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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3255 Tell You Who I Am (2)

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Chapter 3255 Tell You Who I Am (2)

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For a moment, Master Want thought about that possibility.

Feng Wu looked at him in resignation. “Then you really think too little of me. Do you think Duanmu can order me around?”

Master Wang stared at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes, as if he wanted to pierce through her with his gaze!

Unfortunately, Feng Wu was much more resilient than the others, and Master Wang eventually lost the staring competition.

Feng Wu said, “Who am I? I'm a Level 6 Spiritual King, a Level 8 inscription master, a Level 8 formation master, a Semi-Divine medicine refiner, Jun Linyuan's buddy, Young Lord Feng's sister, the general's goddaughter, and Little Phoenix's master…” She left out the part where she was Mu Jiuzhou's disciple.

She had obviously borrowed this sort of character narration from a TV series she watched before.

That character was the best!

Feng Wu decided to add more titles to herself in the future. That sounded so cool.

However, her existing titles had already befuddled Master Wang.

He stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment and didn't say anything for a long time.

Eventually, he heaved a long sigh.

Why should he bicker with a little girl? Isn't it normal for a little girl to like to brag?

“Are you really a Level 8 inscription master?” That was what bothered Master Wang.

Feng Wu said, “I am.”

Master Wang said, “I'll believe you if you can recreate the inscriptions on this board.”

Feng Wu said, “Sure.”

She took her Phoenix Pen and a blank board, then started writing the inscriptions.

Each stroke left a deep indentation on the board.

It was more like carving than writing.

In less than ten minutes, she finished writing the inscriptions.

Instead of handing the board to Master Wang, she activated the inscriptions right away.

The board was in the shape of a propeller.

Master Wang's research was on inscription propellers that could make fighter jets fly.

Seeing the inscription propeller move like a windmill, Master Wang looked up at Feng Wu in surprise and didn't say anything for a long time…

The girl wasn't lying.

She was indeed a Level 8 inscription master!

She was probably even better than that because she was much faster than he was. Moreover, she could carve it with her pen, which was incredible.

Master Wang stared at Feng Wu. “Have you studied fighter jets before?”

Feng Wu nodded, “I studied one for half a day.”

Master Wang didn't know what to say.

Her half-day-long research was more effective than his years of research. What could he say? Complimenting her would make him feel like a failure.

Master Wang gave Feng Wu a complicated look. “You've learned so much after half a day of research.”

Feng Wu shrugged. “What a pity. If I had half a day more, I might have solved the second half of the inscriptions and formations.”

Master Wang asked, “The second half? Are you saying you've already figured out the first half?

The inscriptions and formations on a propeller were so intricate and complicated.

Master Wang had only studied less than one-tenth of it, but this girl… That wasn't possible!

He wouldn't believe it.

In the end, Feng Wu took out the board in front of Master Wang and started drawing inscriptions on it.

Feng Wu analyzed the inscriptions and formations and showed them to Master Wang.

She drew one formation after another and only stopped after she drew ten of them.

Master Wang looked at Feng Wu's exquisite inscriptions and asked in a hoarse voice, “What's this?”

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