Divine Dynasty right now.

No one had expected that there were Soul Demons among them. The crown prince felt cold all over as a look of horror filled his eyes. He could not believe that he had spent so much time with Soul Demons. These man-eating evil creatures were mortal enemies of human beings, and yet he had let them remain near him for so long! He was really lucky to have stayed alive!

The two Soul Demons were Numbered Soul Demons, and their strength was about at the same level as a high-grade God King. That made them extremely fearsome.

The surrounding geniuses of the Titan Divine Dynasty were stupefied. They felt cold all over and did not know what to say. Even then, monstrous killing intent exploded out.

Standing where he was, Bu Fang could feel an evil aura blowing at his face. He narrowed his eyes and glanced at the two guards charging at him. They were well hidden, but he was not surprised, for he had discovered their strangeness before this. When he was eating the oyster pancake, he saw these two guards frowning in disgust.

Needless to say, these two guys also suffered from anorexia, which proved that they had Soul Demons hiding in them. That was why Bu Fang thought these geniuses were cute. They did not even know that they were surrounded by Soul Demons, especially that crown prince, who was so cute that he appeared to be somewhat stupid.

The eyes of the two guards suddenly grew ferocious. They held the insect-scaled knives, tearing the sky with a slashing sound and hacking toward Bu Fang. Both of them had made a cut—they wanted to hack him to pieces.

Terrible black energy blew at the surrounding geniuses and the crown prince, throwing them into the distance. These were two unusual Soul Demons. After all, they were Numbered Soul Demons. They had sealed up the void, not giving Bu Fang a chance to escape.

Bu Fang, of course, sensed that as well. He could feel that the void was all tangled up by vine-like black smoke, so he did not choose to break into the void and escape. Instead, he stood where he was, and his face gradually grew cold. He did not feel the slightest bit good about Soul Demons.

‘These disgusting creatures…’

Bu Fang raised his hand. Energy swirled around the Taotie Arm as he caught the insect-scaled knives. The next moment, a rumbling sound echoed out as a shocking explosion broke out from where Bu Fang was standing. The deafening noise rang continuously as if the world was about to be destroyed. It was extremely terrible.

The surrounding geniuses gasped in horror.

“Run! These are Numbered Soul Demons!”

“They’re as strong as high-grade God Kings… We have to inform His Majesty now!”

“Go! Your Highness, leave here at once! That foreigner is dead!”

The geniuses did not have the time to pay Bu Fang any more attention, and they quickly pulled the crown prince with them to flee the place.

“Hehehe… It smells so good! The smell is so good!”

“If Soul Thirteen hadn’t asked us to capture him… I would have devoured him by now. My mouth is already watering!”

The two guards looked extremely terrifying now—their faces were covered with eerie-looking scales.

A gust of wind blew over, scattering the smoke and dust and revealing the scene in the field: Bu Fang held an insect-scaled knife in each hand and was glancing around indifferently.

The two Soul Demons’ eyes narrowed. ‘Soul Thirteen said this human is wounded! We need to finish the battle as quickly as possible!’ They exchanged a glance and communicated through their spirits. Then, they grabbed the insect-scaled knives and swept them out again.

A clanging sound echoed out. Although the insect-scaled knives did not look sharp, they could cut through steel like butter, and they managed to leave deep trenches across the ground.

Bu Fang kept moving like a phantom, dodging the impacts of the knives.

The crown prince’s pupils constricted. It seemed he was still in disbelief. ‘The two guards Father gave me are actually… Soul Demons! What the hell is going on? Didn’t Father discover their abnormality? Also, how many more Soul Demons like this are hiding in the Titan Divine Dynasty?!’

“That guy is going to… die.” The crown prince’s eyes moved and rested on Bu Fang.

“His death doesn’t concern us… But if we don’t leave now, once those Soul Demons killed him, it will be our turn to die!” A genius shivered all over with fear as he pulled the crown prince to flee the place.

The crown prince finally came to his senses. Without hesitation, he turned to leave immediately. He was the crown prince, the future successor to the Titan Divine Dynasty’s throne, and with his amazing talent, he would certainly become an existence standing on the peak of the Chaotic Universe in the future. So, he could not die here.

Suddenly, the crown prince and the others all turned deathly pale. Just when they were about to break through the void and flee, they found that the surrounding void was sealed up by plumes of black smoke, which seemed to have turned this area into a trap. They could not escape no matter how hard they tried!


The crown prince’s pupils constricted while a despairing look came over the faces of the geniuses around him.

What should they do? Were they about to die here? They could not understand why a mission of hunting down a foreigner would turn into a desperate situation, which might get them all killed by Soul Demons!

“There are… other Soul Demons in this area!”

The crown prince’s face was pale. It was impossible for the two Soul Demons to keep an eye on them as they were fighting Bu Fang. In that case, who sealed up the surrounding void? That meant there was one more Soul Demon lurking around. Who could it be? Was it one of the geniuses around him?

Focusing his eyes, the crown prince glanced warily at the geniuses around him, who looked frightened as they, too, thought of the same thing. Immediately, everyone was looking warily at the people next to them. Perhaps, the person who stood one step away from them was the evil Soul Demon!

In the distance, at the foot of the pagoda that was the Divine Temple, the old Keeper sitting cross-legged on the ground raised his head slightly. His eyes were black, and his pupils were scarlet. The corners of his mouth curled upward into a cold, disdainful smile as he glanced at those geniuses and the crown prince, who were guarding against each other.

