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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1392: Untitled

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Chapter 1392: Untitled

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Grand Secretary Fang genuinely cared about Feng Wu. Instead of asking if she had succeeded, he only wanted to know if she had been picked on.

“Go on.” Grand Secretary Fang nodded.

Once Chief Qiao started talking, he couldn’t stop. “Feng Wu is so self-confident in her great talent that she’s unbelievably arrogant! Not only that… she imagined me as her enemy in her illusion and beat me up to humiliate me! Sir, you have to punish this unruly student…”

Chief Qiao knew that with Jun Linyuan behind Feng Wu, there was nothing he could do. That was why he had come here to Grand Secretary Fang, hoping that the old man would punish her.

What Chief Qiao didn’t know was that Grand Secretary Fang was Feng Wu’s real patron, and he doted on Feng Wu more than anyone else.

Listening to how Chief Qiao wouldn’t stop saying bad things about Feng Wu, Grand Secretary Fang looked very displeased.

Chief Qiao was elated to see Grand Secretary Fang’s dark face and was ready to make more accusations.

However, there was no warmth in Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes when he cast a stern look at Chief Qiao. That look reminded Chief Qiao of a sharp blade, and he was too scared to move a muscle.

After all, Feng Wu had helped Grand Secretary Fang with his last breakthrough, which now made him one of the top cultivators in the empire.

The old man stared at Chief Qiao and asked, “Why do you think she’s targeting you?”

Chief Qiao said, “Because she’s an arrogant student with low moral standards and has no respect for her teachers…”

Chief Yu chuckled inwardly and interjected, “It’s because Chief Qiao agreed to let her skip a grade in the beginning, but because Qiao Yi doesn’t like Feng Wu and Chief Qiao wanted to avenge his daughter, he deliberately made things difficult for Feng Wu and forced her to take the Dragon’s Gate challenge.”

Chief Qiao stared at Chief Yu and said furiously, “You —”

“Is that true?” Grand Secretary Fang’s face had turned livid.

Chief Qiao said, “I was only following the normal procedure…”

Grand Secretary Fang waved him off and asked, “Is Feng Wu a Year 2 student now, then?”

Chief Qiao nodded.

Grand Secretary Fang asked, “So, she passed the challenge.”

Chief Qiao nodded again.

Chief Yu interjected at that moment, “Sir, you have no idea how amazing that girl is! She passed 13 floors in a row!”

13 floors? So, she reached the insane level!

“Really?” Grand Secretary Fang was genuinely surprised this time.

As the head of Imperial College, he knew better than anyone else what the insane level stood for.

“If I remember correctly, no more than six people in Initial have ever entered that level.” Grand Secretary Fang was astonished.

“That’s right!” Chief Yu smiled and said, “That’s why Feng Wu is 7th on the billboard!”

“What?” Grand Secretary Fang raised his eyebrows.

th? Grand Secretary Fang had been worried about the girl, thinking that she wouldn’t be able to pass the Dragon’s Gate challenge, but what a pleasant surprise! She was already the 7th best student in the year!

“Doesn’t one need to be at least a Level 3 Spiritual Elder to get that high up on the billboard?” Grand Secretary Fang remembered that Feng Wu was only a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster when he went into seclusion.


Chief Yu couldn’t hide the excitement on her face when she said, “That’s right! While Feng Wu was taking the challenge, she rose from a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster to a Level 3 Spiritual Elder with three breakthroughs in a row!”

What the heck? If Grand Secretary Fang had known that was what Feng Wu’s expression meant, he wouldn’t have blurted out those words just now.

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