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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3254 Tell You Who I Am (1)

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Chapter 3254 Tell You Who I Am (1)

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The person looked at Mo Ziming with a smile. “Mo Ziming, your master is only at Level 8. Would you like to become my disciple?”

Mo Ziming was so angry that he wanted to retaliate, but his strength was inferior to the other man's.

The man left with a smug look on his face.

Mo Ziming was so furious that he was shaking.

Feng Wu frowned. “Who was that? Why is he so pompous?”

Yue Ban said grimly, “He's Ji Ying, Master Duanmu's first disciple, and he's just as pompous as his master.”

By then, Mo Ziming had run off, and no one knew where he went.

Feng Wu looked at Yue Ban.

Yue Ban shrugged. “Mo Ziming and Ji Ying are cousins, and they've been holding grudges against each other since they were little.”

That explained why Mo Ziming was so angry when Ji Ying wanted to become his master.

While Yue Ban and the others returned to their rooms, Feng Wu headed for Master Wang's workshop.

She knocked on the door, but no one answered.

The door wasn't locked, so Feng Wu stuck her head inside.

She was slightly surprised when she saw Master Wang angrily studying that inscription board. She didn't expect that in such a situation, he still wanted to study inscriptions.

She quietly walked up to Master Wang and stood a short distance behind him.

“The 25th symbol in the third line is wrong,” Feng Wu calmly reminded him.

When Master Wang turned around and saw her, he simply ignored her. Lowering his head, he continued to study each character with a magnifying glass.

However, Feng Wu's words kept replaying in his mind.

The 25th symbol in the third line?

He couldn't help but look at that symbol.

The symbols were complicated and difficult to distinguish, and it took him a while to find that specific symbol.

However, he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious.

Master Wang searched carefully and found the symbol.

“Nothing is out of place,” thought Master Wang.

He soon smiled bitterly. What was wrong with him? He actually thought the girl could figure something out.

He suddenly spotted something when he was about to look away.


The symbol just now did seem a little awkward.

Master Wang's gaze shifted to the board again.

When he looked at it again from beginning to end, his eyes suddenly lit up!

“Oh god!

“This symbol really is the problem! It shouldn't be used here. I should use the symbol that's synonymous with it! Yes! If I use it here, the grammar is wrong!!”

Master Wang was thrilled.

He picked up another board and carefully engraved each symbol in turn.

He soon finished the new board.

He didn't know why the inscriptions were so effective, but when they were finally activated, Master Wang's eyes lit up.

He turned around to find Feng Wu smiling at him.

Master Wang immediately asked, “How did you know that the symbol was wrong?”

That couldn't have been a wild guess.

“Who told you that?!” He stared at Feng Wu in suspicion.

Feng Wu shrugged. “Do you think Master Duanmu sent me here?”

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