“Humans… are indeed a bunch of stupid creatures. They only deserve to be our food!” Then, he turned his eyes to Bu Fang. “This human Soul Thirteen wants is indeed a top-grade ingredient… The smell from his flesh is so fascinating!” The Keeper opened his mouth and drooled. “A pity that we have to send him to Soul Thirteen.”

Soul Thirteen was now the spiritual leader of Soul Demons. As an existence who was destined to become a Soul Overlord, the Keeper did not dare disobey him. Since he could not eat Bu Fang, he turned and fixed his scarlet pupils on those geniuses and the crown prince in the distance.

“Since I can’t eat the most delicious food, I can eat some… common food!” The Keeper swallowed. His aging body slowly stood up, trembling as if the next gust of wind would blow him away.

As the Keeper rose to his feet, the crown prince and the others immediately felt a terror that made their scalps numb!

“This aura…”

They looked over their shoulders to where the Keeper was and immediately saw a nightmarish scene. Like a boundless pool of blood, the scarlet pupils were emanating a great terror that would make one’s soul howl. When it spread and reached them, it made them feel almost completely helpless.

“No way! Even the Keeper is being possessed by a Soul Demon?”

“My goodness! When did even the Keeper become a Soul Demon?! What’s wrong with the Titan Divine Dynasty?”

“Why are Soul Demons everywhere?!”

All the geniuses were moaning. Suddenly, they felt despair spreading from the depths of their souls, which kept them from moving.

“The Keeper is actually a Soul Demon?” The crown prince was stupefied. Then, the barbaric glyphs on his body began wriggling as he threw a punch at the void, trying to destroy the shackle so he could flee. Unfortunately, those plumes of black smoke were like dragons. Even though he had combined the power of his barbaric glyphs and the Law of Destruction, he could not make them budge at all.

In just a flash, the Keeper had approached and come to the crown prince’s side. Half of his face was covered with insect scales, which made him look as terrible as a demon in the abyss.

“You…” The crown prince opened his mouth, only to find himself unable to say anything!

“Food…” The Keeper took a deep breath with an intoxicated look on his twisted face.


A terrible explosion broke out, and the two Soul Demons who attacked Bu Fang were knocked flying away. When they landed, they caused the ground to keep bursting apart.

Bu Fang was surrounded by four Wheels of Law. Every one of them exuded extremely terrible power as every Law was the supreme Law of the Universe. At this moment, he seemed to have become the focus of the whole world.

The crown prince’s pupils constricted. His eyes did not deceive him… This foreigner did comprehend four supreme Laws of the Universe. Even though he, the Titan crown prince, thought little about the supreme Laws of the Universe, he also understood how terrifying it was to comprehend the four supreme Laws of the Universe!

It was totally… inhuman!

Bu Fang frowned slightly. These Soul Demons were hard to deal with. After unleashing the four supreme Laws of the Universe, his fighting prowess became much stronger. At the same time, his divine sense had also poured out completely to suppress everything.

“Impossible… Soul Thirteen said this human is already wounded… But, he doesn’t look wounded at all!” said one of the Soul Demons.

The other Soul Demon took a deep breath and said, “Four supreme Laws of the Universe… Is this the ultimate genius among the humans?!”

Even the Keeper could not help but be shocked by that.

Foxy darted over and sat on Bu Fang’s shoulder. The Power of Law nourished her body and made her feel very comfortable.

Bu Fang clasped his hands behind his back and appeared to be extremely calm and indifferent. Even then, the two Soul Demons moved again. Like shadows, they tore through the sky. They did not have the Power of Law, but after devouring the guards, they had comprehended the guards’ divine power and combat skills.

They kept approaching Bu Fang—they wanted to fight humans with human abilities!


A dreadful noise filled the air as if it was going to destroy the Divine Temple’s surroundings.

Looking at the approaching guards, Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth. Then, he shook his hand. ‘To deal with Soul Demons, this method is still the most convenient one…’ he thought, focusing his eyes.

A humming sound rang out as his energy condensed into a wok, while food ingredients appeared one by one around him. Then, with a shake of his hand, an ordinary kitchen knife emerged before him. Yes, it was a very ordinary kitchen knife.

“What’s that guy trying to do?!”

The Keeper was somewhat struck dumb, and so did the surrounding geniuses and the crown prince. The two guards narrowed their eyes, and one of them said, “Never mind what he’s up to… Tear him to pieces first!”

The guards exploded with power and approached Bu Fang in an instant.

Bu Fang was processing the ingredients and looked very calm. “Foxy, shoot them,” he said lightly. He did not even lift his head when he said that.

Foxy’s eyes lit up. Standing on Bu Fang’s shoulder, her cheeks bulged, and her body turned red in an instant as the Heavengod’s blood began to flow inside her. Then, she opened her mouth, and flames exploded out of it as one explosive meatball after another shot toward the guards. “Ah Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da!”

“What are these things?!”

The power of the explosive meatballs spat out by Foxy was not great, so the two Numbered Soul Demons were not afraid at all. They waved their insect-scaled knives and cut all the meatballs into pieces.

However, the moment the meatballs were cut into pieces, a strong aroma burst out! Rumbling filled the air as an enormous aroma cloud engulfed the two Soul Demons!


The two Soul Demons flew backward, smashed to the ground with a thud, and kept rolling back and forth. Even when they stopped rolling, they still lay on the ground and kept vomiting. Their stomachs cramped uncontrollably.

The geniuses in the distance were stunned, and the crown prince looked confused. “Those terrifying Soul Demons were knocked flying away by a few meatballs?”

“There… There’s actually such a method?”

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